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Alert! New Facebook Hackers Spreading Illegal Content – Beware of the Dangerous Facebook!

The State Criminal Police Office warns of new hackers: First the Facebook profiles are hacked, then they spread illegal content about it.
Dortmund-The State Criminal Police Office (LKA) Lower Saxony has been watching a new Hacker mesh on Facebook for months.
First you try to get the access data for the Facebook accounts through so-called phishing.
After that, the perpetrators then distribute forbidden content via these profiles.
If you are affected, you should report this immediately-otherwise the investigators could soon be on your own front door.

LKA warns of new phenomenon on Facebook: Those affected have no control over their account

For several months, the cases have been increasing using Facebook in the spread of children’s pornographic material, LKA Lower Saxony says.
Therefore, they now warn Facebook users of this new phenomenon.
After the perpetrators have gained access to the Facebook account through hacking or phishing emails, the following happens: Child pornographic content is spread over the account.
On the other hand, you are completely powerless.
Once adopted, access to your own account is no longer possible for the owner, T-Online writes.
Even the content posted by the hackers cannot therefore be deleted.

Facebook users threaten criminal complaint: Those affected have to calculate

If illegal content is posted on Facebook, the group blocks the account.
The content is first forwarded to the Federal Criminal Police Office and then to the responsible state criminal office (more digital news at ).
There, the first investigations for possession or distribution of children’s or youth pornography are initially managed against the respective Facebook account holder, explains the LKA Lower Saxony in a press release.
If it turns out that the account owner became the victim of a hacking attack, the investigation can still change.


Not only your own social media accounts can be affected by hacker attacks, but also your own Wi-Fi.
The risk can be hacked with little effort, but simply reduce.

Police advises: This is how you can protect yourself from hacker attacks and protect their consequences

Those who follow these three things not only minimize the risk of being hacked.
A criminal complaint can also be avoided.
How to set up a two-factor authentication on Facebook can be found in the settings under Protection and safety of your account.
If the function is activated, you get an additional code for logging into the account.
Rubric list picture: © Jakub Korzybski / Imago

New Comment Function Launched on Online: Get the Latest Features & Answers to Your Questions

Over 5000 contributions from them reach us every day.
While numerous portals have actually stopped their remark functions in the last few years, we are encouraged that important and positive conversations on the existing issues are elementary for a working democracy.
Therefore, we go a various path and more expand this location.
So that you can exchange concepts with us even quicker and more intensively in the future, we redesign the remark area:
On February 8th we replace the old system and begin the brand-new remark function.
A brand-new registration is not required.
As usual, you can visit and comment with your old data-and this all the time.

Here we respond to further important concerns

What changes for you?
We wish to accelerate the exchange of views.
We ensure that your remarks will appear even quicker under our short articles in the future.
In addition, you now have the opportunity to react straight to answers in your own conversation.
The conversations are much better bundled and at the same time clearer.
Can I continue to use my old account?
As usual, you can comment and sign up with your old information (e-mail address and password).
A brand-new registration is not needed.
What takes place to the old remarks and my previous profile page?
Unfortunately we can not take the old remarks into the new system.
We will also no longer deal profile pages in the previous form from February 8th.
Instead, you will find all your brand-new posts in a separate section beside the remark field.
Do I need to offer my real name?
When opening a brand-new account, please use your complete pre-name.
With this we wish to make sure that members of our community stand up to your viewpoint and ensure the quality of the contributions.


Labels, abbreviations and pseudonyms are still not permitted.
Do the remarks change?
Our netiquette remains untouched by the modifications.
We continue to ensure that the diversity of viewpoint, but likewise the great tone, remain in the conversation.
There is no space for Has speech in our remark location.
Users who roughly breach the rules are obstructed without factors.
How numerous characters are readily available to me for my contribution?
Your remark should not surpass 800 characters.
Experience has shown that succinct and brief posts in specific improve the discussion.
The text should also not extend over several comments to prevent the indication restriction.
I have forgotten my password.
What can I do?
Please click on the matching link in the registration window.
(You can likewise find the link in your account: click on the leading right) or on top right of the button with your initials and pick the menu point ‘My account.
There you get to the Change password button.

In both cases, a link will be sent out to you by email, by means of which you can re-award your password.
My question has actually not yet been addressed.
Whom can I get in touch with?
With issues with the registration, please contact: [email protected]
If you have any further questions, even in regard to material, our user service will be pleased to assist you: Redaktion@

Retur the Lía Digital: These 3 brand-new games are seen in rumor and also are not the only good information

Below we have one of one of the most attractive games that you can discover today. The Plucky Squire trailer obtains that with every secondly that passes, you want to play with even more wish to this precious action journey that begins in the pages of a kids The desktop of an area for children. A visually fascinating proposal that leaves us needing to know a lot more regarding their difficulties, which for currently we understand will incorporate the 2D and 3D activity, with puzzles, boxing fighting, exploration with jetpack and numerous miniguegos. It will certainly premiere on computer in 2023.

So impressive in its hosting that we couldn’t stop checking out the display. Returning Digital proceeds to demonstrate its good eye when hunting independent growths with this skate story, a skating video game where to do all kinds of aerial balancings with a caution: we will have to travel with the ashes as well as the smoke of the underworld while we embark on a mission evidently impossible. In this method, not just does it need to be the very best on the skate, yet likewise leading finishing with all kinds of satanic forces as well as saving various other tortured hearts. It will certainly be offered on PC in 2023.

The back digital occasions are nonsense, yes, yet it costs not to have enjoyable with the crazy stories that your stars tell. That beyond unreasonable wit, you constantly locate a great handful of games that are worth directing on your checklist of the most preferred, and also in this 2022 occasion there are lots of candidates to cover that list.

In just 25 minutes the editor has actually put on the table 3 new games that is worth complying with close , although unfortunately they go to 2023.

The back digital events are nonsense, yes, however it costs not to have fun with the crazy stories that your actors inform. The very best? That beyond silly wit, you constantly locate a good handful of games that are worth pointing on your checklist of one of the most wanted, and also in this 2022 event there are lots of prospects to cover that listing.

In simply 25 minutes the editor has placed on the table 3 new games that is worth complying with close , although however they most likely to 2023. It stands out, yes, that one of the most expected games to return Digital this occasion has actually been shed. We speak, naturally, of Go back to Monkey Island, which might be seen on the Pc gaming Program computer that is commemorated in a few days.

State a vivid actors of anthropomorphic enemies. Temper Foot has actually been one more of the fantastic ads events of returning Display, calling us interest not just for its visuals area and also increased rhythm, however, for how fun it seems to make its method kicking doors and butts with the delirious drain city in which this shooter takes place. Care the suburb, the sewage and the skyscrapers while you get brand-new weapons, unlock sneakers and also enhance your powers of entirely absurd ways at the exact same time as terrific from 2023 in, for the minute, PC.


While we have already seen several trailers of the video game, Cult of the Lamb proceeds to shock us with the particular shade and also layout of this proposal where we are challenged to play a lamb possessed, saved from annihilation by an unknown threatening, which need to Arrange a sect to save their financial debt by ruining the infidels along the road. On top of that, excellent information: the video game already has a launch date. Particularly, its best on computer, PlayStation, Xbox and also Change is anticipated on August 11.

That is already working on E3 2023

Although everything seems to be against him, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), does not give up with E3. Today it was announced that the digital edition of this event for 2022 has been canceled. This marks the second year in which this fair for the videogame industry simply will not be carried out. However, the organizers are already thinking about 2023.

By means of a shared statement for several media, that has revealed that it is intended to carry out E3 2023 in a face-to-face and digital way at some point in the following year . This was what was commented about:

“We will dedicate all your energy and resources to offer an E3 physical and digital experience revitalized next summer. Regardless of what you enjoyed the exhibition floor or your favorite dives, the 2023 showcase will unite the community, the media and industry in a completely new format and an interactive experience. “

At the moment, exactly it is unknown to refer to that with a “completely new format”. While the pandemic can be partly responsible for the cancellation of this year, If the E3 2023 suffers from a similar destination, there will be no many excuses in that possibility.

Digital & Physical E3 2022 Event Officially Canceled: So What's Next? - IGN Now

On related topics, you can learn more about the cancellation of E3 2022 here. Similarly, Geoff Keighley announces a new Kickoff Live for Summer Game Fest.

Editor’s note:

E3 remains an extremely important event for the industry, and see that this year’s edition was canceled, it is quite sad. Hopefully, next year things will be different, and I can attend Los Angeles with the rest of the industry.

Unity Buy Weta the special effects company of Peter Jackson for 1 600 million dollars

Unity has purchased Wet Digital, the special effects company of Peter Jackson, for 1,625 million dollars.

The purchase of the New Zealand study, one of the leaders of its sector, seeks to accelerate our mission to give creators of content easy to use and high performance tools with which to give life to their vision, according to the company. There is no lack, of course, the necessary mention of the met averse in the Official Communication of Unity.

«Combining the industry leaders VFX tools and the technical talent of the incredible Wet team with the deep development and knowledge of Unity», it is read on the company s official blog, «We hope to offer tools that unlock the full potential of met averse ».

Are you also interested in topics related to Weta Digital Games?

Of course, this phrase has neither the slightest sense, a fact that is confirmed a little later in the same statement: Whatever it is or is going to be met averse, we believe that it will be created by content creators like you», it is read on the blog, where more details are given about the tools and technologies that Unity wins with this ambitious acquisition, which seems to respond to the expected increase in the demand for «Rich 3D content, interactive and attractive» that could bring this from met averse As it may, Wet will continue working on special effects for cinema and television, as before.

Unity Acquires Weta Digital - Official VFX Tools Sharing Announcement Trailer

Founded in 1993 by Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor and Jamie Selkirk, Wet is behind the special effects of a good handful of great productions of recent years, starting with Jackson s own films, which founded the company to take care of special effects of Creatures, in fact, although perhaps it is better known his work in The Lord of the Rings.

Last year, an investigation of the New Zealand media 1 News gave voice to dozens of Wet employees, who denounced sexism, homophobia and harassment suffered in the company. An independent investigation carried out by the company resulted in more than a hundred complaints for inappropriate behaviors and sexual harassment among the 1,500 Wet employees, who promised to make changes in its salary structure and its codes of conduct to avoid similar conflicts in the future.

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