Roblocks is one of the most representative meta bus game companies, but it is also a game company that does not make games. More specifically, Roblocks provides the foundation for creating and servicing games, and the game itself is created by creators (creators) who are active in Loblocks. And in Loblocks, a part of the profit is distributed to the producer.

Grandaga Developer Enpixel is pursuing a meta bus business that has been conceived in this Roblocks structure. Kim Min-soo, head of the Meta Headquarters of Enpixel, introduced the direction of the Meta Bus business, which is being conceived at the Korea NFT/Blockchain Game Conference held at the Gyeonggi Creative Economy Innovation Center on the 23rd.

Kim Min-soo’s attention in Loblocks is the ‘economy’ that combines various stakeholders such as game companies, gamers, and producers. Kim said, Roblocks pays 26%of the total profits to the creator, and 24%of the platform operators, such as Google and Apple, are equipped with a company. The game will come out.


He added that combining with Web 3.0, characterized by decentralization, can lower the commission rate to 2.5 %. Based on the decentralization, the service, operation, content creation, and marketing can be divided, so even if the company provides a source, the commission rate is 2.5%.

Examples are the collaboration foods that are popular with convenience stores. Kim Min-soo said, Zaparing was made by Nongshim, but the marketing was made by the video producer. The video producer received an advertising fee from the subscriber. There is no extra expenses other than the cost.

At the same time, the important thing is to distinguish between play and frozen. Kim Min-soo said, Gamers who visit Roblocks play and spend money and don’t come to make money. It is a creator who makes a game. If two things are separated by contributing and making money, you can build a much healthier world.

To complete this structure, you need to make the IP itself, which will be the source of game development. This is because the IP itself is famous so that the original game is popular and attracts many users.

This is why Enpixel focuses on creating AAA games that can create IP power by envisioning the meta bus business. Kim Min-soo said, If you take the Grand Saga as an example, it becomes a brand itself. Somebody’s characters in the Grand Saga are dot, someone is a live-action virtual character, and the game is based on it. You can participate in each game.

Ultimately, Enpixel games are based, and the original game is based on a small game like a pixel. And the premise should be well created to have a strong brand power of the title that will be the source of Enpixel itself.

Kim said, It is quite difficult to create a game with AAA games and brand power. Enpixel focuses on this, and expands the ecosystem with producers and other game companies. I want to create a digital world where huge ecosystems and values coexist.