At February 2022 Already attentive WOW fans and DataMiners encountered references to a “new WoW version”. What was strange and mysterious at the new shelf endpoint in the Blizzard Content Delivery Network (CDN) was the name. It was the endpoint WOWDEV3, which had found no use before. WOWDEV is used economical for live updates by World of Warcraft, WOWDEV2 usually for the Classic version of The Burning Crusade. So that data has been parked in the endpoint WOWDEV3, so let’s suspect… is there on WoW Patch 10.0, so on the next extension? Or at Wotlk Classic?

That was the knowledge stand in mid-February 2022. Meanwhile we are a bit smarter, because the revelation of WOW Patch 10.0 AKA The new expansion of World of Warcraft was announced for April 19, 2022. And the movements on WOWDEV3 suggest that this new WOW version is version 10.0.

New activities on WOWDEV3

The attentive observers of Icy Veins have found the following: on March 8, 2022, just under three weeks after WOWDEV3 was established and loaded with data, version numbers could be recognized. The data on WOWDEV3 were patched from version 9.2 to version 9.2.5, ie the socket, which will bring cross-fractional instances into WOW.

On the same day, however, the data version was returned to patch 9.2, just to bring it a day later, so on March 9, 2022, to version 96.0.1. The assumption is obvious that this is WOW 10.0.

What is it about WOW 96.0.1?

Unusual, the people of Icy Veins also find, but it’s the version number. Sure, the Blizzards are always trying to hide the latest developments in World of Warcraft (Buy Now) in front of the curious eyes of the fans. But that we could come to mind that Blizzard has long been working on the next WOW extension, the responsible persons would probably think. So why a “hiding game” with WOWDEV3 and a version 96.0.1?

The data that lie in the CDN of Blizzard is encrypted, or thus only visible to the employees of the corresponding developer teams. So what if it is, if it may be neither Patch 10.0 for WOW nor a Classic version of Wotlk? The boss of the Warcraft franchise, John Hight, has spoken in the same breath for WOW extension announcement yes that then in May 2022 the first Warcraft mobile game should be announced .

Hmmmm! By the way: What do you think about a Warcraft mobile game could be? Maybe a kind of tower defense with orcs against people? Maybe the Pokémon Battle Simulator, which so many fans of pet struggles have long wish? Or something completely new? At the end of the day, Hearthstone belongs to the Warcraft franchise, maybe the autobattle mode will be his own thing?

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