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Valheims Mistlands Update: Weapons, Armor And Resources Guide

The update of Balsams Mist lands added a lot of new items, including weapons, armor and new resources, but one of the less known additions is the ballista.
However, it is difficult to build a ballista in Latham, since you need to collect hard-to-reach resources and create certain items.

How to make a ballista in Latham

To make a ballista in Latham, you will need 10.
Black-metal, 10.
Yggdrasil wood three mechanical springs.
In addition to the requirements for resources, you will need one workbench located nearby.
Here you can find all the necessary resources for the ballasts listed below:
How to make black metal-to make Black Metal in Latham, you must first assemble the Black Metal Scrap.
You can get Black Metal by killing goblin-like enemies in the plain biome.
These enemies are called Rulings you can find them wandering around or inside the Full and Village.
After you get Black Metal Scrap, you can turn it into Black Metal by throwing it into a domain furnace.
How to make mechanical springs-to make mechanical springs, you will first need a craftsman table.

If you already have an Artisan table, you can make springs using one cleaned at and three iron ingots.
Where to find the forest Iggdrasil-to find and collect the Yggdrasil forest, you must go to the foggy lands.
Inside the boom of foggy lands, you can collect the wood of Yggdrasil by cutting down the shoots of Yggdrasil.
The shoots of Yggdrasil grow high on the rocks and often near the ancient luminous roots.

How to use a ballista in Latham

By creating a ballista in Latham, players can use it as a protective turret to destroy enemies next to their base.
However, players should place the ballista only in the region, they will not pass.
In short, Ballista is aimed at both players and hostile/neugustful mobs.
We recommend placing the ballista behind the walls and make an alternative entrance so as not to fall under the bolts of ballista.
You must also make bolts from black metal ballista and load them into ballasts before you can use ballasts to protect your base.

How to place a ballista in Latham

It is simple to place a ballista in Latham, like most objects in the game.


In short, you need a hammer installed on your hot bar, and click with a hammer in your hand with the right mouse button to open the assembly menu.
Having opened the assembly menu, find the ballista to the Miscellaneous tab.
In the Miscellaneous section, find the ballista, select it, and then click with the left mouse button to put it on the ground.
To find out more about Latham, we at the Pro Game Guides provided you with such guidelines as how to improve the boiler in Valheim-all the requirements for update, explanation and what is a thunderous stone and how to use it in Latham?.

Star Wars: Ubisoft Massive is working on a Star Wars Game

Video game company Ubisoft has confirmed that its The Division maker, Ubisoft Massive, is among the studios working on a Star Wars project.

As was revealed in early 2021, the The Department maker of Ubisoft Huge is also among the studios who are working on a Star Wars task.
Apart from the fact that we are dealing with an open world title that will tell a completely brand-new story in the Star Wars universe, no concrete details have so far been mentioned.
The Swedish studio offered us with a brand-new sign of life with the statement that players are presently searching for players who participate in local or internal play tests.
According to the Ubisoft, enormous play testers, which are situated near the studio based in Malmö, are preferred.
A statement that needs to indicate that the Star Wars task is making matching development behind the scenes.


project according to the developer details in an early phase

When the main unveiling of the title can be expected, it is still uncertain.
For the foreseeable future, nevertheless, we should not depend on concrete details or first impressions.
While Ubisoft or the designers of Ubisoft Massive, in the past, explained several times that the job is still in an early phase of development, the insider Tom Henderson, which is thought about to be well-networked, explained in the spring and spoke of the reality that the Star Wars
Ubisoft Massive title is still several years away.
I didn’t take Ubisoft’s Star Wars video game here since I believe that this is probably the title that is most far-off from the publication and that we can probably consider it in 2025 at the earliest, said Henderson in March of this year.
More reports on the topic:
That is why Disney’s choice fell on Ubisoft Enormous
Ubisoft huge open-world project probably a number of years away
Info that has not yet been formally verified.

The new Star Wars project from Ubisoft Huge is likely to appear for the PC, PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S.
Further, reports on Star Wars.

Assassins Creed Jade Leak Reveals First Gameplay

This article will cover a new gameplay leak for Assassin’s Creed Jade that leaked a few weeks ago. In the video, you’ll get your first look at Assassin’s Creed Jade, the newest game coming from Ubisoft in the future.

It looks very much like an Assassin’s Creed video game through and through with the protagonist climbing and skulking around with some fight blended in together with some cinematic style on elegant assassinations. What’s shown here appears to be the guide section of the China-based Assassin’s Creed game provided that the on-screen triggers are teaching players how to use the touch controls which consist of things like how to move about and how to carry out fundamental attacks and evades. The video cuts off prior to the player’s taught how to perform a hidden assassination.


Assassin’s Creed Code name: JADE. LEAK (more than likely). From assassin screed

Assassin’s Creed fans got their first take a look at a brand-new experience in the series this week after Assassin’s Creed Jade gameplay obviously leaked online. For those who may not recall, Assassin’s Creed Jade (called Code name Jade by Ubisoft) was among several games Ubisoft revealed months ago during its Assassin’s Creed display. Jade is the mobile video game Ubisoft has in the works, and while some might still want that it wasn’t a mobile game, others have revealed surprise following this leak at just how much they liked what was seen in the dripped gameplay in spite of not being as fond of mobile titles.

Ubisoft never revealed a release date for Assassin’s Creed Jade when the game was exposed. It was relegated to the on the horizon area of the last Ubisoft Forward’s recap that made it look like it was further out, however possibly that’s not the case if it’s already in a playable state like this.

The leaked gameplay was shared on Reddit by user datum who stated they discovered the video by means of Facebook within an Assassin’s Creed community. The video below programs what’s said to be Assassin’s Creed Jade being used an iPhone.

Assassin’s Creed fans got their very first appearance at a brand-new experience in the series this week after Assassin’s Creed Jade gameplay apparently leaked online. For those who might not recall, Assassin’s Creed Jade (called Code name Jade by Ubisoft) was one of several video games Ubisoft exposed months ago during its Assassin’s Creed display. Ubisoft confirmed at its expose that the video game was certainly a mobile game which would make it the very first of its kind for Assassin’s Creed games, however Ubisoft reassured gamers that this is indicated to be an AAA, open-world experience akin to other Assassin’s Creed video games.

, if this actually is Assassin’s Creed Jade– and it sure looks like it is– it’s by far the most that we’ve seen of this game from Ubisoft. The trailer listed below, for recommendation, is what was shared about the video game previously. Ubisoft confirmed at its expose that the video game was certainly a mobile game which would make it the very first of its kind for Assassin’s Creed video games, but Ubisoft assured players that this is suggested to be an AAA, open-world experience comparable to other Assassin’s Creed games.

The Magical Effects Of Each Ingredient

Do you remember the first time you decided to create a potion for yourself in the game Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator? As soon as all the ingredients had been combined, your stomach churned and your limbs grew heavy. You were poisoned! In this game, which is based on a role-playing board game called Mage Wars, players slip into the role of an alchemist who decides on arrival in a new city to make potions made with various plants and herbs that they gather throughout their journey.

In Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator, the gamers slip into the role of an alchemist who chooses to open his own magic store after his arrival in a brand-new city.
As a skilled alchemist, you will be able to produce a wide range of dishes, from those who concentrate on recovery to those who concentrate on killing.
However, how can you make a potion with numerous results?
In order to address this and more and awaken the alchemist in them, here you can discover out how to make a potion with numerous impacts in Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator.

how to make a potion with numerous effects in potion craft

In order to produce a drink with numerous results in potion craft: alchemist simulator, you just need to make sure that you develop two different effects throughout the process, an output that you can attain by brewing 2 types of potions with a recipe.
You can do this in the video game by utilizing the best active ingredients to ensure that 2 potions are contained in a single course.
After this has actually been said, for new players the easier potion with double effect is the potion of the healing and frost, which can be made from 1x Terr aria, 1x Water bloom, 1x Wild bloom and 1x Water bloom, everything is crushed and included to this order.
After you have put all the active ingredients in the boiler, just go through the path and add the results if readily available to make it as you can see listed below.

To summarize it again, here is how to drink the healing and frost in potion craft: alchemist simulator:
Get 1x Terr aria, 1x Water bloom, 1x wild blue and 1x Water bloom.
More the components individually and put them in the boiler in this order.
Mix the components up until you reach the potion of healing.
Brew any recovery potion.

  • Continue the active ingredients till you reach the frost node.
  • Brew the potion of healing and frost.
  • Pick the consumed to include the potion to your inventory.


You can currently play potion: Alchemist simulator on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC through Video Game Pass, Gog and Steam.
– This post was upgraded on December 15, 2022

Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics Prediction: Injury Report, Starting 5s, Betting Odds & Spreads

Though both teams have been struggling this season, the Celtics are 22-8 at home and look poised to get a win over Orlando.

After a 6-road-game schedule, the Boston Celtics are back at the TD Garden for this doubleheader against the Orlando Magic on Friday (December 16) in NBA Routine Season action.

It was yet another Jayson Tatum masterclass as he scored 44 versus the Lakers, enabling the Celtics to win in OT. He hadn’t rather hit his lofty requirements in December until that game as he registered his fourth 40+ point video game of the season.


Paolo Ranchers has been brilliant this season for the Magic. He is on course for a possible All-Star call-up, thinking about the numbers he has actually been setting up in his rookie season. He is currently averaging 22-7-4 for the season on 55% real shooting.

Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics Match Details

The 9-20 Magic are in incredible type at the moment. The Magic blew them out in the very first quarter itself outsourcing them 50-22.

The Celtics are quite clearly the best team in the NBA. They have gone 22-7 thus far, winning the most video games of any group in the entire NBA this season. They haven’t been at their imperious finest recently, losing three of their last 7 video games. Furthermore, they enter this video game on the back of a 122-118 win over the Los Angeles Lakers.

Fixture: Orlando Magic @ Boston Celtics

If your first bet loses, get up to $1,000 in complimentary bets.

Date & Time: Friday, December 16, 7:30 p.m. EST

Approximately $1,250 Back On Your First Bet + 1000 Tier Credits + 1000 Reward Credits ® with Caesars Sports book.

Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics Injury Report.

The Celtics must run riot in this game. They have the highest-rated offense in the entire NBA and are coming up against a bottom-three defense of the Magic.

Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics Betting Odds & Spreads.

The 9-20 Magic are in phenomenal kind at the minute. The Magic blew them out in the first quarter itself outsourcing them 50-22. Paolo Ranchers has actually been brilliant this season for the Magic. The Celtics are rather clearly the best group in the NBA. They have gone 22-7 therefore far, winning the most games of any group in the entire NBA this season.

Celtics: -13 (-108).

Magic: PG M. Futz SG Franz Wagner SF P. Ranchers PF BOL C Moritz Wagner.


Approximately $1,250 Back On Your Very First Bet + 1000 Tier Credits + 1000 Reward Credits ® with Caesars Sports book.


. Place: TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts.

Celtics: PG Marcus Smart SG Derrick White SF Jaylen Brown PF Jayson Tatum C Al Oxford (GTD).


Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics Starting fives.

Magic vs. Celtics Betting Prediction.

The Celtics have a full-strength lineup for this video game, while the Magic are without Galen Songs and Wendell Carter Jr.

Dipping into the TD Garden, the Celtics have actually won 11 of their 13 games. The scoreline could get awkward for the Magic if Tatum and Brown fire early.

Pokemon Go: a guide to Vivillion, Purmel and Puponcho – the latest Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go allows you to catch Pokémon in real-world locations. To help you out with the latest Pokémon, check out our guide on how to find Pummel, Pu poncho and Million!

This is as soon as a surprise at the season of wonderful desires in Pokémon Go: In the night of December 16, 2022, the developers of Ni antic Pummel, Pu poncho and Million launched the coaches.
Purple and his developments are connected to the postcard feature, implies that you will not just fulfill him on the street.
You also unlock the various wing patterns from Million by means of pinned postcards.
We discuss to you in the short guide to Million, Pu poncho and Pummel how it works.

Pummel fulfill in Pokémon Go

When you gather postcards from other regions and pin them over the pin button, you will find pursues.
You can pin postcards if you open the gifts of your good friends or if you send out gifts yourself-you can also pin as much as 3 of your own postcards every day.
After you have spotted a card in your collective album for the very first time, and you go back to the upper world map, a window opens that discusses the look of pursues.
If you pin numerous postcards from a specific area, you have the opportunity to counter purr.


Linked to this Turkey is also which wing pattern Million gets in its development of poncho.
To make Pummel into a poncho, you need 25 pursues sweets, for the additional development of Million you need another 100 pursues sweet (i.e. an overall of 125 pursues sweets).

divisions wing pattern

Up until now there have actually been 18 wing patterns for million, namely archipelago, continental, peak, ornamental garden, drought, frost, jungle, aquamarine, sea of flower, development, consul, ocean, snow field, river diet, sandstorm, flake, Savannah and sun.
Based upon the region from which you have your pure, it is chosen which pattern million then endures its wings.
As quickly as you have collected several postcards from a particular part of the world, you can meet a pure of this region.
In the Pokédex you will discover a million card and with the Million medal you can also see in which areas there are which million patterns.
On the map you can see from which region pure for which million wing pattern has to come.
With us, you remain in the flower sea area.
Source: Ni antic
To put it simply, at finest you have good friends all over the world to collect all wing patterns.
Like you find pals in Pokémon Go, we have actually summarized you in this guide.
When you have found at least three cards, in our area you initially collect the flower sea medal.

Pummel does not appear in the wilderness, so you can not miss it, however are activated as an encounter if you push okay after activating the medal.
So suggests that it can not flee.
If you have captured the pursues, then the sign of the particular region shows you which wing pattern will then have million.
Pummel then embeds in as a friend to gather more candy.
The more cards from an area you pin it, the regularly you have the possibility to fulfill a pursues in this region.
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The 14th Anniversary of Aika: Whats New?

PC online MMORPG Aka, which is serviced by Hanbitsoft, presented a large-scale new content update for its 14th anniversary.

Aka updated the new raid dungeon ‘Eurasia’ through regular inspection on December 15, 2022.
Eurasia is a raid dungeon that can be entered at the same time, and is designed with a structure in which a total of three strong boss monsters are sequentially defeated and cleared.

It is expected that the ‘reduction stone’ that can initialize the gear core of the conqueror or higher is expected to create a new desire for challenges.

The new gear core initialization system, which was newly introduced through the 14th anniversary update, is a content that provides opportunities to replace the gear core by initializing the gear core while maintaining the strengthening and magic grant options of the equipment.

Aka will pay the 14th anniversary new mount (vehicle) through a lottery among the users who played Eurasia Raid.
The new mounts are ‘St. Pear Sahara’ and ‘Nightmare Macapá’ and have options for creative and critical damage and PVP damage increase options.

Aka also holds a 14th anniversary jumping event to allow all users to adapt to the game quickly.
After the update, the Jumping Package Box will be provided to all new/dormant users who connect before January 19, 2023.
When opening the box, we will receive various items including rental equipment at the level 99 level 99 level SS rank unique.
In the same period, experience and honor score acquisition increase will also be applied to all channels.

Aka also introduced a new accessory transcendence system.
The default options and set options are strengthened while maintaining the magic grant option of the accessory during transcendence.
The material is required to be ‘transcendental gems’ and can be exchanged from the new raid dungeon or using fragments of glory.

In addition, the 14th anniversary accessories (rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces), which have a strong effect on EVE, were also released.
Each accessory has an option to increase monster damage useful for hunting, and when installing a set, power, agility, intelligence, physical strength, and mental strength can increase, and HP and MP recovery buffs can be received with a chance.

The 14th Anniversary Accessories can be obtained at the 14th Anniversary Event Store.
Users participate in various contents in the game and collect ’14th anniversary talents’ and can exchange new accessories, new mounts, and useful items on the event page.

In addition, Aka has opened a new season coin store 8, which allows you to acquire Class ‘Linear Costume’.
Users can use the seasonal coin store using the ‘Battlefield Honor’ collected by participating in PVP content.

An official of Hanbitsoft said, We have prepared the 14th anniversary new contents with the infinite gratitude to the users who are with Aka.
He said.

Aka has won three categories, including the Best Grand Prize in Korea in 2009, and is the key to large-scale PVP content that is constantly unfolding.

Users win the game as if they are in the game and run the game as if they run a real country.


For more information about events and games, you can find it on the official website of Habitat (

Infamous Sucker Punch Has A New Game That Changes How You Play It.

The team at Infamous Sucker Punch has a new game, and it’s pretty darn good. It’s set in Japan’s Sushi Island, which is being invaded by the Mongol forces led by Genghis Khan himself. You’re playing as the last samurai on this island, so you’ll have to fight off waves and waves of invading Mongol forces with your Katina.

Ghost of Sushi, of the developer Notorious Sucker Strike, remained in a way a suggestion for the PlayStation 4. Effectively received and also a business success, Ghost attracted the players with his splendid graphics as well as his exciting background.
Currently, Sucker Punch provides us a factor to take control of the Katina.
Spline on October 16, Ghost of Sushi Variation 1.1 brings the usual post-sorting material boating to which we anticipate for third-person journey and activity games, particularly a new game + style allowing you to
Maintain the renovations as well as tools you have.

Magnate with a greater settlement difficulty, along with lifestyle updates such as an alternative to activate shield loads-which much more assists in the adjustment in play design. These updates
are welcome, yet that is not the factor why this patch thrills us!
Ghost of Sushi Version 1.1 includes an entire new online participating multiplayer setting to the game. With Ghost of Sushi: Legends, Sucker Punch has actually created a new way of discovering the titular island, either in background objectives to 2 players, or
In survival setting to 4 gamers.
With his dedication to the brand name for the building and construction of the immersive globe, Sucker Punch laid over these brand-new modes in the fundamental game by including a brand-new character-Gyozen the author.
Dozen will share his variation of striking events Sushi, and allow you to access the lobby.
Naturally, you can additionally access the multiplayer mode by means of the break menu if you remain in a rush.
Ghost of Sushi: Legends builds his multiplayer experience around a course system, players picking among the 4 classes to open immediately before hosting likely to the next degree to try the others.
The game will recognize his course of containers The Samurai, his distance class The Seeker, his class of healer The Robin and his furtive course The Assassin.
It appears that the 4 courses will all play in different ways as well as will certainly include a different layer in multiplayer fight, I am extremely fascinated by the capacity of the Robin courses to invoke a spiritual dog-I can not wait to capture it in picture mode!
The brand-new history missions will certainly make you take a trip with one more player through dozen’s accounts on what is really taking place in Sushi- which suggests that there can be terrific tales with a various tone of the standard video game.
The survival mode will enable you, with 3 good friends, to ward off waves of significantly tough enemies, and also presents what resembles AOE conjurations as well as attacks, specifically stir up opponents and invoke the spiritual bear.


It is impressive for Sucker Strike to add so different video game experiences at Ghost of Sushi, and they can even lay the foundations for brand-new updates in the future.
Sucker Punch additionally assures to add a raid mode-an epic goal in 3 components in the kingdom of IPO if the background goals as well as the mode of survival were not sufficient.
With this third brand-new method of having fun, along with the brand-new game + for us the compulsive solo, Sucker Punch covers his bases and includes something for everyone in this update.
While online participation is coming to be extra and extra usual among third-person action adventurers, it is fantastic to see a developer calling all audiences and also comprehending that we like our gameplay choices.
While Ghost of Sushi deeply explored a character that changed his assault approach due to always changing conditions, this is the best vessel for a multitude of new kinds of gameplay-and it will certainly interest see just how the gamers adapt their
When they deal with side by side with their buddies, tactics.
For which new video game mode are you one of the most thrilled?
Let us understand in the comments below!
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World of Warcraft: The First Season Of The Warcraft (Dragonflight) Starts, And The Vault Of The Incarnates Will Open

World of Warcraft: The first season of the Warcraft (Dragon flight) starts, and the Vault of the Incarnates of the newly raids will open today.
Primitive drivers led by storm predators broke into the vault of the Shin shin, and Zeroth’s warriors should face a new threat in a new raid with eight heads.


The new raids are open from the beginning with mythology, heroes, and general difficulty at once, which has been the first since the introduction of mythology in World of Warcraft.

At the same time as the new raid opening, the players can enjoy various contents such as the new myth+ dungeon list and new rewards.

The main feature of the season is as follows.

Myth+ 1 Season 1 Dungeon List
Ruby Life’s Puddle (Ruby Life Pools)
The Noshed offensive
The Azure Vault
Halls of Valor (Legion Expansion Pack)
Court of STARS (Legion Expansion Pack)
Shadow Moon Burial Grounds
Temple of the Jade Serpent, Mandarin’s Fog Expansion Pack

New myth+ attribute: thundering
The enemy’s vitality increases by 5%.
During the battle, the player periodically caught up in the endless storms of Lavages, overcharging by the power of primitive.
There is a great risk to this force, and if it is not released quickly, the result is a distant result.

Four new outdoor heads: each new head is converted every week in the order listed below.
Bastion (The Shale Wing)
Manual, The Dreaded Flame
Future Riskscanos (Liskanoth, The Future bane)
Strongman, The Sky’s Misery

Inspiration Catalyst is also open
The catalyst of inspiration, which was conceived by reference to the catalyst of the creation of the dark land, will be opened in the second half of the season.
This system allows you to convert items that are not set areas to set items at the same item level.

For more information on the first season of the Yong gun, new raids, outdoor heads, myths+ and players’ combat rewards, and the opening schedule of the raid search, visit the World of Warcraft website.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Goes Free For Limited Time

In a surprise announcement, Activision and developer Infinity Ward have announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will soon be going free for a limited period of time. With every new Call of Duty game, Activision ends up having ‘Free Weekend’ phases as a way of trying to pull in as many players as possible from the original release.

Activision and developer Infinity Ward have actually announced that Call of Obligation: Modern War 2 will quickly be going free for a limited time period. With every new Phone call of Responsibility game, Activision finishes up having Free Weekend break phases as a way of trying to pull in new gamers as well as persuade them to buy the current installation in the series. Once again, this will certainly confirm to be real with Modern Warfare 2 as the title’s very first free weekend break since launch will be occurring today.


Will you be aiming to take component in this Telephone call of Obligation: Modern War 2 totally free multiplayer trial for on your own? Or do you take place to currently own the game? Allow me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

As anticipated with events similar to this, there are some noteworthy caveats that Activision has actually included. Not just is this trial limited to 4 days in overall, however gamers who are taking a look at Modern War 2 in this manner can only play across 3 maps: Shipment, Ranch 18, and El Silo. Additionally, four game modes will certainly be included in this free weekend break as well as include Team Deathwatch, Hard point, Dominance, and also Eliminate Confirmed. While this could be a sparse slate of maps as well as modes to have a look at (especially in comparison to the full game) Activision goes to the very least also unlocking Modern War 2’s third-person attribute too, which can be used throughout every one of these previously mentioned video game kinds. In conclusion, there’s enough here that any individual taking a look at MW2 for the very first time should know afterward if they would certainly like to outright buy the video game to proceed playing it in the future.

Starting tomorrow, December 15th, and also lasting up until December 19th, Telephone Call of Obligation: Modern Warfare 2 will certainly be complimentary to download and install as well as play throughout PlayStation, Xbox, and also computer platforms. This complimentary accessibility phase won’t permit gamers to inspect out the campaign of Modern Warfare 2, it will allow them to provide the video game’s multiplayer setting a spin. Thinking about that this is the most preferred video game setting that is seen with every Phone call of Task title, it makes good sense that this is what Activision is attempting to place in front of new players.

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