The STeam version “getsufumaden: Undying Moon” released from Konami on February 17, but the next version V1.1.0 beta test, which is the next version from March 17 to the end of April.. At the moment, it is undecided for the end of this test, and it is said that an announcement will be conducted separately as soon as it is determined.

“Getsufumaden: Undying Moon” was a 2D horizontal scroll action using the Worldwise World World of Launched from Konami for FC in 1987, and the main character Hold the scales to go to hell while kicking down the envy and sashimi.

“Moon-style magic”, which should also be said to be original, is characterized by a world view of the Japanese-style taste, such as the shurestro, treasure, and candle, and this work that inherits the name of the same cooperation is also possible to associate weapons and Japanese martial arts such as swords and Japanese umbrellas. It is a work that extruded the Japanese style to the front, such as a battle that incorporates elements such as the beat.

In this beta test, elements that increase the degree of difficulty such as new enemies and traps, as well as the addition of new elements such as repair of actions and special attacks and implementation of new weapon species, also implemented elements such as new enemies and traps. It is upgraded to increase playability.

A Beautiful Action Roguelite LOADED With Style And Flavour! | GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon
In addition, in this beta test, all elements are unlocked for testing purposes, and there are different parts such as handover and storage location of save data. Please check here for details.