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In Bugs we travel to the island of Checksum to expose their secrets and to examine the strange disappearance of a traveler.
What is unique on the island are the scrumptious combined creatures of insects and sugary foods that live here.
In order to advance with our investigation, we first need to make buddies with the residents and help them, which frequently means that we need to catch unique copies of the so-called bugs for them.
We have a variety of traps and bait with which we can catch the most mindful of the over a hundred species.
In addition to the stimulus of hunting, Bugs is mainly the slope humor.
Bugs rather of EUR 21.99 for EUR 10.99 in the PlayStation Store

frostpunk is a building game with a survival element in which human presence is threatened by a brand-new ice age.

You lead a group of survivors, strategy to develop up your city and to handle the limited resources that the barren environments need to offer.
You will always be provided with challenging choices.
For example, it might be advantageous to simply starve less productive members of your group, but this can hurt morality.
You are free to see if you want to look like an autocrat or friendly ruler, however you always need to keep in mind that being great to be not constantly leads to an excellent end.
Frost punk instead of EUR 29.99 for EUR 7.49 in the PlayStation Store

Spiritual: Goodbye Edition

In Spiritual we play the ferryboat woman Stella, whose task it is to promote the souls of the dead to the hereafter.
Prior to that, nevertheless, we need to assist you manage unfinished matters in order to release.
Until we have actually done this, the dead live on our ship and want to be accommodated and taken care of appropriately, however can likewise handle different tasks.
On the ship, the gameplay of Spiritual looks like a building video game or a life simulation such as Animal Crossing.
Let us develop one of the numerous islands to talk and gather resources to characters, it becomes a mixture of adventure and platformers.
Spiritual: Farewell Edition rather of EUR 24.99 for EUR 6.24 in the PlayStation Shop


The SOMA from the studio behind the horror hit Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a dark experience in the sci-fi scenario that takes you to a research basis on the seabed.
As in Amnesia, you will be hunted by overpowering beasts in locations, against which you can not defend yourself, however there are significantly less such horror sections.
Rather, more emphasis is positioned on checking out the environment as well as an amazing story and an oppressive atmosphere.
The latter asks the concern of the border between guy and device and offers plenty of philosophical depth.
SOMA rather of EUR 28.49 for EUR 4.27 in the PlayStation Shop

Kids of Mortal

In the Roguelike-RPG Kid of Mortal, we take control of the members of the Bergson family, whose job is to secure St. Mount Mortal.
This is threatened by all sorts of monsters such as Goblins, Rogers and giant spiders.
As usual in Rogue likes, we need to begin from the front after failure, but extensive progress mechanics and the activation of brand-new characters make sure that the inspiration is maintained in the long term.
In addition, Children of Mortal attaches terrific value to a complicated and exciting history than other representatives of the genre.

You can decisively influence the course of the story through your actions.
Children of Mortal instead of EUR 21.99 for EUR 6.59 in the PlayStation Store
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The PlayStation Store released a new sale in which you get PS4 and PS5 video games for less than EUR 15.
There are more than 800 offers in total, including some big AAA titles and even one or the other PlayStation exclusive hit.
The offers run up until 1 a.m. on February 16.
In this article we picked our ten highlights.
If you would rather dig through the offers yourself, you will find the introduction here:
PS Shop: PS4 & PS5 games for less than EUR 15 in the new sale

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

The Nathan Drake Collection is a brand-new edition of the very first 3 parts of the well-known Uncharted series, which were initially still published for PS3.
In addition to improvements in the graphic, the controls were likewise modernized and standardized, so that all three parts now play like a single source.
In the action adventures, you are searching for famous, historic treasures in the function of daredevil Nathan Drake all over the world, in the design of an Indiana Jones.
In the Amazon you walk in the footsteps of Sir Francis Drake or research study in the Arab desert to the sunken Atlantis.
Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection rather of EUR 19.99 for EUR 9.99 in the PlayStation Shop

Required for Speed Heat

Even if there is now a successor with Required for Speed Unbound, it is still worth capturing Requirement for Speed Heat, especially in the current offer with a 90 percent discount rate.
Both technically and with regard to the driving experience, the 2 racing video games are at eye level anyhow.
The I, which is significantly enhanced compared to older parts of the progress and the series system motivating by numerous tuning alternatives, can currently be found in Heat.
In addition, the division into official competitions throughout the day and in prohibited street races at night makes sure spirited range.
Required for Speed Heat rather of EUR 69.99 for EUR 6.99 in the PlayStation Shop

Local Evil 7

You need to certainly provide Citizen Evil 7 a chance if you have a bit of anything left.
This part modifications to the ridge-person point of view, it is much closer to the origins of the series in some ways than about part 5 and 6. As in the first video game, we check out a winding property in which news caries and risks hide in every space
could, and have to make do with limited ammo.
However likewise with titles such as Outlast and Amnesia, Citizen Evil 7 has a lot in typical and often confronts us with challengers that we can not beat, particularly with the members of the eerie Baker family who have all their own abilities and attributes.
Homeowner Evil 7 rather of EUR 19.99 for EUR 7.99 in the PlayStation Store

Mortal Shell Boosted Edition

Mortal Shell is an action role-playing game that is clearly based on good example such as Dark Souls both with regard to the requiring, melee-emphasized battles and concerning the dark art design.
But it also brings our own ideas with it: We play a supernatural being that does not endure much, however can slip into the remains of other warriors and in this method likewise takes control of their abilities.
This enables you to check out extremely various playing designs within one pass.
The Boosted Edition mostly has technical improvements for the PS5, for instance 4K resolution.
Mortal Shell Improved Edition instead of EUR 29.99 for EUR 10.49 in the PlayStation Shop

Kill the Spire

The indie hit Kill the Spire is a mix of roguelike and collective card game.


You roam a dungeon loaded with varied beasts.
In the round-based fights, each of your actions needs playing out a card from your deck.
Through success, you collect brand-new cards or boost old.
You can activate effective combos if you handle to enhance your deck wisely.
The range of opponents is so big that you have to adjust your strategy again and once again and get rid of weak points.
After death, you need to start once again at the start of the dungeon, however you unlock brand-new cards and characters that enable various methods of play.
Slay the Spire instead of EUR 24.99 for EUR 9.99 in the PlayStation Shop



It is an ode to the saga star wars or at least the first three and main trilogies. With Lego Star Wars – The Saga Skywalker (PS5 / PS4, Xbox Series / Xbox One, PC, Switch), the TT Games studio invites us to relive the key scenes of the nine movies! So we will cross the route of the young Luke Skywalker on Tatooine, Rey on Jakku, Master Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, but also from Dark Vador, Dark Maul or even the Emperor in person.

The adventure offers more than 300 playable characters and some planets to explore! A real tribute to the series initiated in 1977 by George Lucas. All at Lego sauce. Understand that, if the game resumes rather faithfully a whole series of cult moments, the tone remains humorous and gently crazy. One way to reach out to the youngest without proposing an adventure that is too serious and, in fine, a branch branch for this young audience. Repeated gags work well on kids and are also a good way to get smooth in this extremely dense Star Wars world.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga #1

As always in LEGO video games, we will go here a lot of time to run after bricks more or less hidden in areas more open than those of the majority of LEGO adventures (even if we remember notable exceptions like the ‘Excellent Lego City Undercover). If we have all the accompanying missions (not always exciting), there are hundreds of tasks here. In other words, the life of the game, if you want to collect all the characters, is huge. Online straight, a twenty hours is enough to go around the nine feature films revisited.

A relay passage between generations

However, TT Games remains on its achievements. We have to solve mini-puzzles here with different characters (one can have several heroes / heroines in his team and we then go from one to the other), fight against the forces of the Empire, men sands, etc. For the end face a few bosses that all remain very affordable. This Lego Star Wars The Saga Skywalker says its status as a family adventure by offering also, like all the last titles of the series, with two players to cross these very many levels.

It is a passage of relay between generations. Impossible for the greatest not to have the thrill when the first notes of John Williams melodies are heard. For yes, and it’s one of the forces of the game, the music are those of the saga! The younger ones will discover a crazy universe, funny situations (all the voices and texts are in French) and many options to adjust the game to their age and level.

This Lego Star Wars The Saga Skywalker is a golden opportunity to revise its classics between father / mother and son / daughter. Impossible after that not to want to (re) look at the famous Saga SF… The very necessarily with family.

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, Warner Bros Games, on Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

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