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Craepon reveals Battleground Mobile Virtual Influencer Winni

[CEO Kim Moon Young-soo reporter] Craepon (CEO Kim Chang-han) unveiled the Virtual influencer ‘Winni’ of ‘Battleground Mobile’ on the 5th.

Winnie is a 21-year-old engineering student who loves games, animations, dances and sports. He is interested in various fields and likes to communicate with people. Winnie, the name, was derived from the English word ‘WIN’, which means victory, and it contains the meaning of ‘friend of peace’.

Winnie opened his Instagram and Tic Talk account on the 3rd of last month, communicated with fans through contents such as daily photos and dance cover videos, and exceeded 10,000 followers in more than 20 days.

Winnie will actively communicate with MZ generation, including Battleground mobile fans, through various on-line activities. In addition, the company plans to collaborate with various fields such as sports, fashion, and entertainment beyond the game.

Craft Tone will hold the Instagram Follow Certification Event until 11th to commemorate the release of Winnie. You can follow Winnie’s Instagram page and upload a certification post to the Battleground Mobile official cafe. Craepon will present various prizes such as M2 MacBook Air and AirPod Pro through the lottery, and will provide all participants with a Battleground mobile ‘special box exchange ticket’.

Oh Se-hyung, head of the Battleground Mobile Marketing Team, said, Winnie is a virtual influencer who will grow and grow with MZ generation fans as well as Battleground mobile users.

Winnie, meanwhile, collaborated with Craepon and Virtual Influencer Neo Entertainment X. The two companies plan to make Winni communicate with fans through various activities and to be greatly loved.

[Exclusive] Park Bo -kyun, Minister of Education, meets the game industry at least late July

[Park Moon Young-soo reporter] Park Bo-kyun, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, is expected to hold a meeting with the game industry in early July. He is expected to listen to major issues in the industry, including a 52-hour work system, Panho and P2E game.


According to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on the 21st, Minister Park Bo-kyun is being tuned to meet with the game industry. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism said, The specific schedule has not been confirmed yet, but at the beginning of July, Park Bo-kyun will meet with the game industry.

If Minister Park Bo-kyun meets with the game industry in the future, it is expected that various issues will be dealt with, including a 52-hour workweek and P2E game’s entry into Korea.

The first vice minister of the Ministry of Education, Jeon Byung-kuk, held a game industry meeting in the conference room of the Global Game Hub Center in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 17th, and opinions on major game companies such as Nexon, NCsoft, and Smilegate as well as 52-hour system. I also listened.

In the case of P2E games, it has emerged as a global trend as well as in Korea, but in Korea, the Game Water Management Committee has not been classified as a law on the game industry promotion. Domestic companies that enter the global P2E game market are talking to the government to allow P2E games to allow P2E games in the domestic market.

The picture of the “Pokemon” fanmaid FPS, which brings a lottery, deletes by the right holders claim-radical content that shots Pokemon

It turned out that most of the game images of Pokémon First-Person Shooter that Dragon, Person Developer posted by DRAGON, was deleted by the claims from Pokémon Corporation.

The video is The player shoots Pokémon with a modern gunfire and the Pokémon to be bull aged will fall off blood splashes. I called a big response after being posted on January 17, 2022.

But then most of the video posted to Twitter and YouTube is deleted by the claim of right holder. DRAGON’s part of Mr. DRAGON has also been suspended, and it is only the REDDIT forum that you can check the current video.

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