Xavier Zero was missing FC Bayern in the away game against Bertha BSC. The co-trainer of coach Julian Nagelsmann had to fit due to an angina. Nagelsmann compared him at the press conference after the game with an aging rock star.

At 4: 1 (1: 0) of FC Bayern at Bertha BSC on Sunday, a bank place remained free at guests. For the dissolution, coach Julian Nagelsmann made at the press conference after the game.

He has a side strand Angina. No Corona, the 34-year-old in Berlin explained the absence of Pembroke and joked about the 55-year-old voice drawn.

He talks like Rod Stewart and looks like Bryan Adams, Nagelsmann laughed, I hope he was fit again on Tuesday. He was annoyed yesterday on the ph1. He had a scratchy voice all week, and she was less and less In training. Since I said that he should rule that.

The sick leave was also a precautionary measure. Nagelsmann: In the end it was the right decision because it was also contagious towards the end of the week. He sits in Munich in his apartment and hopefully was pleased that we won.

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FC Bayern will train normally during the week. On Friday is an internal test game. After that, the players who were last often used three days get free. The Covid returnees should, on the other hand, get rhythm, as Nagelsmann said, and exercise again next weekend. Then probably with Rod Zero.