The second trailer of the new indie ‘Replaced’, which was expected to be released in 2022, was released at the Game Awards 2022 (TGA) event.

‘Replaced’ is an action-platformer game with free battles, in-depth dystopia stories, and 2.5D science farther retro visuals in the 1980s.
Regardless of his will, the player is trapped in the human body and becomes an artificial intelligence R.E.A.C.H. in the background of the game, Phoenix City, who is struggling to adapt to human life.

In a dark society where a nuclear accident, which can be called a disaster, has suffered irreversible damage and is gradually worsening, people who have power are considered to be a simple monetary unit.


If you are a favorite user who prefers a stylish cyberpunk-style visual and a dark dystopian style, it is expected to fall into the story of complex, fierce and fierce reflation.

The second trailer released through TGA includes a number of unique in-game visuals that will be a fresh stimulus for indie fans who have been waiting for a new cyberpunk worldview game.
The unique 2.5D visuals are unique to a relaxed rural road and rice fields, a ruin with no traces of people, and a dog that is likely to be a companion of travel and a mechanical civilization reminiscent of the dystopian worldview.
In addition, you can get a glimpse of the various details that make up the gameplay, from the platformer elements to move using the gimmick of the map and the combat scene that uses various weapons at the same time.

The second trailer, full of new visuals, has been released, but the exact date of release date of Replaced is still wrapped in the veil.
The scheduled release date was also delayed from 2022 to 2023.
It will be released through the Steam and Xbox platform, and will be supported by the official Korean language at the time of launch.