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Warzone 2: Activision will not be cut with violence and makes it clear that the second part will be more gore

Since August 24, the players of Call of Duty: Warzone have welcomed season 5, which will conclude not only the Battle Royale, but also the FPS of Sledgehammer Games, Call of Duty: Vanguard.

However, despite the end of Warzone, we can see in the coming weeks a Battle Royale completely new through Call of Duty: Warzone 2 . Unfortunately, when writing these lines, everything is only rumors and speculation, but on September 15, we can witness the revelation of the latter. Don’t you want to wait 15 days to know more? There is no problem, we have enough to feed your curiosity through new information quite serious that informs about a game that is much more violent than the current Warzone .

Warzone 2 would not work with lace!

If all the information we have had so far has not yet been formalized by Infinity Ward, the following is more than concrete already that comes directly to the ESRB , the US organization responsible for classifying different video games in several criteria.

Thus, according to the ESRB, Call of Duty: Warzone 2 will be classified as Mature +17 in the United States, which is equivalent to a pegi 18 here in Europe, so far, nothing really surprising. Where things get more interesting is that we have confirmed the existence of DMZ that, therefore, seems to be real, and still, according to the ESRB, this mode would be more violent than ever, both graphic and verbally .

Here, unlike Call of Duty: Warzone, we should be dealing with a much more realistic Battle Royale, with skull explosions after a shotgun shot, decapitations or even dismemberment caused by grenade explosions.

If that has not been meant or specified, it is not clear if DMZ will be part of Call of Duty: Warzone 2, or if it will be integrated into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The line between the two seems almost non-existent, but we will know more about the Next September 15, when we will witness the revelation of the multiplayer mode and the revelation of Warzone 2 and Warzone Mobile.

All about the Fennec in Call of Duty Warzone, Season 4: Far from the goal, but very close to our hearts

Popularity is not everything, but tell the SMG or subfusil fennec (or TDI vector in real life) of Call of Duty Warz1. Season 4 has left it very, far from the goal, but that does not mean that it is a hilarious and very competent weapon.

This weapon is a symbol in other video games such as The Division, where it is the main weapon of the agents. As a fan, I wanted to see how this icon pays on the battlefield of Warzone . Then tell you everything you should know about her.


Fennec in Call of Duty Warzone: A gun to dance stuck

The subfusil or SMG Fennec is not among the most chosen in Warzone, as revealed by its numbers in Wzrankeds. It has a 0.22 pick rat, a K/D of 0.79 and a ratio of victories of 1.71. These figures are located in the middle of the most chosen weapons table.

We will pretend that we have not seen the tables and that we want to play with weapons that are not in the goal, but that they are competent. The FENNEC is a very fun choice for very close fighting. The configuration that I propose is lethal at short distances, with a lot of damage and Mobility .

* Bocacha :-

  • Canyon :-
    * Laser : 5 MW laser.
  • Look :-
    Cynate *: Without cylinder head.
    Acople : Mercenary front hilt.
    Loader /ammunition : Drum loaders of 40 bullets /–
    Rear handle *:-

This configuration (via Winghaven) is designed for to shoot hip and has as highlighted attributes the damage, cadence and mobility. A perfect weapon to disintegrate your enemies in closed spaces.

The 40 bullets fly from charger due to their high cadence, so try to aim well. Finally, use it as a complement for weapons such as NZ-41, Kg M40 and ZRG 20mm, for example.

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Modern Warfare 2: These are the new teams that will reach the most ambitious title in the franchise

From of October 28, players will finally have in their hands the long-awaited Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. On the occasion of the launch of their first images, the Infinity Ward developers held a private conference in the that the major to players and insiders (filtradors) of the medium were invited.


During this small meeting, the study revealed a lot of details about the content of Modern Warfare 2 (through Charlieintel), particularly lifting the veil on two new modes for multiplayer, but also on completely new equipment.

Modern Warfare 2 will be full of new teams

Always with the aim of even more intensifying the gameplay, Modern Warfare 2 will arrive with several new teams that will be very useful for our players. Among these, we will find:

The tactical chamber *, which was already present in Call of Duty: Ghosts, which can be launched by the players on a wall, and then take control of it and monitor where the enemies are. In addition, our agents will be able to have several of them, and when an enemy is in front of one of them, a small beep will sound.
The drilling load that will be dangerous for enemies. In fact, players can launch a drilling load on a wall, which will then throw multiple grenades on the other side. Small advantage: If you throw it to a vehicle, you will kill all the enemies inside.
DDOS (No, is not a DDOS attack), which will be a PEM device, will indicate to the players the presence of vehicles and equipment with which they can interact. This interaction will be nothing more than an electromagnetic pulse that will deactivate everything.
* The inflatable lure: It is an inflatable Kevlar mannequin that will be displayed as soon as an enemy passes and will be oriented towards said enemy. It will also work in the water.

All these new teams promise more interesting games than ever, and they will surely allow you to adopt a specific gameplay, much more tactical and perhaps less annoying than what we can have at the time at the vanguard or even Black Ops Cold War. There will be something for everyone.

Two new modes for Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

As we announced a few days ago, Call of Duty multiplayer: Modern Warfare 2 will have two completely new modes: Prisone Rescue and Knockout. Rescue of prisoners will test the nerves of the players, since a team will have to save two hostages at all costs, while the opposite team will have to eliminate the other players. Knockout will be a remix of the Skirmish mode, with the particularity of having a single life.

CALL OF DUTY WARZONE Disclave all the novelties of the seKing Kongon 3

Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard confirm the contents that will arrive during seKing Kongon 3, secret weapons . The thematic frame will begin next April 27 in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. A few weeks later, on May 11, the Operation Monarch event will be held, where King Kong and Godzilla will fight in the heart of Caldera. We tell you the most prominent elements for Battle Royale below.

SeKing Kongon 3 in Cod Warzone: The highlight

King Kong usual since the arrival of Caldera, players will notice new locations, such King Kong Dig Site . This excavation area shows huge skeletons of unknown animals, which serve King Kong coverage around a giant crane. It is located between the mine and the ruins, and it will be a specially relevant area in the search for equipment. In addition, three known points of interest will be updated: Runway, Peak and Lagoon. The minKing Kong under the boiler will be the scene of the new Gulag.

How to Find ANY Bundle in the Call of Duty Store | Best Warzone Skins

Four new weapons will arrive throughout the seKing Kongon. From the first day we will see the two included in the battle pKing Kongs. The first is the explorer rifle M1916 , which the study points out King Kong “the favorite for operators who prefer long-distance combat”. The second is about the King Kongsault rifle Nikita AVT , which in Vanguard will be the gun with the greatest cadence of its group. Later, the deck, body to body will come, and the H4 Blixen light machine gun.

Mateo Hernández will be the operator included in the battle pKing Kongs. King Kong part of the seKing Kongon reinforcements Iran arriving Florence Carter and Mysterious Kim Tae Young . All these content will mark a small update in the size of the game in console. From the editor they emphKing Kongize that the download of Warzone and Modern Warfare will be a little larger than usual, but that once the optimizations are reduced will be reduced. The PC version is outside this change in size.

Exploit of breaking game discovered in Cod: Warzone


Call of Duty: Warzone has been a crazy success over the four days that followed its launch. More than six million people connected to discover the latest version of Battle Royale at its exit, so it is not surprising that the players have fallen on a revolutionary feat during the first week. While your friends here in Cogconnected would never tolerate the use of tactics as harmful, we would be negligent if we did not tell you exactly what to do. You know, so you can not do it.

A user named Steve on YouTube posted a video detailing exactly how the teams were able to win games without ever shooting a single handle. This involves reviving your teammates after you have already been overwhelmed by gas. Once a teammate breaks down, you can resuscitate each other infinitely. As you can see in the video above, it’s easy to do and without clear lines, your enemies could never reach you.

It is important to note that this will require the “Tune-up” advantage because it increases the alarm time by 25%. It has been reported that you can do it without the advantage, but apparently, it has become much more difficult.

If you are looking to try it, it’s probably better to do it quickly. The feeling that is currently reigns is that it will be corrected in a few days. It would be very appreciated too, because a typical Warzone game makes me run thirty to sixty minutes, and survive until the end to find the last remaining team would make me want to return my coffee table.

Have you appreciated Warzone mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Do you have fun stories to tell your first days with the game? Soon in the comments section below and stay social by following us on Twitter.

Display – Deals: Spring

Ubisoft Store: Spring Sale | Ubisoft [NA]
Suitable for the spring time starts a new sale in the Ubisoft Store. From now on, Ubisoft runs the annual spring sale. There is up to 75% discount on participating games. So browsing in the Ubisoft Store, now saves up to 75% and also receives 15% discount with the code Fresh15 . * Ubisoft Call Spring Sale * Games under 10 euros * All Assassin’s Creed Offers * All Far Cry offers * All Watch Dogs Offers In addition, the Rainbow Six collector box is on offer again. This can be purchased in the sale by around 29% discounted for € 99.39. Among other things, the box includes a replica of Sledges Hammer, Tachanka Funkel Chibi and 3 Exclusive Art Prints.

Wow: Do not forget the Dark Moon Memory – Extra

Patch 9.2 is still relatively young and most WoW players are diligent I M New Zereth Morti S area and doing world quests or daily tasks there. In addition to the new resource, cosmic flux , which is needed for both the uphand of the legendaryes and for the production of animal set items, above all, collecting call is an important goal. Because The new faction of the enlightened offer you some great rewards – if you have reached the appropriate call level. Among them, for example, the presentation of the new legendary, but also the eternal reinforcing rune or the ability to enhance media convenient. And who is not on Player Power, on the wait two chic mounts and a coat of arms.

Although the developers have largely decoupled the strength of our characters from reputation and the like, but not completely. Thus, the call grind is less important than, for example, in Korthia, for Absolute Min-Maxer but still reason enough to do all the quests daily, and incidentally reduce one or the other rare.

More reputation thanks to the dark moon market

5 Reasons Why The Darkmoon Faire Is CORRUPTED By Old Gods!

If you are also one of the diligent call collectors, then you should not forget in the current week (until March 12, 2022) to pay a visit to the Dark Moon Memorial.

  • Because there you can enjoy the Buff Jippie daily! Pick up by which you get ten percent more call.

So from 125 reputation for a world quest will be directly 137.

To get the call buff, you only have to drive a round with the roller coaster or the carousel on the Dark Moon Map. Alternatively, you can also buy a dark moon cylinder for ten profitless of the Dark Moon Market Market. This has the same effect, but you can use it from anywhere and saves you the daily trip to the fair. Because the buff unfortunately holds only one hour. More than enough for the daily round in Zereth Mortis, but not long enough until the next day.

Does you belong to the diligent reputation collectors in Zereth Mortis or are you looking forward to that the grind is not really necessary and let the thing tackle much quieter? Or are you interested in mounts, runes and coat of arms anyway not the bean and you rather spends your time in other content?

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“Call of Duty” in fiscal 2023 is postponed? Instead of introducing new F2P titles of TREYARCH development … overseas report

Bloomberg reported information on the relationship between the “ Call of Duty series that the Activision was scheduled to be released 2023. It may have a big change in the style of introducing a new series of series almost every year.

According to the report, in light of the recent revenue of the series of works, some executives have come to think that some executives are considered to be too fast to release new work. The company’s latest settlement report has reported a decrease in the console and PC’s earnings, and the “Call of Duty” net reservation number has been highlighted. About such an articulation, the company’s management team thinks that the popularity of “ Call of Duty War Zone ” is affected by the “ Call of Duty War Zone “, which is offered with the title of the previous year and the basic free of charge. It is said that there is. A series of decisions is that the company’s acquisition by Microsoft is irrelevant.

EA, Blizzard, Bungie & WB Devs Demand Boycott! Sony Japan Rage, CDPR Stock Tanks 50% & Online Focus!
In addition, the latest series of series this year is mentioned in the report, and in addition to being released this fall, additional content is provided. In addition, it is planned to put online titles of F2P for this postponed hole filling, and this new title has been involved in the “ Black Ops ” series TREYARCH. There is no answer from Activision Blizzard for BLOOMBERG queries based on these information.

Although this information is provided from “detailed persons in the plan”, the media has previously reported that the Activision executive was considering the release of the series.

Fans want to see Clippy in Call of Duty Warzone

Phone call of Responsibility or Cod (in French The telephone call of obligation ) is a collection of first-person capturing video clip games on the battle. The first 3 opus take area during the 2nd Globe War, while the following episodes evolve in the direction of fictitious contemporary disputes, apart from Phone call of Obligation: World at Battle as well as Call of Obligation: WWII, launched respectively in 2008 and also 2017. The series has additionally developed a crucial e-sport scene on console variations, whose highlight is the Telephone call of Task Championship.


Along with all the comments that are in favor and against the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, there are some people who have taken advantage of the opportunity to make fun of the situation. Within this group we find all those who want to see Clippy in Call of Duty War zone . As you will remember, Clippy was Microsoft Office’s mascot that taught us to use programs such as Word and PowerPoint. In this way, some people have pointed out that this charismatic character must return, but now as an assistant for War zone . In this way, more people would have the opportunity to know how to play this Battle Royale. Obviously, This is just a mockery of the situation that is currently experienced in the video game industry , and not a true request, or at least not one that will come true. On related topics, here you can check the best memes that left us the purchase of Blizzard Activision. Via: Twitter

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