Popularity is not everything, but tell the SMG or subfusil fennec (or TDI vector in real life) of Call of Duty Warz1. Season 4 has left it very, far from the goal, but that does not mean that it is a hilarious and very competent weapon.

This weapon is a symbol in other video games such as The Division, where it is the main weapon of the agents. As a fan, I wanted to see how this icon pays on the battlefield of Warzone . Then tell you everything you should know about her.


Fennec in Call of Duty Warzone: A gun to dance stuck

The subfusil or SMG Fennec is not among the most chosen in Warzone, as revealed by its numbers in Wzrankeds. It has a 0.22 pick rat, a K/D of 0.79 and a ratio of victories of 1.71. These figures are located in the middle of the most chosen weapons table.

We will pretend that we have not seen the tables and that we want to play with weapons that are not in the goal, but that they are competent. The FENNEC is a very fun choice for very close fighting. The configuration that I propose is lethal at short distances, with a lot of damage and Mobility .

* Bocacha :-

  • Canyon :-
    * Laser : 5 MW laser.
  • Look :-
    Cynate *: Without cylinder head.
    Acople : Mercenary front hilt.
    Loader /ammunition : Drum loaders of 40 bullets /–
    Rear handle *:-

This configuration (via Winghaven) is designed for to shoot hip and has as highlighted attributes the damage, cadence and mobility. A perfect weapon to disintegrate your enemies in closed spaces.

The 40 bullets fly from charger due to their high cadence, so try to aim well. Finally, use it as a complement for weapons such as NZ-41, Kg M40 and ZRG 20mm, for example.

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