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Minister of Industry, Lee Chang -yang, discussing the US and Inflationary Livestock Act and Semiconductor Science Law

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy said it will discuss issues with electric vehicles, semiconductors, and bio industries.

Lee Chang-yang, Minister of Industry, visits Washington, D.C. from 20th to 21st (local time), and meets with US Secretary of State Ramon do and Senator Tommy Turberville.

Bloomberg Surveillance Simulcast
Inflation Reduction Act, Semiconductor and Science Act, and Bio Administrative Commands are the topics.

The Ministry of Industry has decided to urge the solution to the IRA issue and to urge solutions. The Guardrail provisions of the Semiconductor and Science Law and the Bio Administrative Order will be discussed not to shrink Korean business activities.

Lee plans to strengthen cooperation with the ROK-US industry and supply chain and expand trade and investment, and highlight that it is necessary to consult with the Korean government and companies when the US introduces laws and administrative measures. He also decided to emphasize that the US-US cooperation could be expanded if IRA solution was derived.

This minister is Washington, D.C. After a certain schedule, it will be attracting high-tech industries and supply chain investment in New York. He then moves to Canada to discuss trade and investment expansion, mineral cooperation, and R & D cooperation.

Amazon represents Prime

Amazon is known for its fast delivery-especially with a prime subscription. The group offers even more services-but soon one less.

Germany-ordered today, it is in the mailbox tomorrow: Amazon Prime’s fast delivery service attracts many customers. In 2021, the company reached a number of 200 million. But not only with its order service, the group binds customers themselves. Prime Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Drive or Prime Reading are just a few examples of other offers. However, one thing is now being discontinued.

Amazon makes Prime service 2023-alternative is missing popular function

At Amazon Drive, users can save their data in a cloud, not only photos and videos-such as the Amazon Photos duty-other common file types can also be stored there. Or could. Because the drive service will soon be stopped, as the digital giant now announced.

This is likely to ensure bad belching for some customers, after all, Amazon recently increased prices for prime membership. Amazon founded the decision in a Q&A on the website: We take the opportunity to focus more on Amazon Photos in order to offer our customers a special solution for storing photos and videos.

Amazon Prime: Drive is turned off-users need alternative for data

In plain language means: If you only upload photos and videos, you can easily switch to Amazon Photos. But if you have saved other files (e.g. documents) in the drive, you should look like an alternative soon. However, the users still have some time to save their collected data.

According to Amazon, it is no longer possible to upload files from January 31, 2023, but at least the files provided there will be retained for the time being. Amazon finally stamps the Prime Service Drive on December 31, 2023. Until then, everyone should have saved their data, otherwise the group will delete them after an explicit note. From October 31, app users no longer have access to the platform via app.

Amazon Photos: Users of the free variant have to limit each other

Amazon customers can still enjoy a service: the pictures and videos stored on Drive are automatically saved in photos, the company announced. Like the drive service, the photo service is available as a paid and free variant.

If you don’t want to invest money in Amazon Photos, you have to limit yourself: Only 5 GB are then available. Anyone who is a prime member has unlimited storage space.

After the department store plans of Amazon and the Canceled Prime delivery service, the company announced the next change when the Drive Service is switched off. At least so far it does not seem to bother customers.

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