In the last few days, the rumor highlighted that Sony appears to be apparently before the takeover offrom software . However, this is only a misunderstanding in which the tweet of an insider was taken slightly too seriously. We reveal you as it could come to the rumors around the creators of Elden Ring.

What happened?

Not the first rumor for a takeover

Already in the past was repeatedly speculated over a supposed purchase of From Software by Sony. For the reasons, for example, cooperation in exclusive projects such as Demon’s Souls or Bloodborne counted. In recent years, the rumor is also stubborn that both companies are currently working on a new game for PlayStation . It has not yet come out.

Sony already has indirect shares from from software

Asmongold realises Elden Ring is dead

At the beginning of the last year, the responsible persons of Sony announced that one has secured shares in the Japanese Group Kadokawa . The publisher in turn grabbed in 2014 in total 80% of the shares of FROM Software and is thus in the majority possession of the developer studio. Indirectly Sony is already sitting in the boat at FROM software – a complete acquisition is currently not on the plan.

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