Valorant is a shooting computer game on the initial totally free multiplayer person developed as well as published by Riot Games. The game was introduced for the very first time with the name in the Project A in October 2019. It was introduced for Microsoft Windows on June 2, 2020, after its shut beta introduced on April 7, 2020.

G2 ESPORTS has shown throughout its history that no player is untouchable and has not wanted to make exceptions with their Valorant section . The club has moved to the bench to Maxwell, captain of the organization since the launch of the Riot Games title. A situation that the organization justifies with its competitive desire and that is endorsed with the poor performance of the team for a good part of last season and key moments of this campaign.

A meme about Maxwell who did not like the community

The decision of the technical body was subject to the discussion of the community due to sporting aspects or the time in which the decision is made. There were opinions divided among those who thought the player was not the problem and those who considered that the group’s performance was above all. Beyond the diversity of thought, everything seemed understandable. However, it was a shared meme in the official Twitter account of the club the one who ended offering most of the amateurs.


Personalities of the Spanish and international scene expressed their disappointment with the treatment that the club was giving that until now was their player franchise and a professional with wide trajectory in both Valorant and in other competitive titles. G2 ESPORTS did not pay too much attention to criticism. The club has maintained the image on your own and has not offered more clarifications about the future of Maxwell in the organization, beyond that he will be substituted in his competitive appointments next week.

Throughout the history of G2 Esports, highlighting historical figures of different disciplines have received the same treatment by the Organization. The club maintains a philosophy in which the results are above all that has not escaped a section of Valorant. The results did not finish arriving after the brilliant debut when the game took its first steps. It remains to be determined if Maxwell will recover the ownership, or it will be transferred in the coming months.