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18th Update, including Mu Ignance 2, Ice Snow Continent

Webzen (CEO Kim Tae-young) has launched a large-scale content update on its PC web game Mu Ignition2.

In the 18th update on the 11th, Webzen added the new PVP contents, the ice snow continent, and the character development content, ‘Soul’.

‘Ice Snow Continent’ is a battle royale-type content every Thursday and Sunday, 21:00 to 22:00. Through free matching between users during the event time, up to 30 people will participate in three pairs and the game begins under equal conditions regardless of equipment and items. At the end of the battlefield, it is possible to receive a daily ranking compensation according to the ‘Battlefield Point’ of each participant.

‘Soul’ is a development content that can be mounted by achieving the conditions that can enter the ice snow continent. A total of eight slots, such as deterioration, residency, thunder, forests, and ice, can increase the character’s combat power and various properties. In addition, each soul can collect ‘Chaos of Chaos’ and ‘Soul Soul Stone’ to proceed with the level up and level up. In particular, if you acquire the ‘Soul Strike’ option through fostering ‘Soul of the beginning’, the damage effect of 1.5 times in the battle is given.

Webzen has also updated the one-on-one PVP content ‘Lee Street Conflict’, which has been divided into qualifiers and finals since the 14th.

‘This conflict’ can be participated when three characters achieve level 1 with the Legion function. During the two-week qualifying round, you can win a winning point with a one-on-one confrontation with a random member. Depending on the point, the top 64 finals are squeezed and the finals will be held in the form of a two-day tournament. Participation in the ‘conflict’ can obtain the materials of ‘Lee Kye Equipment’ and ‘Core Core’, which can increase the character’s properties through compensation.


Webzen is also conducting various events with the 18th update of ‘Mu Ignition 2’.

First of all, you can enjoy the ‘new server event’ benefits until 31st. If you enter a new server this month during the event, it will support ‘Special Package’. ‘Special Package’ adds the benefits of character high-speed growth by consisting of items necessary for fostering ‘attribution diamonds’, ‘experience potions’ and ‘jewelry of blessing’.

In addition, all servers in ‘Mu Ignition 2’ will be held in the same period. Lucky boxes, which can be obtained up to four times a day per account, are given random among 22 items, including the Dark Soul Wolf Summoning Stone, the New Year’s Day, and the 100-Lord Dia. The same item can only be obtained up to 10 times, so users can receive a variety of luxury items.

For more information about the new update and various events of Webzen’s PC web game, Mu Ignition 2, can be found on the official website.

Soul Hackers 2: Added DLC

Atlus has published more details about Soul Hackers 2 and also the DLC, which will be readily available for the launch of the games.

Soul Hackers 2 DLC material:

Soul Hackers 2 will certainly be released on August 26 for the Next-Gen platforms PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | s and for PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well as PC.

  • _ Bonus Action sheet:The Lost Numbers-gives accessibility to an added action sheet that focuses on a brand-new adversary summoner, Nana, as well as a new dungeon with a dark employer.
  • _ Kostüm-& BGM-Paket _-Adds thematic attire for the entire army, battle BGM and also devices from Persona ™ 5, Personality ™ 5, Shin Megami Tensei ™ IV and even more.
  • _ Bonus-demon bundle _-Access to 8 magnificent devils, consisting of Tzitzimitl, Anahita, Armaiti, Zaou-Gongen, Nemissa, Mara, Masakado and also Satan.

* Booster Product Load -Boosts the regularity of objects that are decreased in struggles to earn play money, enhance and also provide values.
* Useful thing set + added difficulty -includes vital things for your trip and a really difficult game mode for enthusiastic players that are trying to find an interesting obstacle.

How to quickly increase the level in Roblox Demon Soul Simulator

Demon Soul Simulator stands next to other best anime games on Roblox, which uses the topics inspired by Demon Slayer. Explore the mysterious world around you, opening unique players, each of which is equipped with various skills to combat evil that threatens humanity. Gather the souls of crowds of demons to improve your players and replenish your collection of characters. As the level rises, you can expand your horizons in new areas and experience more actions. If you have problems to get there, do not worry! This is how you can increase the level as quickly as possible to continue your journey.

Tips for a quick increase in the level in Demon Soul Simulator

collect your souls

At first you want to collect so much soul as much as possible. Souls indicated by the badge of blue flame are used to buy more players, and without them you cannot increase the level. You can get them by going to the battlefields and struggle some kind of npc enemies . More complex enemies, whose names are highlighted in color, will give you more souls with victory. You can also find some souls in chests with treasures hidden around the map.

* Unlock players

As soon as you have a few souls, you can go to prayer platform and also unlock a little more players . In the first zone, they cost only 100 souls each. You want to try to open as much as possible to get the levels as quickly as possible.

Raising the level of players

To increase the level, it is necessary to unlock several belonging the same characters . As soon as you have it, any duplicates of the player will increase their level level or give them experience **. That’s why you want to collect as many shower as possible so that you can en masse of them to get them in order to get a chance to get copies that will help you increase the level!

Get Bonuses to experience

The aforementioned method is how you can quickly and effectively increase the level organically. However, if you want to get an even faster and easier process of increasing the level, you can get Experience increases This will help you in the future, but it can cost you robux .


Bag icon on the left side of the screen is store menu. You can click on it to find Exp X2 Gampass . This pass is 799 of reais , which can be a fair price, but it will never expire. This will give you double quantity Experience every time you combine duplicates together, you make a level more simple.

Crystals of experience

In the same way, you can press the Expcrystal tab in store and buy a little high-class clerk . These crystals give your players Experience without the need to fuse them and vary somewhere from from 25 to 8 999 reais , depending on the amount you want to buy. As soon as you buy them, open your archive of the characters and pay attention to the update button ** right below, expand next to the button. Here’s how you can use crystals to gain experience.

wheel of daily awards

You can also get Experience increases rotating of a remuneration wheel is located on the left side of the screen. This has the same effect as Gampass, but only temporary amplification . The most pleasant thing is that this is completely free . You can rotate the wheel every five hours to get a special reward.

Here are several ways to speed up the increase in the level in Demon Soul Simulator. Let us know if they worked for you and what level you managed to achieve, in the comments below!

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