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27 titles starting from May 24 for PS PLUSs “Ubisoft+ Classics” -“FAR CRY” series and “Assassins Creed Valhalla”, etc.

Ubee Isoft has announced a subscription service for PS Plus “ Ubisoft+ Classics “.

The service will be introduced to PlayStation Plus on May 24, 2022, starting with 27 initial titles and will be 50 titles by the end of 2022.

27 titles are published on the official website as “Ubisoft+ Classics” compatible titles.

“Assassin’s Creed Valhalla”

“For Honor”


“Child of Light”

“Eagle Flight”

“Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon”

“Far Cry 3 Remaster”

“Far Cry 4”



“South Park: The Fractured But Whole”

“South Park: The Stick of Truth”

“Space Junkies”


“Starlink: Battle for Atlas”



“The Division”

“Trackmania Turbo”


“Trials Fusion”

“Trials of the Blood Dragon Game”

“Trials Rising”

“Valiant Hearts: The Great War”

“Watch Dogs”



“Ubisoft+ Classics” will be released on May 24, 2022 with the rights of PlayStation Plus EXTRA or Premium, and will be handled in Japan on June 2.

In addition, it has been announced that the flat -rate service “ Ubisoft+” will be introduced in PlayStation in the future.

“UBISOFT+” is a service that can play more than 100 titles and use monthly rewards. In addition to PCs, this service was available on STADIA and Amazon Luna, and in January 2022 it announced that Xbox would be available in the future. The timing of introduction to PlayStation is not clear.

At the time of these announcements, Chris Early, a senior vice president in charge of Ubisoft, says that Ubisoft+ Classics can provide a new way for PlayStation users to enjoy the console on the console. Ultimately, PlayStation users want to be able to use “Ubisoft+”.

Wonder Boy Collection: The incomplete compilation will be released on June 3

As announced from the start on the Amazon sheet of the game, it is on June 3 that Wonder Boy Collection will be available on PS4 and Switch at a price of 30 euros, finally confirmed the publisher inin Games.

This collection still includes Wonder Boy (1986), Wonder Boy in Monster Land (1987), Wonder Boy in Monster World (1991) and Monster World IV (1994), knowing that the latter was already offered as a bonus in the recent remake Wonder Boy : Asha in Monster World.

These four titles are announced faithful to the originals with simply some bonuses (filters, galleries) and a functionality of turning back which will undoubtedly be particularly contacted on the Wonder Boy of 1986, platform game pressed by the very different time of the following episodes which will bet more on adventure and exploration.

As for the two big absents that are Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair and Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap, we recall that they were put aside for another compilation, the Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection, which Stricly Limited Games sells you between 50 and 150 euros depending on the editions. Téma the size of the socket.

Wonder Boy Collection - Official Trailer

Wonder Boy Collection – Trailer Release date

A terrific influencer somehow makes it, for her tiny profile

The banner Corinna Kopf (Fortnite) was banned by Twitch, obviously there were problems with her account photo. The last time when head was banned, she was outraged to Facebook Gaming. This time she appears to take the spell conveniently. It wasn’t the very first time.

That is Corinna head?

  • Corinna Kopf is a streamer on Twitch with 834,400 fans: But she is best referred to as an influencer on Instagram (6.4 million followers) and Twitter (2.5 million followers): There she suches as to post photos of herself in swimwear.
  • In the video gaming you knew head in 2018 and 2019, particularly for their streams for the online shooter Fortnite. She disappeared from Twitch and also streams on Facebook gaming for years. For some time she was the girlfriend of among the largest Twitch banners ever, Turner “Tfue” Tenney, with which she was with each other throughout his Fortnite stage as well as in his streams.
  • Head has actually currently accumulated a 24-hour spell from Twitch.

_ Mimmer once more, big streamers are banned by Twitch: _

** Head was obviously banned from the system for her account image on Twitch. The profile image is only shown small on Twitch.

Head itself can not understand the spell, she says:

She herself was really caustic on Twitch, never ever did jacuzzi streams, putting on absolutely nothing. She thinks she haven’t also worn a swimsuit on her network.

When choosing what they banned individuals for, > Twitch is so picky. I can not also claim what I was banned for, but I see string swimwears all day. Does not make good sense for me, is really absolutely weird.

many thanks Twitch to secure children with microscopes

On Reddit you believe that nude women can be seen someplace behind-the-scenes, evidently on a poster wall. You can see the account photo that is regarding it (through

What is the problem? In Twitch’s e-mail, it states that it was banned in her channel profile.

A customer etched:

Give Thanks To God, Twitch, you protect all the young kids on the system. Among them certainly has a microscopic lense with which he might see 2 pixel breast.

What took place the last time she was banned? In December 2019 Kopf was currently banned by Twitch – she just loaded her things as well as had actually switched over to Facebook Gaming. It has just been on Twitch since March 2022 – it really did not take long till she noticed Twitch:

Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever (Traducida al Español) | video oficial

Twitch banned one of the greatest banners – it alters to Facebook

The streamer Corinna Kopf (Fortnite) was banned by Twitch, evidently there were issues with her profile photo. Head was obviously banned from the platform for her profile image on Twitch. > Twitch is so particular when choosing what they banned individuals for. ** In December 2019 Kopf was already banned by Twitch – she just packed her things and also had actually switched to Facebook Gaming. It has actually just been on Twitch because March 2022 – it didn’t take long until she saw Twitch:

The best PVP classes in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has 10 classes to choose from, each with their strengths and weaknesses. It may be difficult to choose the right class for your game style and succeed in PVP, here is a list of the best PVP classes to start with Elden Ring.

3 – Tramp

The tramp is a protective class with high energy, strength and dexterity , but overall a good scatter of statistics. Starting with a shield with a 100% decrease in physical damage the class surpasses counteraction to the guard by blocking the attack, and then immediately after a severe attack. In PVP, the tramp may succeed using colossal or great weapons Damage to tanks and ground attacks through hits. Focus on vigor and balance (balance increases with your armor) is the most important for the tramp.

  • Weapons: long sword, halberd, heating shield.
  • Armor: a set of a wandering knight
  • Spells: No.

2 – astrologer

Astrologer is one of the best starting classes for any script. Starting with high intelligence and mind and a little dexterity . The astrologer has the opportunity to focus exclusively on distant battle mage style of play or combine spells with dexterity weapons to be wipes blade style of play. In Elden Ring, you can find many spells that are excellent in PVP, for example the tops barrier, Loretta’s skill and an ambush fragment .

  • Weapons: a short sword, an astrologer’s staff, a sacred wooden shield.
  • Armor: a set of astrologer.

1 – Warrior

Warrior is an attacking class with the highest dexterity and hard energy , mind , Endurance and strength . This allows the warrior to freely create hand -to -hand assembly with any important characteristic. The warrior must focus on two -handed weapons of dexterity , like the initial yatagans, and add status effects to weapons. The use of condition effects such as blood loss or venom in PVP is very efficient to strain the enemy and quickly inflict damage.

  • Weapons: 2 yatagans, riveted wooden shield.
  • Armor: a hood made of blue fabric, a vest of blue fabric, a warrior mitte, a good soldier.

Elden Ring Warrior Class Guide - Dual Wield Build Guide
* Spells: No.

To learn more about Elden Ring leaders, read the best assemblies of faith in Elden Ring and the best assembly of the magician in Elden Ring.

Arpg Soulstice will come out in the fall, and now 11 minutes of gameplay

Modus Games Publishing House and DePly Game Studios developers reported that from the action-RPG Soulstice will be released on personal computers, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 of the fall of this year.

Soulstice - Official Combat Gameplay Overview
Along with this, an 11-minute video with the gameplay of the upcoming project was published, which shows how the brief sisters and Lut work together to destroy the enemies and salvation of Ilden.
The physical edition of the game will include a digital art book, a digital soundtrack, as well as DLC ashen Blade Item Pack with intra-game consumables and currency for the purchase of equipment.

It is rumored that Gears of War Remastered Collection will launch this year

A new rumor has suggested that Xbox could launch a new remastered package containing many Gears of War games of the past. This rumor is one that we really listen to in early 2022, but since then, no new information related to the collection has been disclosed. Now, it seems that Xbox could be on the verge of revealing this Gears of War package with the intention of throwing this fall.

The news of this possible Reaster of Gears of War comes from Nick Baker, who has been a reliable source of information (particularly with Xbox) in the past. In the last episode of the Xboxera podcast, Baker declared that he “believes” that this remastered collection of Gears of War will later launch this autumn. He also believes that the announcement of this remastering could occur in Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, which is scheduled for a little less than a month, on June 12.

Xbox Keeps On Rolling - Gears Of War Collection LEAKS, Halo Infinite Important Update, & MORE!
As for what this collection would really contain, well, that’s what remains to be seen. Baker himself has compared this remastering with halo: the collection of the master chief, which means that practically all the titles of Gears of War of the Xbox 360 era could be included here. Specifically, this would meanwarfalls_,War drafts 2_,warfalls 3_ andtrial drafts the war_.

It is worth emphasizing that, since it is a rumor, you must take everything exposed here with tweezers. As mentioned, Baker has been a solid source of information in the past on topics like this, but even he has openly affirmed that a remastering of Gears of War will arrive with certainty. As such, until Xbox makes this announcement official, I do not make illusions too high.

Would you be interested in visiting the Gears of War series at the end of this year if a remastered collection was finally launched? Share your own thoughts with me on this matter, either in comments or on Twitter at @Mooreman12.

The best Nintendo Switch accessories

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most versatile consoles ever out of the box. You can read it on a pocket computer, in office mode, connect it to your TV and use multiple controller configurations. A few years after its release, you might like to be able to configure your console even more to your taste. This is what these switch accessories are used for. Whether you want a new controller, a way to keep your console loaded when traveling or a way to keep it safe when you travel, our list of the best Nintendo Switch accessories have covered you.


Fastsnail handles Joy-Con

There is a lot to love on the Nintendo Switch, but playing with an individual joy is not part of it. Few games use this configuration, but it can be downright painful when they do. Joy-Con Fastsnail handles cannot repair the embarrassing placement of the joy-conit buttons, but they should at least prevent you from having cramps in hands trying to hold a dinky controller. They are also available in several colors, so you can have a set that corresponds to the joy-cons color you have.

8BitDo N30 Pro

The 8BITDO controller was designed to have an appearance and sensation similar to the original SNES gaming controller. The controller is perfect for retro games included with the switch. In addition to the nostalgia caused by this controller, it is also highly customizable. The controller includes buttons mapping, adjusting the analog controller and the start of trigger, and the creation of macros. The controller customization software is very simple to use but requires a PC. It can use disposable batteries but comes with a rechargeable battery.

Improved wireless manette Powera

No third -party controller corresponds perfectly to everything that the official switch controller has to offer, but the improved wireless controller Powera becomes quite close. It looks and feels close enough to the official controller so that you can hardly notice the difference, and comes with a motion control, as well as two programmable buttons that you can use discreetly to help you blow up your friends at Smash Bros. The only real drawback is that it does not include vibration return and works with AA batteries instead of being rechargeable. However, for $ 15 to $ 20 less than an owner check, it is worth it.


Steelseries Arctis 1

Arctis 1 is undoubtedly one of the best general games on the market. The helmet connects to the console via a wireless USB-C Dongle. The helmet is compatible with the console, you just need to connect the dongle to the switch and start playing. When you have finished playing on the switch, this helmet can be used on any console with a USB or USB-C port.

Steelseries Arctis 3

Another Steelseries helmet, this helmet is designed for the vocal chat. The Arctis 3 works via Bluetooth and 3.5 mm audio. The helmet is compatible with the switch and can be used with the Console companion application to facilitate multiplayer game. By connecting the helmet to your phone via Bluetooth and at the 3.5 mm audio output of the Switch, you can chat with your team in Splatoon while continuing to hear the sound of the game.

The BEST Nintendo Switch Accessories I Can't Live Without!


Compact Hori game support

Hori makes a lot of good Nintendo Switch accessories. This one is perfect for playing on a table for long periods. The Compact Hori game support allows you to load the switch while playing. The adjustable support has vision angles of 30, 50 and 60 degrees to hold the switch while you play. This is a significant upgrade of the low standard crutch of the console. The loading medium is suitable for travel, it can fall flat and be stored properly in most transport cases.

Joy-Con loading handle

Of course, the Nintendo Switch is already delivered with a controller attachment for your Joy-Cons, but it is worth exchanging it for it. Not only does the Joy-Con loading handle feel a little more robust than its original counterpart, but it also keeps your Joy-Cons loaded while you play.

Powera joy-con loading station and pro controller

There are many reception stations to load the Joy-Cons on the go, but not as much for the pro controller. The Powera Joy-Con and Pro Controller loading station, you covered on both fronts. This small support includes space to load two joy-cons and a pro control at the same time. Each charging station also has an LED that lights up red when loading and becomes green when your controller is ready to work.

Protective accessories

Orzly protection case

This case is ideal for players who use switch as a pocket computer. The Orzly protective case includes the entire console, including the Joy-Cons. The rigid case can protect your switch and its screen from any accidental damage that could happen to it. It is small enough for the console to be easily placed in the loading station and used with another screen. The biggest drawback of this case is that Joy-Con controllers do not slip so easily. You will have to remove the case to remove and use them alone or with other accessories. Although the case offers good screen protection in the form of a rather thick lip at the front, we recommend that you get a good screen protector like the one below.

AMFILM tempered glass screen protector

The switch has the largest and most beautiful screen ever designed on a portable console, but it only asks to be covered with stripes and fingerprints. The AMFILM tempered glass screen protector is a shield between the screen of your switch and the outside world. As it is made of tempered glass, it is also much more resistant than some other screen protectors.

Transport cases

RDS Game Traveler Deluxe system

When you want to take our switch on a trip, the RDS Game Traveler Deluxe system is an excellent compromise between size and storage space. It includes locations to store your console, two joy-cons, two microSD cards and eight games, as well as a separate compartment for various accessories. The rigid shell of this case will protect everything that is inside shocks, while the padded interior will prevent your screen from scratching. It even has a handle outside, which makes it easy to transport.

Travel protector case for Messenger Ivolver

It is an excellent case to keep all your accessories and games with the console when you travel. The Protective Travel Messenger Ivoller case is a little larger than some other cases on the market. The case includes locations for the switch, standard load support, controller and 18 game cartridges. It also has two additional slots on the side for all other accessories such as charging cables. The exterior of the case is a rigid Eva shell which protects from accidental shocks and falls while the slots prevent the items inside from hitting and raying. Although the case is a little larger than the others on the market, it is still quite small and can be easily transported as hand luggage or stored under a car seat.

Network adapter

LAN Internet HORI Internet adapter

The switch is far from the online multiplayer console of choice, but that does not mean that you must present poor network performance. Try to play Splatoon or Smash Bros. Via a wireless connection can transform the LAG into your greatest enemy. The Hori wired internet adapter solves this problem by allowing you to connect an ethernet cable to your switch. It may not be the most exciting accessory, but it could prevent you from shooting your hair when your Wi-Fi falls.

Extra storage

MicroSDXC Sandisk Ultra 128 GB

The Switch, like many consoles, does not have a lot of storage space for players who want large game libraries. Fortunately, it is quite easy to extend the storage space by simply adding a microSD card. Sandisk is well known for making some of the best storage cards on the market. The microSDXC SANDISK Ultra 128 GB card has fast transfer speeds, is anti -shock and waterproof, and is quite cheap.

_ Original article by Bryan Lawver, updated by Davy Davison_

This article includes affiliation links, which can provide a small compensation to gamepur.

The revelation of the 2022 efootball was a huge disappointment

After the release by Konami of “New Football Game Online Performance Test”, many fans around the world were worried. Not only seemed disappointing, but the slow gameplay also created a feeling of uncertainty among its followers. Due to the number of messages strewn throughout the game saying to the players that he was not representative of the final product, many rejected the demo. However, now that the complete revelation has fallen, has Konami appease concerns?

In short, no.

Free to play

Konami’s decision to go to a free-to-play model is courageous. For years, fans have asked for a basic game with DLC for season updates rather than publishing a full game with no change. Although EFOOTBAL 2021 promises to have regular updates, the lack of modes and elements “pay to win” will put many purists reject. Konami has tried free-to-play, by publishing “Lite” versions of PES which will most likely influence the new version. In the current version of Myclub, players can only win enough “gold coins” to buy one or two of the special players per week. To get the others, players can buy the game currency and receive higher level players, which gives them the advantage on the field. I understand that there must be a kind of monetization, but that is not what faithful fans wanted.


If it is a real new generation football game, why does it look like the previous versions exactly? Character models are good. The terrain looks good. Everything is fine but not great. After a two -year expectation, I expected something special that pushes technology in new consoles, however, Konami has just released the same old game.

Masters League

I know that many people prefer myclub, but with the exception of Master League, a basic element of the franchise will dissuade many players. With limited offline options and only a handful of teams, Konami has decided to keep this title centered online, which means that a larger part of the players will go online. Historically, the franchise has not managed this well, so I hope it has a better infrastructure in place that can manage demand.

Content updates

A promising aspect of Efootball 2022 is the content guarantee. Previously, there was only a limited number of challenges per week, which made myclub considerably lower than FIFA Ultimate Team. Now that the game is completely focused on mode, will we now see regular content updates and challenges that will force players to connect every day?

It was not the revelation I wanted or any other fan. Although this marks an important change in the franchise, it could be done at the expense of its fans base. The players have always flocked to the series due to the gameplay, however, with the revelation omitting clear details on the time and field and deciding to focus on other aspects, this has left a lot of deflated and disappointed people.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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Konami made the Worst game of the year | eFootball 2022
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New populations of world servers (May 2022) – list and current status

Comelec Presscon on 2022 National and Local Elections | May 9, 2022
The current amount of active The number of players in New World is about 21 thousand . 21k is a huge decline compared to what we initially saw when launch, and 70K, which we reported for the last time. But also, as in the previous report, it is worth noting that 21k is the total number, not the exact number. Currently, we have two ranges of numbers.

See the best game offers on Amazon reports around 19k as the total number of active players. Steamcharts reports a little larger number around 21k. Because of this, it seems that the exact number can be changed and is somewhere in the range from 19 to 21 thousand. The number will also fluctuate quite regularly, so it is difficult to determine the exact number.

However, one thing can be said for sure: since the launch of New World, the number of players is steadily falling. The decline can be confidently attributed to many problems with queues, mistakes in the game and Dubious choice of development . Because of this, it makes sense why the base of the players fell so much.

Current New World Server Populations

The New World server population is divided into several servers. As in the previous months, most players are on the central EU servers. In accordance with, the players currently currently in EU Central are about 11 thousand, which is very few compared to 43 thousand, which we reported for the last time.

Theoretically, this would make EU Central the most densely populated region of the New World, which indicates that more players from the EU plays the game. The remaining numbers and a complete list of New World servers see the table below.

* To learn more about New World, Pro Game Guides will provide you with an extensive and constantly expanding leadership catalog. *

Cod Warzone Operation Monarch: All secret challenges and rewards

Operation Monarch is currently in the go Call of Duty: War Zrea, and the event actually has a handful of secret challenges and rewards that players can earn by accomplishing certain services in the new time -limited mode. Operation Monarch is the Warzone monster-verse crossover event, which brings the legendary Titans Godzilla and King Kong for a special Battle Royale mode to Caldera.

As with most Warzone events, the players have a number of challenges available to complete these rewards such as calling cards, charms and more. If the players manage to master every challenge that the event has to offer, they receive the ancient rivalry Marksman Rifle Blueprint . However, activity has also teased Secret rewards “For the brave (or just recklessly).” Some players have already found some of them, so all secret operation monarch challenges that were previously discovered by Warzone players are here.

all secret challenges in the Warzone Operation Monarch Event

So far, Call of Duty: Warzone players have found 2 secret challenges in the Operation Monarch Playlist. You have to do the following to get these hidden rewards.

Add most damage during a Titan Frenzy: * Skull-crawler weapon trailer
1st place in the Operation Monarch LTM: * player title “Titanus Kong” and “Titanus Gojira”.

These are pretty usual things that will happen during the Operation Monarch Games, so that most players will stumble across these rewards without trying it at all. We will update this guide as soon as players discover further secret challenges.

How to get the Skull Crawler Weapon Charm

Titan Frzy events take place at the beginning of every game and at random points during the round. The players are notified in advance before they take place. During these events, Godzilla and Kong become vulnerable players on the map and attack. The players can either withdraw and wait for or attack the storm and try to suppress Godzilla and Kong by harming the titan. The squad, who causes the most damage to the titan pair, receives a scream device as a reward, and he also concludes a secret challenge that rewards a Skull Crawler weapon magic.

How to get Titanus Kong- and Titanus Gojira play title

These rewards come from a secret challenge that is very easy to master. All you have to do is win a round in the Operation Monarch playlist. There are only 60 players per round in the operation monarch mode, and players can use Godzilla and Kong by collecting monarch information and calling Titan Killstreaks during the game. The mode takes two weeks so that you can easily achieve at least one win beforehand to get these two players.

normal company monarch challenges & rewards

These are the 8 standard challenges for the Operation Monarch event in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Play Operation Monarch for 6 hours: * Epic “Anhenschädel” charm
Use a Kong or Godzilla Killstreak: Rarer “Ancient Remains” charm
Use a Kong or Godzilla Killstreak: Rarer “Monarch Eyes only” charm

SECRET OPERATION MONARCH CHALLENGES EASY GUIDE - Unlock more rewards, calling cards, emblems
Add Titanen 500,000 damage to: * Rare stickers “Concrete Jungle”.
Add a total of 135,000 damage to Titan Frenzy events: Legendary “Team Godzilla” emblem
add a total of 135,000 damage to Godzilla in Titan Frenzy Events: Legendary “Team Kong” emblem
Collect 3,000 monarch information: * Epic “Skyline Crasher” visa card
Place in the temporally limited mode of Operation Monarch twelve times among the top 15: * epic “One Will Fall” spray

When you complete all 8 of these challenges, the draft for the ancient rivalry rifle is activated as a bonus reward. This is a Blueprint for Marksman Rifle Bravo, also known as SVT-40.

How long does the Operation Monarch take?

The Operation Monarch event lasts two weeks and begins on Wednesday, May 11th, and ends on Wednesday, May 25th. The time-limited mode will be available throughout the event, so you don’t have to worry about participating in a live event below. However, the free rewards and challenges are only available during these two weeks. So make sure you get all the desired rewards before you are gone forever.

Call of Duty: Warzone is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Attack of the fanboy / captain / Cod Warzone Operation Monarch: All secret challenges and rewards

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