G2 Esports managed to win the first Split of the renewed LEC of League of Legends against Mad Lions by three maps to zero.
This triumph, leaves the samurai with a ticket for the MSI, and for the Grand Finals of the LEC, and without an extra motivation to dispute the Spring Split, a very interesting debate is opened around G2 ESports.
Both nationally and internationally, with Grabby, former coach of the samurai as one of the precursors of this idea.
In this opinion, the samurais would make boot camp in Asia, while alternate players play the Spring Split for them.
Thus, the team led by Dylan Falcon could take this competition seriously and show its greatest potential in the crack.
In addition, and seeing Burnout records in Asian and European players after the MSI, it would be a good way to get away from the demand for the competition and not have to compete three maps per week and prepare three series to the best of one
It must be remembered that as Riot said, G2 Esports did not win a LEC title with the achievement of the Winter Split.
The renewed EMEA League will only give a trophy in the Grand Finals, although and we have seen how production and the narrators themselves have skipped this narrative as they have wanted and putting in infographics one more title for the samurai organization, which has 9 read/


Metric viewers of spectators in this event

As for the average viewers, the data is worrisome, since the peak of spectators has lowered in 150,000.

The change of format may not have convinced the viewer.
This added to the fact that the final was played in Riot’s own studies in Berlin, make not as many incentives as if it had been played in a larger sand.
The action will return on March 11, and with it all these unknowns released on the table will dissipate.
As if this were not enough, several teams will make changes to the Spring, and it is possible that the occasional pump can arrive in the week and a half that remains before these sets jump back to the invoked’s crack.