Morgott The Omen King Boss Weapons/Spells - Morgott's Cursed Sword - Regal Omen Bairn - Elden Ring
Morgott, the king of the omen, is one of the main bosses-bosses that players will face Elden Ring. Although it is difficult to defeat it, players will be rewarded the memory of the king of the omen after the destruction of the enemy. Morgott is located in Elden Trene , and players will have to face him to move through the storyline. After the victory over the boss, you can use the memories of the omnation king in the following ways:

  • Purchase Damned Morot Sword (20,000 RUN)
  • Purchase Royal omen Bairn (5000 RUN)
  • Sell a memory for 30000 Rune

Visit Finger reader ENIA in Round table To buy these items. Players can also duplicate the memory in any of the unused walking mausoleums get both weapons.

The damned Morgott Sword can be improved with gloomy blacksmith stones, and it is one of the strongest types of weapons in the game. His unique skill CURSED-BLOOD SLICE allows players to rush forward to strike diagonally down. This is followed by a flame flash, and players can carry out an additional attack.

The sword also has a passive effect, causing an increase in blood loss every time it affects the enemy. Similarly, the REGAL OMEN BARN is a consumable object that can be used to call multiple ghosts. This item uses 50 FP to unleash these appeals, and is very effective when you are in the minority.

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