[Granado Espada Moon Young -soo] Hanbitsoft (CEO Lee Seung -hyun) unveiled the character’s original painting of the mobile game ‘Granado Espada M’ on the 17th. The Wonhwa, which was introduced on this day, contains characters familiar to the original users such as ‘Emilia’, ‘Chlod’ and ‘Panfilo’.

Hanbitsoft said, “We will strengthen storytelling based on narratives that make use of the characteristics of each character, and we will develop the original Granado Msada M.” “We are developing it.”

Granado Espada in 2022

Granado Espada M is a large -scale multi -entertained role game (MMORPG) based on the 2006 Korea Game Awards and Game Graphic partial technology and creation award.

This work is developing with the characteristics and original sensitivity of the multi -character control system that controls three characters of the PC version at the same time, as well as the family, stance, and NPC recruitment.

The company said, “We will develop the original system of the original and the beautiful and refined medieval European graphics so that Granado can be immersed in the vast narrative of Espada M.” “We are working hard to make works different from MMORPG.”