Christmas big not to approach, and it’s time to make gifts. With these goodies, you’ll have enough to please all of your friends geeks, or to yourself. It remains to decide how to pack it all…

Tk78 Vendeur Chez Micromania
The Advent Calendar

Open a small window every day until Christmas to enjoy a delicious chocolate is now outdated. In addition, the chocolate does not help to maintain the line. So, we offer you this Advent Calendar, revisited by our favorite pocket monsters. This Pokémon calendar reveals every day a mini-figure with the image of a Pokémon or object to assemble. In total, we have the right to 16 Figures 6 and objects. It will cost €39.99 to prepare the holidays at Micromania.

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The board game of the week

Christmas is a great time to be with family. Nothing better to share good times that much… game company! The Jenna is probably one of the most fun, combining skill, strategy and a lot of laughter. Depending on your preference, you can choose the version Fortnite, combining the mechanics of Jenna and Fortnite or Super Mario, for those preferring the plumber and his friends.
Whatever your choice, Jenna or Fortnite Mario is €24.99 at Micromania.

Jenna Fortnite

Jenna Super Mario

The OST of the week

All I want for Christmas is YouTube… good, it is not a compilation of the best songs of Christmas, but simply the collector box of OST of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This collector’s set includes 5 CDs and a exclusive music box containing the main theme of the game Mega mi No. UTA. It is already possible to pre-order the box at FNAC for €92.99.

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Plush week

The cold is back, and we have only one desire: to snuggle deep in his bed under blankets layers. To help you exercise, it is essential to be equipped as it should. Fortunately, Micromania offers an assortment of pillows 6 20 cm with the head of Nintendo’s flagship licenses. Currently, strong promotion, it will cost € 2.49 at Micromania to offer one of the cushions 6 at random. At this price, I take them all.

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