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Get Ready for a New Apex Legends Experience – Season 16!

Respawn and EA have finally announced season 16 for Apex Legends and seems to be a season that will change the game.
With this announcement of a new season that will arrive at Apex Legends, they have also presented the trailer to show the players what content they have reserved for the next season.

In addition to the trailer, EA has also made a press release on specific details of its plan for next season.
Taking into account that Apex Legends season will surely change the game, Respawn has also released a daily development video to provide details about the changes they have planned for this next season.
Respawn developers explain the changes they plan to make.
The new Apex Legends season is called Guerra and this will be the 16th season of the game from its beginning.
Unlike the previous seasons, Respawn will not present a new legend on the list.


Instead, they will focus on renewing the current list.
This decision is due to the fact that some of the oldest legends are beginning to get older and cannot follow the current rhythm of metajuego.
As a result, playing some of these older legends has begun to become obsolete and not so fun because other legends are simply better in everything they do.
That said, they have decided to rework many of these older legends, especially those that appeared first…

Apex Legends Season 16: Character Classes and Perks Revealed

Apex Legends gamers discovered this week the strategies for Season 16’s class overhaul where every Legend in the game will be appointed to a new class that includes its own distinct perks. These will make it so that Legends’ play styles are more defined with each character now sharing some characteristics with others that fall within the exact same category. These modifications will enter into impact in Season 16 with future Legends anticipated to suit the exact same categories.

The new classes are Attack, Skirmisher, Recon, Controller, and Assistance. The breakdown of who goes where can be seen listed below:

Reconnaissance Legends

For Skirmishers, they’ll be able to expose the contents of incoming care packages before they even hit the ground. These Legends will be able to craft allay Respawn Banners at craters for 30 materials each.

Lifeline’s interactions with the blue Supply Bins have been reached the Assistance class general, too. All Supports will now be able to use those to gain access to extra resources for their colleagues.

Respawn Entertainment stated the reasoning behind moving this capability over to the Controllers is that those sorts of Legends are the ones who wish to establish in spots and safeguard specific areas, so they’ll have the ability to much better do so by knowing where to go next.


Capability, Skirmishers will be able to ping map icons or in-world icons for their colleagues.

Recon Legends are getting a few of the greatest modifications next season. Rather of utilizing Study Beacons to expose the next ring, these customized Survey Beacons will now expose enemies’ positions.

And finally, the Supports. These Legends will have the ability to craft allay Respawn Banners at craters for 30 products each. If they’re both dead, one banner is enough to bring back both members of a group.

Pinnacle Legends gamers learned this week the plans for Season 16’s class overhaul where every Legend in the video game will be designated to a brand-new class that comes with its own special advantages. These will make it so that Legends’ play styles are more specified with each character now sharing some traits with others that fall within the very same category. These changes will go into impact in Season 16 with future Legends anticipated to fit into the exact same classifications.

  • Assault: Bangalore, Ash, Fuse, Mad Maggie, Revenant
  • Skirmisher: Wraith, Valkyrie, Octane, Horizon, Mirage, Pathfinder
  • Reconnaissance: Bloodhound, Crypto, Seer, Vantage
  • Controller: Caustic, Watson, Rampart, Catalyst
  • Support: Lifeline, Lobe, Gibraltar, Newcastle

When gamers trigger that enormous structure, they operate similarly to how Crypto’s map room works. As soon as used, a modified Survey Beacon will reveal all enemy positions on the map for 30 seconds. If an enemy remains in range to be identified, they’ll be notified that they have actually been scanned.

Assault Legends

They’ll likewise have the ability to carry more ammo per stack, though the stacks for shotgun and sniper weapons have decreased extra stacks.

Assistance Legends

Controller Legends

For Skirmishers, they’ll have the ability to reveal the contents of incoming care bundles before they even hit the ground. This’ll enable them to highlight important weapons rapidly, and given that Skirmishers are geared towards movement, they’ll have the ability to possibly snag the weapons rapidly. It’ll likewise be exposed if an enemy group takes one of the care plan weapons before you can get to it.

Under this brand-new system, Assault Legends will have the ability to access the secret compartment of unique Weapon Supply Bins which contain weapon attachments for whatever guns your team has. This operates similarly to how Lifeline could connect with the blue supply bins.

Skirmisher Legends

If you’re questioning who’s now going to have the ability to spot the next circle on the map, look no more than the Controllers. These Legends will have the ability to communicate with brand-new Ring Consoles around maps to discover the next ring area.

After the abolition of self -resuscitation, APEX LEGENDS, you will not be able to win with the finisher. Some users feel lonely in adjusting the balance

In the Apex Legends season 14, the developer announced that self-resuscitation by gold knockdown shield was abolished. In response to the abolition decision, some users seem to be lonely.

In APEX Legends, each of the gold-colored equipment (Lv.4) has a special effect. For example, at present, a gold backpack can be revived in a state where the strength and armor are greatly recovered during the resuscitation of allies. With a gold knock-down shield, you can revive your own when you knock down. After the successful resuscitation, the knock-down shield changes to Lv.3, so it cannot be continuously revived.

On the other hand, it has been announced that the special effects of gold backpacks and gold knock-down shields will be changed from Season 14. For gold backpacks, the effects described above are lost, so you can carry more recovery items than usual. The gold knock-down shield is said to have the effect of losing self-resuscitation and reviving the physical strength and the restoration of armor when resuscited.

Following the announcement of these changes, some users seem to be lonely. Overseas bulletin board Reddit pointed out clips, pointing out that a new season would be impossible to play.

The clip was posted on the final game of the battle royal mode. The player has down the last one of the enemy unit, but the game is not over. This is because there are enemies equipped with a gold knock-down shield. For the time being, a player who suspects the opponent in front of him. The premonition was in the middle, and the opponent was developing a gold knock-down shield in the corner of the room. The video player destroys the opponent using a finisher. It was sunny and became a champion of this match.

After the abolition of self-resuscitation, for example, in the above video, the game will end when the last opponent goes down. In the new season, you will not be able to use the finisher to win. Conversely, you will not be able to see the reversal, such as winning the victory because you are a finisher.

Regarding the self-resuscitation of the gold knock-down shield, it is an element that has long been seen from users for abolition (related articles). In particular, professional players have a strong dissatisfaction. The gold knock-down shield has been deleted in ALGS. Such feedback has reached the developer, and in Season 14, it has finally been abolished.

In the thread above, there are voices that accept the abolition of gold knockdown shields. Mainly, it is considered that the ranking of units, which had a high gold knock-down shield in the end of the rank match, is going to rise. On the other hand, while recognizing such problems, some users seem to have enjoyed it as the character of Apex Legends.

The above users like the self-resuscitation elements in this work, and they feel lonely to disappear. As in the previous video, the same is true for the finisher to win the championship. The user seems to have evaluated the fact that such elements have changed each game, even if they have not been able to balance the game scene. There are also opinions that casual matches and shooting practice areas want to leave self-resuscitation. While recognizing the problems of self-resuscitation, there are users who are lonely to completely eliminate them.

APEX LEGENDS The self-resuscitation effect of the gold knock-down shield that existed from the beginning. Developers have stated that the reason for the abolition of the same effect is to bring a new game experience to players. The aim is to increase the usefulness of New Castle’s passive abilities. New Castle is a legend with a very low recruitment rate recently. In the abolition of elements that have existed for many years, the name of unpopular legendary rescue may make it easier to execute.

APEX LEGENDS Season 14 is scheduled to open on August 10th Japan time. If you finish the game brilliantly with the finisher, you may want to leave a clip as a memory.

Apex Legends: Who is Vantage?

It is always very exciting when Apex Legends releases a new legend for the game. Judging by the leaks from the community, Vantage will most likely enter the game in early August 2022. She will be a sniper with a tough approach to battle.

Who is Vantage in Apex Legends?

There are rumors that Vantage is expected that the legend will enter the game in the near future. Information for Vantage comes from the leader APEX Legends, Kralrindo. The video is no longer on its YouTube channel, but the Reddit Legitimate_Chapter82 user made a repost video on R/Apexuncovered. In the video, you can see the profile of lining with a breakdown by its abilities. She is described as sniper-survivor. . Although the information leak requires a thorough check, Kralrindo is usually considered a reliable leakage source.


What abilities do Vantage have in Apex Legends?

Based on the processed information, we have some idea of what abilities will have Vantage. She will be a sniper, so all her abilities are focused on increasing her talent in this area. Below we have collected rumors about Vantage abilities:

Passive *-Sniper kit
tactical -Echo launch
final -Murder mark

when will APEX Legends release Vantage?

Although Vantage is almost officially confirmed, it is important to note that Vantage was not fully recognized by APEX Legends. One semi-recognition comes in the form of a diary entry posted on APEX Legends Twitter. Many indicate tips in the text related to Vantage. In this regard, it is likely that Vantage will soon appear in APEX Legends. This is there are rumors that Vantage may appear in Apex Legends in season 14. which will be released in the first half of August 2022.

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A large amount of unauthorized accounts are caught in the APEX LEGENDS arena mode. Some users offer judicial transactions to developers

In Apex Legends , a large amount of accounts that had been fraudulent in arena mode seemed to be suspended all at once. A security person in charge of Respown Entertainment has reported.

The arena mode in APEX LEGENDS is a game mode that has been permanently installed since Season 9. At 3V3, we will fight for three rounds. Weapons, consumables, abilities, etc. are purchased in advance on the menu screen at the start of the match. It is also important to select purchased items in limited funds. In addition, there is a normal mode and rank mode in Aliner mode. In rank mode, a tension battle with arena rank points is being developed.

And this time, it seems that a large amount of unauthorized accounts in this arena mode were banned. Conor Ford, Hideouts, is a security analyst at Respown Entertainment. His Twitter account often announces information about the wrong players in this work.

According to him, users who pierced a hole in the Arena Lank system and users who had 6-Manning in arena mode are punished. It is said that 1307 accounts have been suspended for each platform. The suspension period is from two weeks to permanent suspension, and is stipulated according to the degree of fraud.

It is not clear how the six-person rigging was taken. If the name is as indicated, it will be matched by six people. On the other hand, it is thought that the team was playing to abandon the game, as the team’s Arena rank points would increase. In the Arena Lank, six people had been rigging than before, and in January of this year, Ford said that 568 accounts were suspended.

After the above reports, Ford reported that 925 accounts were suspended for each platform for the predator belt arena rank player, which had been fraudulent in the arena. As a result, the leader board has been purified. It is unclear whether this is included in the above 1307 accounts. In any case, a considerable number of users seemed to have climbed up to the Arena Lank Predator belt due to fraud.

Other developers have responded to Ford’s BAN report. RSPN_PAV, a live team support, has been particularly disappointed by the 20 Nintendo Switch players who have been rigging six people. John Rarson, a game designer, quoted Ford’s words, Find another hobby, as a row of 1307 rigging players.

It seems that Ford’s Instagram has received a message from users who seem to have been suspended. According to a message, the user is pleading to revive his account instead of reporting more than 50 fraudulent users he knows. So to speak, we offer a proposal like a judicial transaction. Although he has not revealed whether he has accepted the proposal, he commented, My favorite message has arrived on Instagram.

APEX LEGENDS This act has been caught all at once in the arena mode. Ford’s monitoring eyes seem to be pointed to arena mode without exception. In Japan, Rin Matsuoka supports the official report window of the cheetah/grooper (chiming). When you meet the fraudulent, report with the evidence clip (video).

Is there cross progress in APEX Legends?

APEX Legends is a Battle Royale online game available on several platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Most of the new games that are supported on various game consoles have support for cross-processions. This function allows the players to switch the device on which they play, while maintaining unlocked items and progress from their current game account.

Does the APEX Legends Cross-Progress support?


No, there is no cross-processing in Apex Legends. . As expected, the players have long been disappointed with the lack of this function, since they cannot play the game on several devices with the same account. Over the past years, some of the developers recognized the lack of cross-processing in Apex Legends and assured the players that this function would be added to the game, but they have not yet been added.

There were rumors that this function should have been added in the 13th season., But we have not yet received official confirmation on this subject. Moreover, it was assumed that a cross-processing update would allow players to use only one of their accounts on different devices instead of allowing them to combine several APEX Legend accounts.

Will Apex Legends ever implement a cross-processing function?

At the moment, it is impossible to say whether the cross-processing will appear in the APEX Legends. Nevertheless, we hope that it will be implemented no later than the end of 2023, if the developer really plans to add it at all.

Stay with us in the guidelines for games for professionals to learn more about the content of APEX Legends. In the meantime, read our article about the event of the APEX Legends Gaiden-the start and end dates, awards and much more.

100 Burglars, Crazy Raccoon and also other ALGs

Before the opening video games of this year’s ALGS championship, Respawn introduced Enjoyment that the Algs team shop will be available in Apex Legends from July 5th to 19th. During this duration of 2 weeks, gamers can obtain group brands on their fingers impressive banners as well as bundles with impressive and also famous weapons skins and legends skins.

The web content that is available in Apex Legends through the ALGS Team Shop will certainly change, with cosmetics for 100 Burglars, TSM, Crazy Raccoon, Cloud9 as well as NRG being offered in the initial week.

Later on, the gamers can get cosmetics for navigating system, partnership, G2 eSports, complexity as well as group Fluid from July 12th. It is also worth pointing out that component of each sale is intended to visit the accountable team-so this is a wonderful means to reveal their support and also obtain some of it.

Given that the news that the Algs Champion 2022 will have a real-time audience from Apex Legends, a couple of weeks have actually passed, as well as currently we are ultimately eliminated from the beginning of the competition in North Carolina. If you are an APEX Legends gamer as well as are searching for a method to reveal your assistance for several of the top teams that participate in this year’s competition in the game, respawn entertainment with the ALGS Team Shop has simply the thing for you. The Algs Team Shop uses gamers the chance to obtain curated cosmetics for 100 Thieves, Crazy Raccoon and also a lot more.

If you wish to see what you can eagerly anticipate, the following time you get involved in Apex Legends to see the Algs Team Shop, take a look listed below:


The ALGS Champion Year 2 starts on July 7th at 10:00 a.m./ 1:00 p.m. EST/ 6:00 p.m. BST with group stages and the final shuts the tournament at 2:00 p.m. PST/ 5:00 p.m. EST/ 10:00 p.m. 10th of July. It will certainly be a solitary match ball, so you shouldn’t miss out on that.

Additional details regarding the Algs Team Shop as well as this year’s tournament can be located right here on the APEX Legends blog below.

Are you looking onward to this year’s tournament? Well, Algs Commissioner John Nelson responds to ten brief inquiries concerning Year 2 and also we can state with assurance that we are excited. Further information about the Algs Team Shop as well as this year’s competition can be found right here on the APEX Legends blog site here.

It’s #algs year 2 Championship Week and currently you can support a few of your favorite teams in the video game!????

Figure out even more concerning the Algs Team Shop as well as the champion that will take place this week from July 7th to 10th by viewing our newest blog????

???? https:// hz4vsfkhqz.
???? https:// 9cnuhwhnsu

  • Apex Legends Esports (@Playapexesports) 5. July 2022.

Since the announcement that the Algs Champion 2022 will have a real-time audience from Apex Legends, a couple of weeks have passed, and also now we are lastly gotten rid of from the begin of the competitors in North Carolina. If you are an APEX Legends player as well as are looking for a way to show your assistance for some of the top groups who take component in this year’s competitors in the video game, respawn entertainment with the ALGS Team Shop has just the point for you. The Algs Team Shop provides players the chance to obtain curated cosmetics for 100 Burglars, Crazy Raccoon and extra.

Certainly, this is only a handful of teams that participate in this year’s Algs championship-but there is currently no info that indicated that the other 30 teams will certainly obtain cosmetics in the future. We want to really hope.

How to win in the control mode at the edge of the world in APEX Legends?

Control is one of the favorite 9th 9th APEX Legends game modes, and he returned to the game with a new card. The end of the world was added to the map of cards at the beginning of this season, and fans will be able to experience the game mode Control at various points of interest (POI) on this map. In the event Awakening Collection there are several tests that players should perform in the control mode, and we came up with several strategies that will help you win.

Где находится карта «Контроль» на краю света в Apex Legends?

Earlier, Control On World’s Edge took place in Hammond Labs only. However, now players will also be able to fight on lava siphon POI on the edge of the world. Both POIs are added during rotation of cards for the control mode, and these POIs are divided into three separate zones that the commands should capture.

How to capture several zones in control mode in APEX Legends?

In the game Control, players will have to capture and hold three different zones to win the game. Each team has nine players, and all three zones remain neutral until they are captured by a particular team. The goal is to capture and hold the zone, which means that it does not matter who will commit the largest number of murders. Separate and reign-the best strategy for capturing several zones in the game Control. We recommend players to focus on the site B, since any team that captured the middle zone has more chances to win.

Focus most of the powerful abilities of your team on the capture of the z1. As soon as it is captured, call for defensive legends to install traps, walls and other devices that will stop the onslaught of the enemy. When protecting the zone, it is important to hold together, like a group, isolated legends are often ended with the fact that they are inferior to the z1. Players with impeccable sniper abilities can accommodate in the building opposite the site B, providing distant support to teammates hurrying to the capture of the zone.

The best legends for playing control mode in Apex Legends

Control in APEX Legends is a game for the target and effective retention of zones. Naturally, legends like shaft , watson , caustic , giblatar , fuse , Bloodhaund and Bangalor Prospecting in this format dominance of the z1. Although these are the most popular legends for control, we recommend that players try out the preferred legend in this game mode.

Players can also change legends in the middle of the game in Control, and we recommend choosing the perfect character depending on the map. Legends with traffic ability, such as Pathfinder, Valkyrie, Octane and Horizon, are great for aggressive jerks to capture any z1. Follow the capture bonuses, protecting the zones, and always stay in the group to avoid numerical superiority.

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How to unlock the Valkyrie Family Relight in Apex Legends

The recent release of Respawn Entertainment Event of the Assumption collection in the Apex Legends trailer was presented with a new family relic. This time this is our favorite winged avenger, Valkyrie. The Suzaku spear is the name of the inherited relic, and the players will have a chance to acquire this item during a limited event. The Valkyrie network cannot wait to get this new weapon of near-fight, and this is how you can get it in APEX Legends.

How to get a family relic of Valkyrie in Apex Legends

In order to unlock the Valkyrie’s family relic during the Awakening collection event, players must purchase all 24 thematic sets. Anyone who bought all 24 sets will receive a inherited relic as a bonus prize. The total purchase cost of all 24 thematic sets is about 160 dollars, but players can always use craft materials to buy some rare and epic items!

How to get a relic of Valkyrie free after an Awakening event in Apex Legends

Fans who do not want to spend money can also purchase a family relic after the event Awakening in APEX Legends. For this method, you will need to get fragments of a family relic by opening APEX packages. The chances of getting fragments of the family relic using this method are quite large, but this is the only way to get this weapon of near-fight for free.

In addition to the family relic of the Valkyrie, during the event Awakening Collection, several other unique cosmetic objects will be added to the game. Players will be able to purchase a new set of cosmetics on 24 topics. These include the legendary Atom Heart Mothe skins from Horizon, Animal Instinct from Fuse and Existentel Threat from ASH. In the same way, players will also be able to earn XP, completing all daily tasks during the Awakening collection event.

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“APEX LEGENDS” 9th “CR Cup” will be postponed on June 4 -Because “error drop” will not be improved

The professional gaming team “CRAZY RACCOON” will postpone the “ 9th Crazy Raccoon Cup Apex Legends “, which is scheduled to be held from 19:00 on May 22 to June 4. Announced.

“CRAZY RACCOON CUP” is a community tournament for online games where popular professional gamers, streakers, and VTuber gather. This time, a wide variety of talents such as the title of Battle Royal FPS “APEX LEGENDS”, including actress Tsubasa Honda, Ryosuke Yamada of the idol group “Hey! Say! Jump”, and Junichi Kato, a popular game commentator. Then, it was attracting attention.

Regarding the reason for the postponement, it is said that there is no expected improvement in the “error drop” generated in the practice custom. On the same day, the “Apex Nijisanji Custom” is scheduled to be held by Gwell Ms. Girl, who belongs to the VTuber Group Nijisan, but the event is the CR of the “Crazy Raccoon” owner. If the adjustment is made by Mr. Aji, it is also revealed in the distribution of Nijisan’s affiliation.

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