Before building an adequate base in the Open World Survival game of End night, you must sleep in a tent to rest well.
But building tents is a finite resource if you are not diligent when collecting your tarps.
For those who wonder where to find more, here is like getting canvas in Sons of the Forest.

Get a canvas in Sons of the Forest

Image source: end night through
The canvas is a material that you can only collect looking in several places on the map.
It is not a resource that can be manufactured, so you will want to make sure you are always collecting your canvas after using it to make a tent.
Remember, you must keep the C key pressed to lift a canvas from the ground.


However, if you have already exhausted, and you need to find more, you can visit the locations that are shown above to find more tarps.
We have locked them in a red circle.

As with almost all the resources of the game, it is worth noting that the canvases will reappear after a while, which means that you can always return to these places after one day or so and look back.
That should give everything you need to know about how to get canvas in Sons of the Forest.
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