Starting to burst opponents at Marvel Snap is much easier than we could imagine at first. If you are looking for marvel snap decks that are easy to use, cheap and completely broken, be careful to this guide with deeds for beginners .

Already among the free letters that we achieve during the first measures there are combos capable of breaking the games spectacularly, so if you have problems to create an effective combination with the initial letters of Marvel Snap , we come in your help.

The best marvel snap decks

We start the review with an Aggro deck that you can start enjoying as soon as you finish the initial battle pass and unlocks to Blue Marvel. The grace of this Marvel Snap deck for beginners is that you always have something to place, allowing you to control the three areas without too many problems.

The key of the deck is in the placement of letters key like Medusa and Mister Fantastic in the center, and that you take the trick to know where and when to put others such as Star-Lord, Iron heart, The Punisher and Wolfs bane to take them out The most game and springs both the letter itself and the neighbors.


The next, much more balanced focuses on promoting the continuous ability of the vast majority of your letters, providing them all with power when placing it regardless whether they are in the same area or not.

They are easy-to-use letters with assumable challenges, such as the in case of Ant-Man and Hawkeye, and by adding skills such as Iron Man in the final stretch of the game it is relatively easy to turn around almost any initial encounter of * Marvel Snap *.

We close with which, so far, it has become my favorite mallet . In fact, I have also played it with an additional variation (Colossus by Star-Lord, Cyclops by The Punisher, and The Thing for Jessica Jones) and has also worked for a thousand wonders.

The first rounds of each game in Marvel Snap You can play them as you want, but be sure to leave a completely empty area to try to play Iron heart in turn 3, Wolfs bane in 4, White Tiger in 5 and Odin in 6. With those four cards in a single area, it is most likely that the party is already won.