It is official: God of War is on PC, PS4 and PS5. Until now it has been available for free for new generation users with PlayStation Plus subscription. Now, Sony has included it in the Free Games for PS4 of the PS4 of July. There is no excuse for not playing it.

God of War: Tips and tricks for new aspiring to God of war

God of War (2018) is a huge change with respect to previous franchise games. The perspective becomes in third person , the combat becomes more technical and the weapons are very different. In addition, the mapping has many more collectibles and places to explore.

Taking all this into account, I tell you some tips and tricks that you should know before starting playing God of War.

Know your weapons: Leviathan Ax, Shield and fists

The fight in God of War becomes more complex and varied . Learn to fight with all your tools, anywhere and circumstance, make the difference between victory and defeat.

Ax Leviathan *: A powerful weapon with a medium-hundred speed, which can also be launched to hurt/freeze enemies. It also serves to solve puzzles. Very effective against weak enemies to freezing and cold.
Shield : A GIFT DISPLAYABLE PROTECTION OF KRATOS THE WIFE AND MOTHER OF DERUS. Use it to cover you with enemy attacks. If you make a block at the right time, you can reduce the defense of the enemies and make counterattacks. In addition, the shield has its own offensive movements.
fists : God of War gives you the possibility of ending your enemies with your own hands. The bumps with fists do not do so much damage as the blows with the Leviathan ax, but you will be more speed and you can make combos with the shield. Personally, it is my favorite struggle style.

Throughout history you will get new skills and one more weapon . Try to familiarize yourself with the latter and combine it with the Leviathan ax to make damage in your enemies.

The key is in the rhythm: combos and more combos

God of War is a hack n slash (a machaca-bototes, commonly said), which means that perform combos and Maintaining the rhythm of play during fighting is the key to defeating enemies. Memorize from the beginning the different movements of each weapon and counterattacks, and then test Combinations of movements increasingly long.

When you manage to learn the noble art of chaining blows/skills, blocking/dodging, counterattacking and continuing, you will see that the fighting are authentic adrenaline chutes. The best players of God of War never stop attacking , defend and counterattack.

If you leave too many spaces between blows, you will lose the combat rhythm and many opportunities to hit enemies. In addition, the enemies will benefit from this and will fit you more blows.

Finally, remember to correctly manage the Spartan wrath of Kratos. My advice is that you use it in times of necessity or when there is little life to the bosses. As you advance and explain,

Aesthetics vs Practical: Learn to choose the equipment

The team is as important as weapons in God of War. As you advance, you will get new armor pieces. Here are two options:

Put the pieces that you like aesthetically *, but not have optimized statistics for combat.
Put on the sets of pieces that benefit your style of play *, but not go to your liking aesthetically.

This choice is yours. If it is your first time in God of War, I recommend that you equip yourself whenever you can the best pieces and if possible the sets are possible to obtain benefits. The more difficult you choose, the more important this second option is to choose.

Remember Improve your team, weapons and skills Whenever you can, especially those pieces that you know you need to face what enemies for their weaknesses.

Explore and learn to choose your battles: the key to advance in God of War

Unlike previous deliveries, God of War has many areas to explore and gives you Freedom to do so. I recommend that you explore every corner of each area. Rewards are really worth it. This does not mean that the game will allow you to go anywhere when you please.

As you advance you will have to discern if you are prepared for the area where you are advancing. The way of knowing is simple: if enemies burst too fast, then you better turn around and look for another path. When your life better, Spartan anger, equipment and skills, come back and surely the road will not be so hard.

anger can be a weapon if you control it

The advice that summarizes this whole guide is precisely a lesson that Kratos tries to teach Domen:

Anger can be a weapon if you control it. If you use it. It is clear that you did not clever.

And how to extrapolate this lesson to the player? Fanging meaningless buttons and playing is like getting carried away by rage, in the end they will end up killing you. Learn the controls , practice combos and improve your team. If you keep the control during fighting, your enemies will fall much more easily. In addition, fights will show off much more incredible.


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