According to several sources, Ubisoft works on a new third-person shooter, which currently bears the name “Pathfinder” and is in a very early stage of development.

Anonymous images and videos are intended to show a graphic design in the style of the Battle-Royale Shooters Hyper Scape developed by Ubisoft Montreal.

Ubisoft Creating NEW THIRD PERSON GAME To Compete With FORTNITE!

In contrast to the Hyper Scape standing shortly before its attitude, “Pathfinder” is to set a PVPVE concept. From four players existing teams will be discontinued on a map and aim to achieve the center of them to compete against a Ki Boss.

On the way to the middle of the card, there are two large walls to overcome. Each wall has goals that can be broken. Which goals can be broken is different in each round, which leads to ever new paths and situations.

In addition to the walls and other players, the way to the center is paved with ever-increasing Ki opponents, through which players can improve their character and ascend in the level. With the playable characters, it should be heroes with unique skills.

In addition, “Pathfinder” should have a central node for players, similar to the Destiny-known Tower. From there it should be possible to use a shooting range, among other things, to enter the event area, to organize vehicle races and browse the shop.