While players progressed by the world of Elden Ring, they will unlock new areas and companions that they can discover in their hub. The Roundtable Hold houses many helpful NPCs and there are even some special objects to discover in his walls. However, there is a job that the player can not have automatically unlocked. In the Roundtable Hold is a fog wall that holds players from useful loot.

Elden Ring How To Leave Roundtable Hold Tutorial Walkthrough

How to open the fog wall in Roundtable Hold

To pass the fog wall, the players require a stone sword keys . This special piece can be found around the world. It is even offered as a start gift so that patient players can unlock the fog wall early. If you use the key to the Gargoyle statue next to the fog wall, it will scatter and open the path to Crepus’ Black Key Crossbow and 20 Black Key Bolts. This ranged weapon is useful in many places in many places, as most enemies in ELDEN ring use melee attacks.

However, this is not the only fog wall that can be activated in the Roundtable Hold. Immediately after the first, there is another whose requirements are a bit more complicated. To unlock the second wall, the players have two stone swords . One could notice that certain Gargoyle statues – like those guarded by the first wall – have already embedded a single key in one of their heads. The second statue does not have this peculiarity, indicating that a key will not be enough to unlock it. If the players succeed in producing two keys on this second wall, they will be rewarded with a treasure box that contains the assassin’s prayer book – an object that leads to the sale of additional summation formulas.

These are some of the earliest fog walls that players will find in Elden Ring. There is much more to find, so the players should continue to cover as many as possible – even if they need a few extra runes.

ELDENRING is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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