More and more common, the experimental snapshots allow Mojang to test the new features of Minecraft with players. This was the case for 1.18 or 1.19. However, unlike conventional test versions, they are not available in Launcher automatically. Who says Snapshot experimental, says installation… experimental?

Minecraft: Install an experimental snapshot

When leaving a new experimental snapshot, for example, Mojang publishes a blog article on the website. You can then retrieve, at the bottom of the post, a file “.zip”. Download it before you go to your Minecraft installation directory (accessible in Launcher settings). By default, the game is located in AppData / Roaming /.Minecraft`. Thus, it will be necessary to follow the “Windows + R” keys, enter “% appData%” and head in “.Minecraft”

Once in the game folders, click on versions. Place file downloaded previously from Minecraft (and only You can then “decompress here” with a right click. If this option does not appear, you will need to install WinRAR.

This done, you will now need to launch the Launcher and open the “ Configurations ” tab, at the top. Create a new configuration by selecting the desired experimental snapshot. Attention, if it does not appear, check the “modified” option from the previous page.

Minecraft Deep Dark How To Install Experimental Snapshots and a first look at the warden
And here, the Launcher Minecraft now recognizes the new version of the game. It is now possible to select the configuration and click Play. After a little wait, the time to download the required files, the snapshot will be yours. Indeed, the file does not really contain any Minecraft but only information for the launcher, indicating a file directory on the Mojang side to find.