What do Bound by Flame, Mars: Was Logs, The Technomancer and Greedfall in common? These are all AA games from the developer smithy of Spiders, who were properly, did some things really well, but have never been able to exploit their full potential. However, a positive development can be determined over the years: Technomancer from 2016 we found better than Bound by Flame from 2014. And the last RPG project Greedfall (in the test) was then again a step again in 2019 in front.

is finally expecting an RPG cracker?

Colleague Maci summarized his impression in the test as follows:”There is so much in Greedfall that I love in the first minutes of play. The baroque style or the striking influences of The THE THE FABLE (I love the series!) Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (I love the game!). And despite the many inspirations, Greedfall also has a really unique touch. Great! Just stupid that the game is installing so many things. The opponent is no longer even paying attention to prey and the beautifully designed game areas, then that speaks a clear language. Greedfall is a solid RPG, so unfortunately you just don’t win any prices – not today and not ten years ago. “_

If Spiders continues this path, the next projects should be very exciting. The action-RPG Steelrising , on which the developers have been working for a while, looks really delicious thanks to the great setting, in which steampunk robots are combined with the French revolution, and the soulslike vibes. The release is scheduled to take place on September 8, 2022. And since today, May 18, 2022, we even know which project will be due to Steelrising…

GreedFall 2 - The Dying World | Announcement Trailer

Greedfall 2 officially announced!

Developers of Spiders and Publisher Nacon Greedfall 2 have announced with a press release. The successor for the role-playing game from 2019 is said to play three years before the events of Greedfall and again focus on the action and player decisions. This time, however, we slip into the role of a resident of Teer Fradeee, who is torn out of his homeland and shipped from the colonists to the continent Gacane. There you can expect a country devastated by the war, the Malichor epidemic known from part 1 and the political rank games of the various factions.

You have to use your combat skills, but also diplomacy and your ceremonial to win your freedom and allies. In the end, even the fate of the entire continent and your home will be in your hands, you know that. By the way, Greedfall 2 should appear next year, for PC and the consoles.

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