Developed by SHIFT UP, better known for his work at Destiny Child, Goddess of Victory: Nike finally launched globally for mobile devices. Unlike most of the other Patch/Mobile games, Nike is not a tactical or shift play, and their game mode reminds the arcade games of the old school such as House of the Dead and Time crisis, where it plays to shoot and release to be covered. However, like most of the Geisha games, play again can give you a great advantage. With that in mind, here is a complete Repetition guide for the goddess of victory: Nike .

How to roll again in Goddess of Victory: Nike

Unfortunately, the Nike renewal process is quite tedious. It requires that you play the whole first chapter, which takes about 10 minutes, and the simple fact of restoring your account can also be problematic.

Start the game and choose your server, then log in with a guest account.

It is important to choose the guest account option. Do not link your email or social media platforms yet.

Play the game and complete the first chapter.

Click on the mailbox icon on the lobby screen and claim all its rewards.

Click the recruit button in the lower right corner and start pulling the normal banner.

If you do not get the results you want, link the guest account to an email address with salt.

For example, suppose that your email address is [email protects] to save it, link the account to [email protect] this will send verification to [email protects], which allows you to verify the link. You can repeat this process with +2, +3, and so on.

Once you get the roll you want, link the guest account to your own email address.

Why roll again in Nike

Of course, you will also need to know who to point to while restarting your account. Most SSR units are viable, but it is important to keep in mind that the Pilgrim SSR units have a lower attraction rate than the rest. If you are throwing again, you will want to make sure you get at least one pilgrim, as detailed below:

They will
White as snow


Scarlet and Snow White are easily the best in the group, but in reality, if you get any of the previous characters, keep that account.

If you are not in humor to roll endlessly, it is also worth having an account of these characters:


That is all you need to know about the ROLLING PROCESS IN GODDESS OF VICTORY: Nike . Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more tips and information about the game, including a list of all redeemable codes and a look at all classes available at the release.

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