Between cars, garments, meals, premises, etc., it is likely that on more than one occasion you have problems problems in GTA online. Luckily, during the next few days you will have the opportunity of win for free $ 250,000 If you follow the steps we are going to move on to detail in the following guide.

How to get free $ 250,000 until April 13

Until next April, executives will walk in search of subordinates and henchmen, so it will be better than not length of their requests. More than anything because salaries for all those hired through SecueServ will be tripled during these days.

Only because of this should be an excuse more than enough, but in reality there is another more important reason. The question is that partners, escorts or members of a biker club will get an additional $ 250,000 for free, although for this it will be necessary to make a mission of sale of arms traffic , a mission of Nightclub Management * *, a mission of for sale of biker or a mission of sale of special merchandise **.

Once you can meet this task you must wait a period of 72 hours so that the amount of money of your bank increases considerably. In addition, you do not have to forget that if you are subscribed to Prime Gaming you will take another $ 100,000 more by linking your account with the Social Rockstar Games Club and connect them to the game during these days.

How To Get FREE Money In GTA 5 Online From Rockstar Games - Become A Millionaire FAST & EASY!

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