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The best Pokemon to venture into a scarlet and purple Pokemon

Therapy helps you find Pokémon and rare articles in Pale when you earn, so it is better to maximize your chances of winning with the right Pokémon. Here is everything you need to know about the best Pokémon to assault in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

What are the best Pokémon to use in the Raids? Answered

Since the 5-star raids and more are available after the game desire, there are powerful Paradox Pokémon on this list, but 4-star incursions and less are easy to win before winning the game.


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The fastest way to end difficult incursions is a whole team of Berserker. The Steely Spirit ability of this Pokémon accumulates four times to enhance Steel movements at incredible levels and learn Screech to ruin the defense of any crystallized Pokémon to which assaults. You will have to approve a language course taught by Salvatore to have a agrarian Growth in your hands and evolve it, but it is totally worth the effort.

Iron package

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This Pokémon Paradox comes with Helping Hand, so it increases the super effective movements of your teammates, it also has a great defense and writing to help survive attacks. Iron Bundle has a special high attack and can use Ice Beam and Hydro Pump when they are super effective. If you want to complete many raids quickly, this Pokémon is an excellent option. Give this Pokémon a reinforcement energy to further increase your defense, depending on your statistics.


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This Pokémon is immune to poison and dragon attacks, and resists many times as a bug, normal and rock. It also has Gigaton Hammer and Play Rough to inflict a lot of damage to Pokémon Crystallized; However, do not use it in a Fire Term incursion because Fire resists the attacks by Steel and Fairy. Steel Term Type is probably the best because it makes Gigaton Hammer much more powerful, but Fairy is also finally useful, this Pokémon has a good special defense in addition to everything else.


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Sable is excellent for inflicting special conditions in Raid Pokémon and is immune to normal, struggle and psychic attacks. The dirty game is excellent to inflict damage when you are not confusing or burning incursion Pokemon. Just be careful with Dark the Raids because Prankster status movements no longer affect Dark Pokémon. Salable is weak for Fairy, so it is probably better to use Kingston or something else for Fairy incursions.


Iron Hands

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Iron Hands has one of the highest attack statistics of the game, especially with Quark Drive, and a great defense to accompany him. For harmful movements, Learn Close Combat, Earthquake, Play Rough and Thunder Punch, so it can hit almost anything super effectively. Quark Drive can further increase Iron Hands attack, so give a Boost Energy.


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Excalibur has a good type of ice and dragon, in addition to a monstrous base attack statistics of 145, and Ice Body more snows cape give you passive healing while damage to the Pokémon Raid. Icicle Crash and Grieve Rush are great movements for an efficient damage production, but Term Blast and any type of therapy you will also inflict a ton of damage.


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Amarillo is great in the Raids because you don’t have to worry too much about speed. Simply metastasize yourself in a fairy or water Pokémon and do a lot of damage with enormous power by enhancing your attack. You may want to put Lepta Berry because executing Play Rough out of PP is a concern when you face only more difficult battles.


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Ar canine is excellent for Terra Raids because she has a good attack and intimidation to avoid being eliminated several times. Good types of Ar canine include fairy due to Play Rough and Fire for Flare Blitz attacks. Rock Raids can be difficult for this Pokémon because Fire is not very effective against rock. Iron Hands is better for rock raids.

That is all we have in the best Pokémon to use at the Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.
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