Riot Games is prioritizing the old League of Legends champions more than ever.

Throughout season 12, about a dozen characters received what the developer wanted to call Mid-Scope Updates or Mid-Scope Updates (MSU).

A plan where the company recalled its commitment by confirming what will be the next champions to receive this kind of change, and there was a surprise.

Tax, a champion who is almost never changed, will receive considerable changes in his skills after many years of waiting.


Although we are used to large updates, Riot Games wanted to reduce community expectations and reassure Tax fans.

The company considers that the champion can benefit from a modernization, but not that it needs to change its ands. In this sense, they will be much more ambitious adjustments than a mere balancing patch, but will not reach the level of those that Olaf, Alum or Sandra suffered over the last year.

As one of the developers who are working on it commented, they will focus mainly on improving the feeling of using the character’s ultimate.

Although Tax’s Ult is very useful in struggles, the act of launching its ult is just a process that does not add much in terms of gameplay.

In this sense, it is likely that the design team decides to give a little more strength to its activation and make it something more spectacular for the champion to adapt to what has become the pattern of the video game. All of this will be done without giving the character power.

In addition to Tax, Riot Games has confirmed that champion Well will also be part of the ‘mid-scope update’, whose skills seem to have leaked, is also coming.

It should be expected that both will be presented during the 2023 preseason, perhaps when the next cycle of great news arrives at BE on December 7th.

As for Need, although her Rework should have arrived, there were some problems to finish the changes, and we will have to wait until the beginning of season 13 to receive her update.