One of the anime series that has been enjoyed most in the world is that of Hunter X Hunter, specifically in its remake version of 2011 , and this is due to its great iconic characters with its dubbing actors. And precisely, today is a sad day for this industry in Japan , since it was announced that Hiroshi Otake , has died at 90 years of age.

The character that Otake interpreted in the work was Zeno Zoldyck , this is the grandfather of one of the protagonists, Killua Zoldyck , taking a little more importance during the arc of the Chimera ants. The producer who worked with him, 81 produces , was the one that gave the notification regarding the death of the actor, stating that the cause was acute heart failure.

Here the text that the company shared to the public:

Our actor Hiroshi Otake died on August 1, 2022 due to acute heart failure at the age of 90. In addition, with respect to the funeral ceremony, it was completed without delay only by relatives on August 8. We would like to ask for him. We would like to express the most sincere thanks for his kindness during his life.


Otake in 2015 was honored in the ninth annual edition of the prizes Seiyuu with an achievement for life for his work in the middle of the anime. The actor took a short break from the world of anime in 1991 , although he would return shortly after in 1995 to help give life to some of him’s most important papers.