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FC Bayern Munich Basketball Team Secures 80:79 (46:52) Away Victory at Medi Bayreuth – Bottom of the Basketball Bundesliga.

The basketball players of FC Bayern Munich have actually benefited an 80:79 (46:52) away success in all-time low of the basketball Bundesliga Media Bayreuth.

Bavaria consolidated 3rd location in the 22nd video game in the 22nd video game in the 22nd video game, the Bayreuth accumulated their tenth defeat together.
Bavaria started without rhythm as well as only racked up 6 factors in the first five minutes.
On the other hand, Brandon Child dress Bayreuth resulted in the 25:14 begin.
The visitors additionally had problems versus the second Bayreuth structure actor Otis Livingston.


The hosts maintained concerning the free-out line and asserted a 52:46 lead at the break.
After 27 minutes, the Punchers took the lead for the initial time, with a 13-0 run they held Bayreuth for four mins without factors.
The Bavarians might not stop, however 2 mins before completion Bastian North Bayreuth put the lead with 77:76.
Munich’s newcomer Dylan Cheatham scored 4 points in collection, Bayreuth missed out on a threesome in the final seconds.
The former NBA player Cheatham made a solid launching as well as was with 18 points along with Othello Hunter Bavaria’s top scorer.
The Rostock Sea wolves drove their eleventh win of the season through an 86:79 (40:32) house win against the Hard Merlins Trailhead and therefore comply with the playoff areas.
Equal Lewis led the mountain climber with 26 points.
The 7th defeat put it straight for the Merlins.

Bayerns Strong Appearance Chemnitz: Telekom Baskets Bonn Take the Rostock Hurdle, Bamberg the FRANKFURT Hurdle, Würzburg Pulls the Loser in Weißenfels

The Telecom Baskets Bonn remains the first pursuer of leader and champion Alba Berlin in the BBL.
With the 77:62 (46:34) success on Sunday at the Rostock Sea wolves, the Rhinelander have a record of 17: 2 victories and are on par with the safeguarding champ (17: 1).
Even if playmaker TJ shorts did not get a good day with just 6 points, it sufficed for the Baskets to success.
Tyson Ward (12 points), Finn Delay and Sebastian Herrera (11 each) satisfied best for the group of coach Thomas Sisal.

Broke makes the 100 full-würzburg slips to 9

The Broke Bamberg have new expect the play-off participation.
At the Report Skylines from Frankfurt, the previous serial champ plainly won 100: 83 (54:35) and has only a success behind Ratiopharm Ulm (10: 9) with a balance of 9:11


The Würzburg Baskets (10:10) fell in ninth

Bavaria begin with 15-0 run

FC Bayern returned to series after cross-competition.
At the Miners Chemnitz, the Munich won 79:58 (42:28) on Sunday night and enhanced their 3rd location in the table.
A week prior to the Top 4 around the BBL Cup, the German international Nick Weiler-Babb was the top scorer of the guests with 23 points.
The Bayern, next Saturday semi-final challengers of safeguarding champion Berlin, won after a really strong very first quarter with a 15-0 start (23: 7).

Data from the Sunday video games

Report Frankfurt vs. Broke Bamberg 83: 100 (35:54).
Frankfurt: J.J.
Frazier (21 points/6 rebounds/6 helps), Lukas Wank (16/2/2), Laurens Beliauskas (14/5/2), Dinars Tubules (11/4/1), Joshua Obese (9/5/7.
), Matt Harms (7/4/0), Quarter Robertson (3/2/2), Marcus Lewis (2/0/1), Jordan Samar (DNP), Nolan Adequate (DNP).
Bamberg: Patrick Miller (19 points/1 rebounds/3 assists), Christian Engender (12/4/1), Amir Bell (12/5/6), Girl Simmons (11/1/2), Solomon Young (9/.
9/2), Patrick Hickman (9/3/1), Spencer Leaves (8/1/1), Kevin Worth (8/1/0), Armor Back (7/2/3), Gabriel Chachshvili (5/.
Spectators: 3,800.
Rostock Sea wolves vs. Telecom Baskets Bonn 62:77 (34:46).
Rostock: Final Pearson (12 points/1 rebounds/0 assists), Sid-Marlon This (11/4/1), Elias Alone (10/2/0), Till Glover (8/4/0), Seldom Maybe (.
7/7/0), Equal Lewis (5/0/4), Chris Carter (4/4/5), Derrick Alston Jr. (3/3/2), Stefan Hofer (2/3/2), Tyler.
Nelson (0/0/1), Dennis Nairobi (0/0/0).
Bonn: Tyson Ward (12 points/7 rebounds/1 assists), Finn Delay (11/8/1), Sebastian Herrera (11/0/2), Dean Williams (9/4/2), Zachary Singer (8/.
1/0), Karsten Ta-da (7/3/1), Collin Malcolm (7/1/2), TJ Shorts II (6/2/8), Leon Rather (6/10/1), Michael Lessens (0.
/ 4/2).
Spectators: 4.022.
MBC Weißenfels vs. Würzburg Baskets 98:83 (53:41).
MBC: Kris Cliburn (25 points/5 rebounds/4 helps), Trammel Garden (16/3/1), Costa Bushido (15/0/5), Martin Brewing (14/4/4), John Bryant (14/.
1/1), Charles Allison (10/1/11), Stephen Jerks (4/2/2), Mitchell Bullock (0/1/1), Scottie Reynolds (0/0/1), Evans Apiece (0/.
0/0), Hendrik Warner (0/1/0), Radii Raisin (0/0/0).
Würzburg: Stanley Whittaker (22 points/2 rebounds/4 assists), Cameron Hunt (16/1/5), Filip Static (10/8/0), Damon Griffin (8/2/1), Julius Boomer (7/.
1/0), Nicolas Carvalho (7/7/2), Collin Well (6/3/1), Felix Hoffmann (5/3/1), Shown Williams (2/2/1), Elijah TDI (0/.
Viewers: 2,350.
Miners Chemnitz vs. FC Bayern Munich 58:79 (28:42).
Chemnitz: Jason George (12 points/4 rebounds/4 assists), Was Clark (11/1/3), Jonas Richter (7/4/1), Malik Osborne (7/5/0), Nelson Weizmann (6/.
1/3), Her Usual (5/5/0), Areas Felicia (5/1/2), Kevin LeBeau (5/3/0), Dominic Lockhart (0/1/1), Marko Filipovity (0/.
3/1), Kilian Final (0/0/0), Mindanao Susinskas (DNP).
Munich: Nick Weiler-Babb (23 points/5 rebounds/5 assists), Andreas Oust (11/3/1), Augustine Rubin (10/3/1), Ogden Faramarz (10/0/3), Niels Highway (.
10/4/0), D.J.
Seemed (7/4/2), Niklas Timberg (7/4/1), Freddie Gillespie (1/8/0), Isaac Tonga (0/5/1), Paul Zipper (0/1/0), Cassius.
Winston (DNP).

Viewers: 4800.

Nagelsmann praises Nianzou

???? Nagelsmann über Villarreal-Los & Union | Pressetalk Julian Nagelsmann | FC Bayern - Union Berlin
A radiant smile spread on Saturday night on the face of Hasan Salihamidzic, when the players of Bayern victoriously disappeared at halftime in the depths of the Allianz Arena. The sports board congratulated Robert Lewandowski and Co. to three hits and a successful first half, especially radiant, however, he received Tanguy Nianzou.

For the second time in this Bundesliga season, the young Frenchman had stood in the initial formation, cross-competition for the fifth time. And against Union, Nianzou was allowed to cheer his first mandatory game in the jersey of the German record champion after about 25 minutes. “He’s incredibly head-strong, probably our strongest head player,” coach Julian Nagelsmann praised the hits for a corner of Joshua Kimmich.

“He has a winner mentality that is already exceptional”

Because Benjamin Pavard (Covid-19) and Niklas were missing Slee (muscle fiber rupture), Nianzou got one of the few opportunities back to him Nagelsmann so far. “As a coach, you always have the hope that he plays almost faultless, but you can not expect that if you give him so little playing time. You are already a bit of self as a coach.”

For experiments, says Nagelsmann’s justification, had little time due to the partly bumpy results. To shaky, Nanzou had been presented to date, especially as not reliable enough. Again and again, the coach finally emphasized that he did not expect the genius passport by Dayot Upamecano, Nanzou and Co., but above all a solid defense work. “These are just their great strengths without having to play super balls with ball, but to defend hard on the man.”

Nianzou followed against Union – unlike his secondary man UPamecano – the statement, “he played two, three super balls in midfield,” said Nagelsmann. “With Tanguy, I was very satisfied with Tangu. One sees that he has a very good character that he raises everything. He has an incredible aggressiveness and a winner mentality that is already exceptional.”

Nianzou now has to stop his mistakes

The fact that Nanzou “always has this one or the other moment in it” where he allowed himself an inattention or want too much, “I confess to him,” said Nagelsmann. “He has talent, he is still a very young guy.” Which now has to turn off his mistakes. Then, prophesent Nagelsmann, “he can play a very good role”.

Nevertheless, “we will look around the transfer market because Tanguy is already there”. And Slee in summer moves to Dortmund. “We will not only go to the new season with the players, which we have, but are already doing something. Tanguy has absolutely the chance to get more playing time.”

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