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Author: Razr Maxx

Caring, FC Bayern, BVB and Co.: DFL boss concludes Bundesliga

The new DFL-boss Donata Hops defends itself in the future design of the Football Bundesliga against thought biders and would not be backed by dramatic measures.

Bayern München Defender Joins Borussia Dortmund

“There is no holy cows for me,” she said the “picture on Sunday”. If the league would help playoffs in the sense of competition, “then we talk about playoffs”.

When asked if they would leave the German Supercup in Saudi Arabia as in Spain or Italy, she replied, “Any measure to bring us money in the future must fit us. But I think we can do not exclude this regard at all. “

The DFL must be careful given the strong international competition and the fierce financial impact of the pandemic “that we did not get into a downward spiral,” emphasized hops (45). At the same time, she asked “again to focus the fan again”. This is “our most important task for the future”.

Hops advocates the regulation of the player’s salaries and hopes for a shoulder of the top leagues in Europe. At the 50 + 1 rule, she wants to hold on, this is not a “success blocker”. Without them, maybe “a lot easier. But would that be our Bundesliga?”

Abolish would hop the term “the team”. “For me it was and remains the national team in the future,” she said. The uneven slogan to banish recently the Dortmund managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke brought into conversation, which sits in the Bureau and Supervisory Board of the German Football League (DFL).

You will not be able to uncover it suck it and wet it but this giant oreo made in minecraft is epic

In Minecraft, you can not do that to uncover it, suck it and wet it. But, of course, it is quite curious and interesting to be able to see a giant Oreo in the world of the Moving game squares. Breakfast for everyone!

A user called Nomallama The idea of ​​creating a giant Oreo within Minecraft has occurred to her. In principle, it may seem something simple, but he has taken care of up to the smallest detail of the relief and, in addition, he has made it a huge size, for which we would need an ocean of milk to be able to spread it.

The author of this architectural jewel has taken 13 days to recreate it perfectly, as we can see in the image. In addition, he has used a total of 46,727 blocks, so you can imagine the time and mime that he has dedicated for this work. As if that were not enough, he has built it in the survival mode and not in creative mode, where it would probably have been quite simpler.

We do not know if, after these days, Nomallama will have taken away the desire to eat Oreo, but it is definitely a curiosity more in the world of Minecraft, a game in which users do not stop giving them loose rein to the imagination to bring us curiosities and originates as great as this one.

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