Astral puzzles can be found in the ancient azure stars, temporary Mirage Mona Megistus, access to which can be obtained during the event Summer Odyssey from Genshin Impact. From from July 15, 2022 to August 24, 2022 , you can explore the temple of stellar latitudes and solve various puzzles inspired by constellations to get a lot of chests. That’s all you need to know about how to solve astral puzzles in The Ancient Azure Stars Mirage.

How to solve astral puzzles in Mona’s Mirage in Genshin Impact


Astral puzzles require you to connect star guides create constellations based on the reference image . The reference can usually be found in a room with puzzles, but it is not always available. In some rooms you will have to touch the stars on the walls or interaction with mechanisms to show the constellation that you need to copy. There are also cases when the link is hidden by other structures, which makes it difficult to copy it.

Star guides indicate a certain direction , which can be determined by checking where the small arrow is directed. You can configure the direction of each star guide by interacting with it. You should attack star conductor with a regular attack to create link to the site to another star guide, depending on the direction in which it indicates.

It is important to know that star guides can maintain links only when they point to each other. For example, when a indicates B to the north, they will contact. If A changes the direction and points to the east, then the connection between A and B will break. Several stellar guides can be connected with each other to form a certain form, but you need to find accurate turns that will allow you to create all the necessary connections to form a reference image.

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