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How to overcome Nidhogg in God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarök has many fearsome beasts and enemies that make up the nine kingdoms, but few can give Rates a fight as challenging as the protector of the world’s tree. While it is unfortunate that this fight has become, since it is part of an Odin trap, it is necessary to defeat this enemy to progress in the narrative. Here is everything you need to know how to overcome Nichols in God of War Ragnarök.

Nichols Boss Fight in God of War Ragnarök

You will end up fighting Nichols in the middle of the God of War Ragnarök while crossing Anaheim with Freya. When Rates and she finds the root (literally) of what keeps her trapped in Midgard, a fight begins with Yggdrasil’s defender. Up to this point, it is easily the most difficult fight you will have in the game, regardless of the level of difficulty.

Phrase 1

Nichols first begins the fight with half of his body leaving a tear of the kingdom. She has a total of 10 health bars and can distribute a serious effect area and melee attacks. The best way to inflict damage against her during this phase is to approach the swords of chaos and start balance.

As long as he is here, he will want to watch his hands, since he will move his left and then to the right in a sweeping movement to try to catch Rates. Just get out of the way with a circle to dodge or press L1 to block if there is a yellow circle around the attacker.

Once you fill the gray staggering bar, you can grab Nichols and get him out of his kingdom by pressing R3. This begins phase two of the fight.

Phase 2

When retired, Nichols immediately uses its story to try to launch a great AOE attack. To stop it, run and break its tail with the shield by pressing L1 twice. Then there will be a brief window in which you can attack your face while you are stunned.

Dodge the Bifrost stomp, at the same time that you avoid the purple area that stays a bit, and the bifrost slides out of the way when you see the red circle indicator in the hands of Nichols. Pepper in some attacks on your face when possible and repeat this whole process until you reduce your health four bars.

A small movie will be reproduced in which you will have to crush the circle, and then Freya will be free to help you in the fight. This is the beginning of phase three.


Phase 3

Nichols will wrap around a pillar and begin to execute several attacks with its tail that combines a melee and a bifrost beam. You must depart from the path of these attacks or cross them at the right time to prevent it from being single (is that a word?). After avoiding, you can make some attacks on your face for a small period of time.

Once he jumps from the pillar, Nichols absorbs some rubble using a vortex power that he has. When the red circle indicator appears around his mouth, prepare to dodge the rock that is about to fly, since you cannot protect it or stop it. This is where you and Freya can receive some attacks before it slips up a pillar again.

The second time on the pillar, Nichols is a little higher, and you need Freya to shoot him with his stealth arrows by pressing square. Once the arrows are instead, throw the ax with L2 + R1 to tear it down from the Polar. Attack when you touch the ground, and your health should be in half.

Nichols begins to launch a variation of all its previous attacks here, so follow the same steps mentioned above. At some point, he also adds body attacks of tears of the kingdom, which can only be dodged, and fires bifrost explosions that can be reflected towards it.


Eventually, you will make Nichols have three health bars, and she begins to become super aggressive, presenting a new explosive attack of her mouth that can only be dodged, a faster version of her bifrost tail attack on phase one, and in general faster. Melee attacks.

When you finally take her to her last health bar, press R3 to start a kinematics, and then you will only need to shoot a stealth arrow when you activate your vortex, throw the ax and then get your health until the end. Below to finish the fight.

That is all you need to know how to overcome Nichols in God of War Ragnarök.

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Recently, Dusk Gollem, famous Insider recognized for his premature information in horror series, said that several details about the history of god of War Ragnarok have begun to circulate in various Internet circles , such as Reddit and Resera.

Although at the moment there are no specific details, the Insider has indicated that he already saw the design of some most important mythological figures of the game, which will not be named to avoid ruining the experience of all those who wish to enjoy this adventure without any spoiler. However, is not ruled out for the possibility that this information will increase as we approach the launch of this delivery .


We remind you that God of War Ragnarok_ will arrive at PS4 and PS5 on November 9, 2022 . In related issues, it seems that the launch of this game has caused the delay of other titles. Similarly, there is already a synopsis for this delivery.

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