NEW SILENT HILL Teased by Guillermo Del Toro & Kojima at The Game Awards 2021?!
Video Kolyma (小島 秀夫, Kolyma Video, born August 24, 1963) is a Japanese computer game developer, supervisor, manufacturer as well as writer.
Regarded as an auteur of computer game, he established a solid enthusiasm for action/adventure movie theater and literature during his youth and also teenage years. In 1986, he was worked with by INAMI, for which he designed as well as wrote Metal Equipment (1987) for the MSX2, a game that laid the structures for stealth games and the Steel Gear collection, his ideal known and most appreciated jobs. He is probably best understood for his style deal with Metal Equipment Solid (1998) for PlayStation. He is likewise understood for producing the Area of the Enters collection, along with creating and creating Snatcher (1988) and also Policenauts (1994), graphic journey video games concerned for their cinematic discussion.
In 2005, Kolyma started Kolyma Productions, a software application residence managed by INAMI, and also he was selected vice president of INAMI Digital Entertainment in 2011. In 2015, Kolyma Productions divided from INAMI, ending up being an independent studio. Their initial game, Fatality Stranding, was launched in 2019. Kolyma has actually additionally added to Rolling Stone, writing columns regarding the similarities and distinctions between films and also computer game.

Earlier this month, during The Game Awards, the famous Film Director Guillermo del Too made some new comments that led some fanatics to believe that a new Silent Hill game of Video Kolyma could be in process. Previously, from the Too and Kolyma collaborated in Colin as silent before the project was discarded by INAMI after the departure of Kolyma of the company in 2015. Even though the game has been able for more than six years, many have followed waiting for silent schools Someday it could end up resurrected. Unfortunately, the bull has now made it clear that the comments he made during The Game Awards were not indicative of a resurgence.

In a new conversation about the happy confused in the podcast, he asked about the bull if he was making fun of something related to Silent Hill during The Game Awards. In summary, the bull made it clear that he was not, and instead he was just trying to have fun. Not at all. Look, it’s just one of those things in my life that does not make sense. But I just wanted to tickle INAMI a bit, he explained. He continued saying that he still regrets that silent schools, it never came to fruition, largely because he had high hopes about it. I do not understand, that was so perfect, he said about the canceled title. The game, what we were going to do, was so exciting.

Despite silent schools, being closed by INAMI, the bull still had nothing more than good things to say about the time of him working with Kolyma. But Kolyma is one of the guys who are filmmaker. […] I love talking with filmmakers and narrators, he said. Despite this love by the Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding, of the Bull, he also recognized that he does not see himself working again in video games. The games, as an exercise of narration, fascinates me, said of the bull. I would not develop a game again because I am the albatross of the video games. But I am very intrigued by the devices and how you learn them.

At this time, it remains to be seen if INAMI is really working on a new Silent Hill game. While rumors and reports have continued circulating for years at this point, all these conjectures have never given rise to a new delivery of the series. Perhaps, if we are lucky, however, 2022 will end up being the year in which the beloved terror franchise ends up making a return.