Throughout the game, the assistance of the 16,070 fans for RWE huge and the alleviation after the last whistle was terrific that it was enough for the first 3 points. However, the mood tipped very rapidly after the game. The factors for this were at first not completely clear, however they stem in an event that was a couple of days earlier.

We also saw the whistles, claimed Simon Engelmann at the microphone of Magentasport, which was involved in both objectives and described to the lousy ambience: Last week there was a little occurrence heading back. I do not want that now continue to comment. The club has discussed this.

team was witness to fan attack

After the draw in Bayreuth, the return journey had actually happened an ugly incident, to which the club had likewise commented three days later on. According to this, their own fans began on a freeway road-there were a number of injuries. The team bus was in the car park at the exact same time as well as was as a result experienced exactly how the inmates of a follower bus were assaulted.

We are currently busy handling the case and gaining a deeper review in order to then encourage the additional dealings including possible permissions as well as equivalent repercussions. from last Tuesday. The afraid raid is sentenced to the sharpest and is not suitable with the worths of the association.

Engelmann: But currently I do not like the state of mind at all

Later on, the group, that initially did not enter into the curve and after that left the field, returned out of the cabin as well as stood complete block prior to the final whistle. Nevertheless, the followers were mostly irrelevant and there were intensive conversations between some gamers and mad advocates.

During the game, the assistance of the 16,070 fans for RWE huge and also the alleviation after the final whistle was great that it was enough for the very first three factors. The state of mind tipped very rapidly after the game. When attempts to clarify, Engelmann looked a bit perplexed why the state of mind after the game against Aue was all of a sudden tipped. We are really happy that we have won the game as well as that the pipe show is currently here, I do not rather comprehend.


When tries to discuss, Engelmann looked a little bit perplexed why the state of mind after the game versus Aue was unexpectedly tipped. We are very pleased that we have actually won the game which the pipe show is now here, I don’t fairly understand. Yes, that’s the way it is, he stated. But I don’t like the state of mind now. What’s going on below currently, I do not assume it needs to be.