Pearl Abyss (CEO Hur Jin-young) will hold a special live broadcast on the Black Desert’s official YouTube to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the ‘Black Desert’ domestic direct service today (30th).

The Black Desert began its domestic direct service on May 30, 2019, and celebrated its 3rd anniversary today. In commemoration of this, the festival is underway inside the game. The 3rd Anniversary Live Broadcast “Prosecutor Dongrak” will be available at the Black Desert official YouTube and Twitch from 8 pm on the 30th. The broadcast consists of a black desert partner creator and a program that performs various recreation missions.

Black Desert's 6th Year Anniversary Live Stream!
In celebration of the third anniversary, the “Developer Commentary Video” was also released by Jang Je-seok and the head of the Game Design Division. Through the video, he announced that the hunting grounds of the Calpeon Elvia region will be updated with five, including ‘troll’, ‘saunil’, ‘giants’ and ‘hexse sanctuary’.

The new weapon, “God Eyed Weapon,” will also be introduced. ‘God Eyed Weapon’ is a new version of the black-star weapon, which can be switched from black star weapons and is assigned to acquire special ingredients necessary for conversion and reinforcement from Calpeon Elvia Hunting. In addition, a special bag, “Liana’s Collect Bag,” will be introduced.