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The 14th Anniversary of Aika: Whats New?

PC online MMORPG Aka, which is serviced by Hanbitsoft, presented a large-scale new content update for its 14th anniversary.

Aka updated the new raid dungeon ‘Eurasia’ through regular inspection on December 15, 2022.
Eurasia is a raid dungeon that can be entered at the same time, and is designed with a structure in which a total of three strong boss monsters are sequentially defeated and cleared.

It is expected that the ‘reduction stone’ that can initialize the gear core of the conqueror or higher is expected to create a new desire for challenges.

The new gear core initialization system, which was newly introduced through the 14th anniversary update, is a content that provides opportunities to replace the gear core by initializing the gear core while maintaining the strengthening and magic grant options of the equipment.

Aka will pay the 14th anniversary new mount (vehicle) through a lottery among the users who played Eurasia Raid.
The new mounts are ‘St. Pear Sahara’ and ‘Nightmare Macapá’ and have options for creative and critical damage and PVP damage increase options.

Aka also holds a 14th anniversary jumping event to allow all users to adapt to the game quickly.
After the update, the Jumping Package Box will be provided to all new/dormant users who connect before January 19, 2023.
When opening the box, we will receive various items including rental equipment at the level 99 level 99 level SS rank unique.
In the same period, experience and honor score acquisition increase will also be applied to all channels.

Aka also introduced a new accessory transcendence system.
The default options and set options are strengthened while maintaining the magic grant option of the accessory during transcendence.
The material is required to be ‘transcendental gems’ and can be exchanged from the new raid dungeon or using fragments of glory.

In addition, the 14th anniversary accessories (rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces), which have a strong effect on EVE, were also released.
Each accessory has an option to increase monster damage useful for hunting, and when installing a set, power, agility, intelligence, physical strength, and mental strength can increase, and HP and MP recovery buffs can be received with a chance.

The 14th Anniversary Accessories can be obtained at the 14th Anniversary Event Store.
Users participate in various contents in the game and collect ’14th anniversary talents’ and can exchange new accessories, new mounts, and useful items on the event page.

In addition, Aka has opened a new season coin store 8, which allows you to acquire Class ‘Linear Costume’.
Users can use the seasonal coin store using the ‘Battlefield Honor’ collected by participating in PVP content.

An official of Hanbitsoft said, We have prepared the 14th anniversary new contents with the infinite gratitude to the users who are with Aka.
He said.

Aka has won three categories, including the Best Grand Prize in Korea in 2009, and is the key to large-scale PVP content that is constantly unfolding.

Users win the game as if they are in the game and run the game as if they run a real country.


For more information about events and games, you can find it on the official website of Habitat (

Wow! Quick Guide To Eranog nm And Hm, Raid Boss

If you’re planning on taking on the first boss of the raid, Rang, you’ll need to know what it’s capable of. This fast and easy guide will give you an overview of the fight and help you get ready for the tough battles ahead!

Add-ons and Wei specific for Rang.

As defined in our post dedicated to the very best RAID interface tools, we recommend to players from Bigwigs or DBM and to prepare an alert on the most important spells listed above.
Other specific tools can be beneficial according to your role.
For instance:.
No specific WA prior to the raid released on Wednesday, December 14.
So much for our Manager Rang guide, the very first fight of the raid the cellar of versions on wow.
Find all our raid guides however likewise our recommendations in MM+ on our Wow portal.

Discover our guide for the one in charge Rang in NM and HM, the first combat of the raid The Cave of Incarnations on Wow.
Life is to use you a fast guide concentrating on the mechanics of each role, in order to rapidly understand the battle and maintain it more quickly.
This is not a technique, your Raid Lead Sen will certainly occupy very well for you, however a more stupid thinking to revise before the battle.
Update: TO Monday, December 12.

Our guide for Eranog is a manager in 2 stages, consisting of a great deal of movements and apparition Adds.

The gamers will be fairly unbundled throughout the two stages, in order to facilitate the motions.
Numerous rebuffs will remain in resolve while a phase of DPS focus and AOE damage on the raid will be anticipated in P2.

The first stage

The manager will set off on several players, which reveals a persistent lava location in addition to an ADD per player.

Place these areas near the boss (represented by orange circles on our diagram) so that the adds can be rapidly cleave.
Includes can be CC that they follow a gamer (not Aggro).
As soon as the adds are eliminated, in charge will need to be transferred to prevent remaining too near the lava locations.
In addition, thanks to howl, Rang will routinely place a dowry which is combined on the players but which can be dispelled by the Heals.
In addition, in charge will utilize Cleave which is an easily avoidable frontal strike because it is enough to relocate to levitate.
Lastly, Rang will position injury, a cumulative rebuff on the tank, forcing the two tanks to frequently dry the manager.
When Rang reaches 100 energy, the phase ends.

The 2nd phase

In charge transfers to the center and channels for a couple of seconds.
Throughout this minute, adds appear around the room, having a bond of fire in between them.
They converge in the center (the fire link eliminates the players), it will be enough to score an add and the focus to cross the members of the raid.
The manager will return to the tank and the P1 will resume as soon as Land died.

The battle according to the various functions

We sum up here our advice and the aspects to bear in mind according to your function, like that no need to read 500 lines to see that you simply have to DPS and dedicate 2 flame areas!

for tanks

  • Location in charge towards texted from the large circle to the ground and move it to follow this large circle on the ground (as on our diagram above).
  • As quickly as includes appear, place the boss close by so that the DPS can clear.


  • A TAUNT swap takes place approximately every 5-6 injury rebuffs.
  • Includes can not be tanked.
  • In P2, it is more crucial than you stay alive instead of Taller DPS Land in Focus, do not take threats (specifically in NM).

for DPS.

  • If you have the Rebuff Faille, relocation immediately near the one in charge (not against, however a few meters behind) to make your adds appear.
  • If you have a Stun, utilize it when the adds (s) begin to seal the one in charge.
  • Immediately leave the lava location when you lose the Rebuff linked to Faille, Land you will follow you will just go to the one in charge so that Land Sen techniques.
  • Do not think twice to utilize a magic immunity spell if you have the dowry growl.
    If you are a minimum of Repack, The strike is an easy spell to prevent.
  • In P2, it is extremely essential to Focus Land marked by your raid cause quickly put you to the.
  • If the DPS of your group is limited, save some CDs for the P2.

for the Heals.

  • Players going through flaw might take heavy damage to the lava is not mindful to lava.
  • Adds can not be teased, see the lives of players targeted by an ADD.
  • The accumulates stacks connected to groan will be the primary source of deaths, focus and consider routinely dispel gamers with the most stacks before the next cast of howling.
  • A Mass Dispel allows you to rapidly remove the starting starts.
  • Plan CDs from Heal with each yawning cast, particularly when the boss will climb up 100 energies.
  • The P2 is a lot of damage on the group, immediately place yourself towards the center of the space so that you can heal the raid using your CDs instead of having to back up at the last minute when seeing the circle closing on you.

Differences between NM and HM.

In addition to the points of life and the damage, the differences in between the typical version (NM) and the brave variation (HM) are:.
Courage in P1 of the spell points by Rang, the gamers need to take note of the areas where the peaks will appear.
In addition, the ideas persist till the howling of howling, which will blow up the points, inflicting damage to the nearby gamers.

WoW Patch 9.2.5: Ruhmstufen

Although WOW: Shadowlands already much twink-friendly is than most extensions in the past, there are still some stumbling blocks that make players struggling. One of them is undoubtedly the system of glory levels . These must be able to build up by twinks first until they really can play their full potential in the endgame. Although there is the honor badge of the mediator , but that saves only the first 40 out of 80 stages.

HUGE Changes in Patch 9.2.5 - Purchase Raid Gear FROM A VENDOR And Upgrade It!

Lowgers, on the other hand, must endlessly have long grapen until they have the glory levels so high that they can hold halfway. This is particularly bitter, as it is still unclear, with what chance you get in which content is glaming – from some quests.

WOW patch 9.2.5 makes a lot easier

In probably last relevant update for WoW: Shadowlands not only comes to the softening of the faction boundaries on us , but we also get a big batzen on simplifications – especially for twinks and latecomers. This includes a change in the glory levels.

  • The honor badge The mediator increases your glory level at level 60 (previously 40).
  • The preservation of glory levels is accelerated until level 60 (previously 48).
    • The following activities now give 100 percent a glory: **
    • Mythical and mythical-plus dungeons
    • Torghast Level 9 to 16
    • Defeating a Shadowlands Raid Boss
    • Win a realized battlefield

You come with patch 9.2.5 so much faster to the coveted glory levels and, in the eyes of many players even more important, know exactly what activities you can guarantee a further level can be saused. Because in this regard, there have been some crude theories and much dangerous half knowledge in the past again and again.

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