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Television via Internet: now 50 percent cheaper Book and save a whopping 50 percent (to action) – to Sunday, April 24, 2022 at 23:59 You get all packages for half price.
The discount, however, only applies to the first six months.
Nonetheless, it can be saved in time 73.44 euros , if you decide for Perfect Plus with Netflix standard .
In the following we show you the differences between the three available packages.
After the six months, the subscription automatically extends to the regular price.

Depending on the package, the amount is then between 5.99 and 24.49 euros per month.
You can cancel but at any time or monthly – a minimum term is not.

for TV and streaming fans

Now 50 percent discount on six months secure 4K Stick mit WLAN verbinden und über das Internet fernsehen packages in the overview

WhatsApp Warning: Behind alleged feature is a virus

Using a fake Whatsapp-Mail, it creates cybercriminals of credentials on devices. How users can protect themselves.

Dortmund – The Instant Messenger WhatsApp * always brings new features and updates. There are also a wide variety of features at the app: Emojis, voice messages. WhatsApp Pay *, sharing the live location and much more.

There is also the possibility to use WhatsApp Web * in the browser or to test unpublished features in the beta version. Accordingly, it is hard to keep the overview, which is really from WhatsAppself and where data haven can be behind it. reports about it.

WhatsApp: Warning of dangerous e-mail – behind it is fraud

Currently, WhatsApp users should be very careful when delivering a mail from the messenger. Maybe this is not whatsapp, but a trap. In the mail a new function is touted.

But beware is required, by clicking the mail a Trojan virus can be installed and thus averse information and data are stolen from the device, as writes. Also a fake raffle is currently making the round * at WhatsApp and brings the data of users in danger.

Beware of this WhatsApp feature: A virus is installed

In the mail, the recipient is offered to hear a newly preserved voice message at WhatsApp * directly from the mail. With just one click, the message can be opened in the browser.

If this step is executed, you will be asked to confirm that you are not a robot. Exactly this step is the dangerous. When confirming this confirmation, a Trojan virus is installed on the mobile device (more Digital News * at fake Whatsapp-Mail *)

Since the surface looks like those of WhatsApp, this is misleading. Instead of a real function of WhatsApp *, this is a phishing mail. Using the Trojan, credentials stored in the browser are tapped and forwarded to cybercriminals.

There are always WhatsApp news reporting on such tricks. Last year, for example, a harmful virus spread directly via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp user attention: New function can steal through a virus data

Like Armorblox, an American security platform, writes, a research team on Mail Accounts of Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 could discover the phishing emails. Overall, there are at least almost 28,000 accounts that are affected.

Since the mail is sent by a valid domain, it can handle the security standards of the mail programs. The domain is called “Since we receive so many e-mails from service providers, our brain is trained to perform the actions required in it quickly.”

Armorblox therefore recommends be more careful. For example, the sender name, the send address, the language and all logical inconsistencies are respected in the e-mail. _ * is Wiefake Whatsapp-Mail part of the editorial network of ips.media_

Category list picture: © Christoph Dernbach / dpa

Telephoning abroad: change in roaming thanks to new EU

How to change roaming settings to International on an iD sim card
A few years ago, a call from abroad was really expensive. Since 2017, roaming fees are history and the EU wants to maintain.

Luxembourg (DPA) – Expensive charges for a call from abroad are still a thing of the past. The EU has extended the decision for another ten years. Calls, SMS messages and internet usage can make mobile customers in other EU countries without additional costs.

Telephoning abroad: EU extends free roaming in EU countries

This is made possible with an extension of the so-called roaming for which the EU countries have approved the path as they reported on Monday. The EU Parliament and the individual governments had agreed on the design of free roaming. After the deputies had already agreed, the official approval of the EU states was missing, so that the regulation becomes effective.

It enters into force on 1 July and releases the existing specifications. The roaming fees have been omitted since June 15, 2017 in the 27 EU States as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The agreement also provides for changes to existing rules. Thus, consumers abroad should always be available to the same quality of the services abroad whenever possible (more digital at years ago).

Telephoning abroad: roaming remains free – “success stories for consumers”

Ursula Pachl from the European Consumer Association BEUC said that one of the largest success stories for consumers in the EU with this expansion and improvement continues. Criticism, she expressed the fact that news and telephone calls between EU countries can still lead to high fees if they do not fall under the roaming scheme. This can be the case, for example, if you call a connection in another EU country with a mobile phone.

Nevertheless, consumers should be careful when using their smartph1. In order to avoid cost traps, you must pay attention to specific details.

WhatsApp: Voice messages get four new features with update

WhatsApp continues to change. With a new update, four long wishes are received on voice messages.

Germany – WhatsApp is now part of everyday life as for most of us. Forgetting are the times when you still had to pay for an SMS and to reduce torments for long news to get to a certain number of characters. But the messenger is constantly changing. A new update now brings four long-awaited functions.

WhatsApp: Mega update brings four new functions for voice messages

Faster, further, higher – the motto does not only apply to athletes, but apparently also for the makers of WhatsApp. For years, the most popular messenger has been constantly changed and magnificently improved to meet the needs of customers. For example, it was recently introduced that voice messages can be paused and continued. Even playback outside the chat is finally possible. And: Currently, WhatsApp tests so-called Quick-Reactions for messages in accordance with Telegram.

WhatsApp wants to make it easier for its users and users: Meanwhile, Messages even do not even tap more – voice news and dictation function. But that’s not enough: WhatsApp has now announced four new voice messages.

This includes, for example, the already existing way to listen to voice messages before sending them. Unnecessarily sent voice messages, where they do not understand because of loud background noise, then belong to the past (read more service news on messages Faster).

WhatsApp update in voice messages: Waveform diagram and acceleration function introduced

Also new: a visualization of the message as a waveform diagram with level rates. For example, certain places in the message can be easily retrieved.

The always fast-free time WhatsApp also opposes with two other innovations: First, the quick playback of forwarded messages should be introduced. Already now directly sent voice messages can be accelerated in the playback speed by one and a half or twice to save time. Soon the function should therefore come for forwarded messages.

New WhatsApp Update 2022: Meta goes on long-awaited wishes for voice messages

The fourth innovation should also look forward to many WhatsApp users and users: the Messenger service WhatsApp, which was last checked in Puncto Data Protection by Stiftung Warentest, also leads to the new update the possibility, only partially belonged messages just at the Last heard point to hear further when returning to the respective chat. Long searches in the voice news is therefore soon the past.

Some users and users can already look forward to the new features at WhatsApp. When exactly they will be available on all iPhones or Android smartphones, WhatsApp did not participate yet. The introduction of the features achievements “in the next weeks”.

WhatsApp Voice Waveform ???? New Update | WhatsApp Audio Waveform New Feature 2021 | WhatsApp Voice
Category list picture: © Michael Bihlmayer / Imago

This app is even more important than Covpass today today

A storm with wind speeds over 120 km / h attracts across Germany. This can be dangerous in many places. Especially in such situations weather warnapps like Nina, Katwarn and Warning weather are now required. They help you by notifying them as soon as an official warning is present at their whereabouts.

Nationwide is warned against hazardous plates such as thunderstorms, floods or large fires in the area. In addition, you get tips for emergencies. This allows them to react in good time in many cases and prepare themselves.


The warning app Nina was developed by the BBK. The name stands for “emergency information and news app”. The app is a dispensing channel of the satellite-based modular warning system, which, for example, also receive radio broadcasters official alerts, explains Michael Judex. The Covenant warns only for major national hazardous poses has provided the system to countries for their warning tasks.

For dangers from the area of ​​civil protection, for example storm or flood, the federal states are responsible and can independently issue warnings about Nina. The weather warnings gets Nina from the German Weather Service. In many federal states, Nina warns less large-scale dangers. For example, before defusing World War Bombs. Here are the responsibilities differently depending on the state. A map with the counties and cities that warn about their own control centers or the respective Ministry of the Interior in front of local dangers is available on the website of the BBK.

The category “Emergency Tips” users can also inform themselves about the correct behavior in an emergency in the app regardless of an acute risk.

  • Nina app: information and download the Android app at chip
  • Nina app: information and download the iPhone app at chip


The App Katwarn was developed by the Fraunhofer Institute Nina on behalf of public insurer. Like Nina, she has regionally different functions. Like Nina, Katwarn issues warnings of the German Weather Service nationwide. At nationwide dangers, users of Katwarn will receive in Hamburg, Berlin, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland. There are regional news for some counties and county-free cities. You are viewed on the Katwarn website.

One disadvantage is that users can specify next to their own location at most seven postal codes for which they want to be warned. That restricts the range strongly in large cities with many postcodes. In cooperation with the respective organizers, Katwarn offers topics subscriptions: For example, visitors to festivals or fairs are up-to-date with the event.

  • Katwarn app: Information and download the Android app at chip
  • Katwarn app: information and download the iPhone app at chip


Biwapp stands for “citizen-info and warning app”. Here is not only warned against major catastrophes, but also before school failures, in searches or traffic accidents. However, this only if the competent schools, offices or police authorities feed the app with the necessary information. Practical: The individual categories can be switched on and off. If you have no children, it is probably no matter if the school fails. In addition, users can discontinue an emergency call to police and fire department via the app. The app displays the current address and position.

  • Biwapp: Information and download the Android app at chip
  • BIWAPP: Information and download the iPhone app at chip

CDC Vaccine Card to EU Certificate Process

DWD Warning weather

Who only wants to be informed about the weather, meets with warning weather, the app of the German Weather Service, the right choice. This app warns, for example, with black ice or storm and informs detailed about the current weather in Germany.

All four apps are available for free for Android and iOS. But users should not make a mistake: leave alone on the app. “Generally, messages via app are just a puzzle piece with warnings,” says Silvia Darmstädter from the German Fire Brigade Association. They are never the sole warning agent, but only a meaningful addition to sirens, television and radio.

  • Warning weather: information and download the Android app at chip
  • Warning weather: information and download the iPhone app at chip

Weather in Germany – Power failures also affected in Bavaria – 10,000 people

EBay classified ads: Police warns of “Safe” function

Users of eBay classifieds should take care of eight. Scammers now even sign up via WhatsApp.

Dortmund – On eBay classifieds have been driving around for years of scammers. However, the stitches of the rip-off are becoming ever three, so that now the police warn against a special payment function, as Users * reports.

Fraud mesh on eBay classifieds: With this stitch, Schweller Zocken consumers

Buy second hand, is currently more popular than ever , it also knows . Now scammers are doing again their misrepresentation on eBay classifieds – this time with a new success idea.

This Is How the FBI Will Catch You on the Dark Web

According to, those affected are not contacted via the online classified advertising portal itself, but about the messenger-service WhatsApp. The mobile number for this will find the criminals in the respective sales profiles of their victims.

About the popular app send the rip-off messages in which you pretend great interest in the inserted products. You specify that you want to make the purchase via the payment method “Pay safely” by eBay classifieds *. As soon as the sellers agree to the option, the criminals send a link, but the users should not click on anyway.

Fraud on eBay classifieds prevent: Why sellers should not go on the deal

Namely, you should specify the data of the credit card via the link, but the money will never arrive – at least not with the seller. Instead, exploits from abroad and the victim makes great losses instead of a good deal in the worst case (more service news * at Users).

Therefore, consumers should be particularly careful and in alert. In order not to get into the catches of the scammers, but users of the portal can easily protect themselves with some tricks.

Fraud on eBay classifieds: How users can protect themselves in front of the nasty rip-off

Prior to the new stitches of supposed prospects, users can protect themselves by never clicking on by-shiped links. Also sensitive data should not be passed on to foreigners, because that can go wrong quickly.

In the past, the sales portal itself was also warned against vans . Now the police Berlin points out that eBay classifieds will not ask anyone to enter the credit card details. _ Users and are part of the editorial network of Stip.Media._

Category list picture: © Christoph Dernbach / dpa

Sparkasse creates two functions of the EC

Sparkasse customers beware: The credit institution just creates one of its many years of service. There is no alternative.

Germany – With around 50 million customers, the Sparkasse in Germany is the undisputed number one under the financial service providers. Much of these customers now has to set a huge changeover, because the savings bank will make two services permanently.

Sparkasse creates payment functions – millions of customers are affected by conversion

Specifically, the abolition of the two payment functions Money Card and Giro go, which were for years on the offer of the savings bank. Both functions belonged to the normal equipment of the Red Sparkasse Card. Already since July 1, 2020, no new cards are published with these functions more.

The Sparkasse itself informs on your website that existing savings bank cards with the mentioned functions in the coming years should be gradually replaced by new cards. By the end of 2024, the cards with cash card and Giro go function should be completely disappeared from the market. First of last year, another innovation had been announced with giro cards.

Money card and Giro go : Simple prepaid payment functions at the Sparkasse

As the reasons for the abolition of long-term services, the savings bank call changed market conditions. Both the payment function with the cash card and Giro go have been less used by customers in recent years. Meanwhile, the contactless payment with the savings bank card, paying by credit card or smartphone are much more popular.

Paying with the money card / giro go is only possible by prior charging by credit (prepaid). The function can be paid to the Giro card for the electronic wallet, with the smaller purchases of up to 25 euros quickly and without entering a PIN or signature of the receipt (more news about digital at bank).

What happens to the prepaid cards with existing credit?

With future savings bank cards, this feature will no longer be possible. What concretely means that no credit can be booked more on the map. The prepaid possibility is completely eliminated.

Customers who are currently still saving bank cards with cash card or Giro go feature can pay with it until the end of the validity of your cards. Maximum but only until December 31, 2024. Existing credit remains until then. In addition, however, the Sparkasse Card must be unloaded by 31 March 2025 at the latest.

No prepaid function More at the Sparkasse: Which alternatives have customers?

A new prepaid payment function no longer offers the savings bank after the abolition of both services. However, the company points out that the normal payment with the Sparkasse Card (debit from the account) is a fast and secure alternative to the cash card and Giro go.

Paying with the smartphone is also, especially in Corona times, another and above all hygienic method to pay shopping quickly and contactless. Until a purchase value of 50 euros, no PIN entry is necessary according to the savings bank.

By the way: If you prefer paying cash instead of card, you will increasingly get problems. Because in Germany there are always fewer ATMs. The reason for this is the digitization.

Category list image: © Julian Stratenschulte / DPA; Collage: bank

Just not in the garbage! 5 Clever continuation

A new phone must be in and out, but it makes no sense to easily throw the predecessors in the garbage. There is still a second or third life for many smartphones. What is often done: Many families hike by the different generations. If the parents left a cell phone, it will be reissued and then passed on to the children. Of course, you can also give it to friends or try to sell the outgoing mobile ph1. But sometimes a creative area of application is also available at home. We have five suggestions on how to convert your old ph1. 1. Smartphone as a TV remote control

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