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Comparison of duelsense controls Edge and Xbox Elite Series 2

This year something quite interesting was announced by PlayStation, a new control that is called Dual sense Edge , which promises to be a revolution for those who seek a lot of precision. Thus, some users wondered if it will be at Xbox Elite Series 2 , since they have almost similar characteristics.


In a general panorama, the Dual sense Edge includes adjustable trigger blocks on the back of the device, similar to the elite line . It means, that the travel distance of the triggers can be adjusted, which is useful for competitive shooters or when you want to minimize the dead zone in racing games. It also offers three trigger pulse positions that can be adjusted with a small switch next to each side.

For its part, it carries with it the internal battery of Dual sense and the USB-C support. Theoretically it would have a better battery life than the dual sense normal. In addition, the Pro model is a charger in the case. To that is added that Xbox continues to use conventional batteries.

A noticeable difference is that Xbox Elite Series 2 does not include a USB-C cable such as Dual sense Edge , but includes a wireless load base. You simply have to connect a USB-C cable on the back so that it is loaded in the case.

Both have customization options, but Dual sense Edge has the ability to replace memory modules, something that the controller Xbox elite does not offer.

The two controls come with removable levers. Xbox Elite Series 2 offers a set of six adjustable voltage joysticks: two standard, two classics, one high and one wide. The dual sense Edge will offer three types of tapas: standard, high dome and low dome.

As for the reallocation of buttons, Xbox Elite Series 2 offers three different ways of assigning, including one that requires going to the application accessories in Xbox . The Dual sense Edge , presents a user interface in the control, with a dedicated FN button that will allow adjusting the control configuration and other things such as the volume of the game.

Both have their pros and cons, but the final comparison should arrive this January 26 , what is when Sony launches their control.

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Editor’s note: It is a good idea to do this comparative task, not so much to know who is better, but to know what features they meet what the user is looking for. So that in the end he opts for one of the two options.

“SNIPER ELITE 5” Japanese package version is PLAYSTATION (R) 4, PLAYSTATION (R) 5 on May 262, 2012, January 26, 2022, scheduled reservation reception start from March 25, 2012

Game Source Entertainment (Hong Kong, Below GSE) has been released on “Sniper Elite 5” Japanese Package version developed by Rebellion on May 26, 2022, 2022 3 It announced that you started reservations from 25th May.

Game Source Entertainment (Hong Kong, Below GSE) has been released on “Sniper Elite 5” Japanese Package version developed by Rebellion on May 26, 2022, 2022 3 We will announce that you start accepting reservations from 25th May.

This time, we will introduce the release of the new trailer and the reservation benefits.

One of the most successful independent studios in the world announced that “Sniper Elite 5” will be released at the same time on May 26, 2012, 2022.

In commemoration of this presentation, a new trailer of “Sniper Elite 5” has been released.

The new trailer introduces the details of the story of “Sniper Elite 5” and the major characters to appear.

Elite Sniper Karl Fairburn discovers Nazis’s Conspiracy, Code Name “Klaken Operation” that changes the flow of World War II. Karl Must be able to collect information about plans by making full use of all skills. And he challenges the battle between the guardian of the Axis country, the leader of this plan.

# About reservation benefits

Sniper Elite 5: Everything We Know So Far
“SNIPER ELITE 5” reservations for players, “Target is a general: Wolf Mountain Campaign Mission”.

The player will infiltrate the Hitler’s secret base in Bavarian Alps and Berghof. There is a good way of escorting a heavy armor. Make full use of the eye of the sniper and collect a number of collection items. This mission is to defeat the president in the most imaginated way as possible.

In addition, “P. 1938 quiet pistol” will also be presented to the player who reserves the Deluxe Edition. This handgun that was a German Defense Force Prototype (Prototype) will be a necessity of the secret operation.

# About Deluxe Edition

“Sniper Elite 5” Deluxe Edition is included with a season path in addition to reservation benefits. This allows the player to participate in two campaigns expanded with a vast map after release, and armed with the extended real second World War I World War I World War I World War II, customize sniper with new character packs and weapon skins It becomes possible.

The season path contains the following contents.

Two Campaign Mission 2 Weapons Skin Pack · Two Character Skin Packs · Six Weapon Packs

“SNIPER ELITE 5” is launched in the whole world on May 26, 2012. This work has a full campaign with two online cooperative play, and you can taste deep immersion at the location reproduced by photogrametry.

Online, the new function “Intrusion Mode” allows the player to participate in each other’s campaign and get high rewards as a sniper in Axis countries. This makes the game intense drama and enemy diversity faced with the battlefield to be realized at a totally new dimension.

In addition, hostile multiplayer, which consists of 16 players, can play in various game modes.

■ Title: SNIPER ELITE 5 ■ Corresponding model: PlayStation (R) 4, PlayStation (R) 5 ■ Price (Standard Edition): 8,470 yen (tax-included) (Delax edition): 10,890 yen (tax included) ■ Genre: TPS ■ Number of players : 1 person ■ Displayed Language: Japanese, English ■ Release: Game Source Entertainment ■ Development: Rebellion ■ Cero: D ■ Rights Notation: (C) 2022 Rebellion. The Rebellion Name and Logo, The Sniper Elite Name and Logo and the Sniper Elite Eagle ARE TradeMarks of Rebellion and May Be Registered in Certain Countries. Published by Game Source Entertainment in Japan and asia. All rights reserved.

About # # Game Source Entertainment

Game Source Entertainment is an Asian seller and a distribution company based in Hong Kong. Until now, PLAYSTATION (R) 4, Nintendo Switch (TM), Xbox ONE and pre-generation console platform has been distributed through the distribution of package software translated into Chinese.

# # Game Source Entertainment and the detailed information on the product is this

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