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Television via Internet: now 50 percent cheaper Book and save a whopping 50 percent (to action) – to Sunday, April 24, 2022 at 23:59 You get all packages for half price.
The discount, however, only applies to the first six months.
Nonetheless, it can be saved in time 73.44 euros , if you decide for Perfect Plus with Netflix standard .
In the following we show you the differences between the three available packages.
After the six months, the subscription automatically extends to the regular price.

Depending on the package, the amount is then between 5.99 and 24.49 euros per month.
You can cancel but at any time or monthly – a minimum term is not.

for TV and streaming fans

Now 50 percent discount on six months secure 4K Stick mit WLAN verbinden und über das Internet fernsehen packages in the overview

GTA Online: How to get free $ 250,000 until April 13

Between cars, garments, meals, premises, etc., it is likely that on more than one occasion you have problems problems in GTA online. Luckily, during the next few days you will have the opportunity of win for free $ 250,000 If you follow the steps we are going to move on to detail in the following guide.

How to get free $ 250,000 until April 13

Until next April, executives will walk in search of subordinates and henchmen, so it will be better than not length of their requests. More than anything because salaries for all those hired through SecueServ will be tripled during these days.

Only because of this should be an excuse more than enough, but in reality there is another more important reason. The question is that partners, escorts or members of a biker club will get an additional $ 250,000 for free, although for this it will be necessary to make a mission of sale of arms traffic , a mission of Nightclub Management * *, a mission of for sale of biker or a mission of sale of special merchandise **.

Once you can meet this task you must wait a period of 72 hours so that the amount of money of your bank increases considerably. In addition, you do not have to forget that if you are subscribed to Prime Gaming you will take another $ 100,000 more by linking your account with the Social Rockstar Games Club and connect them to the game during these days.

How To Get FREE Money In GTA 5 Online From Rockstar Games - Become A Millionaire FAST & EASY!

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New Fund in Pokemon Go reveals prepared April Fools for you

In Pokémon Go you can employ for tomorrow on some Schabernback, due to the fact that the first locates currently show the planned April Fool’s fault. We from Meinmmo have watched us just how to send you Niantic in the April.

These data are not formally, which is why Niantic can alter or even remove them at any time. Because of this, you must look at them with a specific suspicion.

So much, there is no official known to the upcoming, enigmatic occasion, but the Pokeminers have now published a discover, the very first web content programs.

Who are the Pokeminers?
You can often locate new Pokémon, includes or info concerning research before a release or an occasion. Your finds are after that offered to other trainers publicly.

What kind of find is it? Tomorrow, on the 1st of April, you can not only send your family and friends with little jokes in the April, yet likewise in Pokémon Go has typically take area an April Fool’s Occasion, where you Readjust you to a great deal of Schabernback.

These April Fools were located

It’s the same would also fit superior on the 1st of April, since the typically pokémon can alter its kind to think the kind of various other beasts. It hides outside such an occasion behind various other Pokémon, such as Nebulak or Traumato.

As the instructor MartyCochrane communicates in his existing RedDit blog post, the Pokeminers located the initial information on the upcoming April Fool’s Occasion (via They experienced some messages and also brand-new stickers around the Pokémon Ditto, which can close to a DITTO event.

Behind which Pokémon It’s the same can presently conceal exactly, read in our associated guide:

These are the texts for the event

Pokemon Go April Fool's Event...Prof Willow is a Ditto????

The new sticker labels.

On the basis of the texts located, it is anticipated to give a three-piece research study, in which Professor Willow certainly talks the majority of the time confusing points. He states absolutely nothing at very first and after that asks unclear if you truly are.

Below we reveal you an excerpt of the messages as you look in the video game code (through

  • Source ID: AF2022_EVENT_NAME.
  • Text: April Fools’ 2-Oh? -22.

  • Resource ID: QUEST_SPECIAL_DIALOGUE_AF2022_2_3.

  • Text:% Playername%? IS IT ACTUALLY YOU?

  • Resource ID: QUEST_SPECIAL_DIALOGUE_AF2022_2_6.

  • Text: The Next Thing I Knew, “You” Had Transformed Into A Ditto! Or probably I Have That In reverse? Whatever The Case, It Appears That All The Strangely Acting Pokémon I’ve Seen Today Were in Fact It’s The Same in Disguise.

  • A 6-piece unique research on the Rocket event under the name “Silent Systems”.

  • You need to defeat the managers, rubules and giovanni once again and retrieve Cryptos.
  • Which Pokémon Giovanni will certainly not leave the data.
  • There must be a companion study and also brand-new badges.
  • The opportunity to allow as well as disable third-party promotions has actually been included.

Further finds of the Pokeminers.

  • Resource ID: AF2022_OH.
  • Text: Oh?

Later on he tells you that he thinks that you have actually changed you into a ditto: “The following point I understand is that you have actually become a ditto! Or did I recognize that incorrect? “. Whether Teacher Willow most likely at the end is the Ditto?

  • Text: He…

In enhancement, there should be much more missions where your It’s the same, the “Conmanting Pokémon”, ought to start. And also the name of the event is currently out of this data. This should run under the name “April Fools’ 2-Oh?

Along with the initial material around the event on April 1, the pokeminers have actually encountered further interesting data in their search, to name a few points to the Rocket event, which must begin on Sunday, April 3. The following was discovered (via

In enhancement, the Pokeminers were discovered new sticker labels, which along with the brand-new occasion sticker labels for the area day with Velursi likewise show photos relevant to Ditto:.

How do the instructors locate the finds to the April Fool’s Event?

What will certainly likewise anticipate you to the it’s the same event, however stays to be seen.
As quickly as there are official details, you will certainly of training course gain from us on Meinmmo.
How do you find the components discovered to the April Fool’s Event?
Would you look ahead to Teacher Willow as Ditto?
Or did you wish for another beast?
Write us your point of view right here on Meinmmo in the remarks and exchanges you with various other trainers on this topic.
In the coming weeks, Pokémon Go has a lot.
We show you all events in April as well as which your benefits ought to be used.

  • Mandechama: “What type of lure Willow will your viewpoint attract? I request a pal “.

** In Pokémon Go you can work with for tomorrow on some Schabernback, due to the fact that the initial discovers currently reveal the prepared April Fool’s fault. We from Meinmmo have seen us how to send you Niantic in the April. You can frequently locate brand-new Pokémon, features or info regarding study before an event or a release. Your finds are after that readily available to various other trainers openly.

  • Radiantmint24: “I just hope we do not need to catch Willow in the wild… that would be a bit savage…”.

In the Reddit neighborhood, numerous coaches take pleasure in the idea that Professor Willow can be an it’s the same to the April Fool’s Occasion. This can be found under the post the following bantering comments (using

  • 21waterguy: “Professor Willow with Ditto-eyes would certainly provide me nightmares”.

This should run under the name “April Fools’ 2-Oh?

Snowrunner: Free Next gene

In the community update for April 2022, FOCUS Home Interactive informs about the other plans for Snowrunner.

The game developed by Saber Interactive will therefore receive a Next gene upgrade for the Xbox Series X | S and Playstation 5 consoles.

The upgrade will contain 4K resolution and 60 fps and be free for all players when it arrives on 31 May 2022.

For launch, Cross-Play, including Nintendo Switch, will be available.

First information about Season 7

For the upcoming Season 7, the developers have revealed that they will be located in Tennessee (USA). There you can expect a unpaved route as well as a big river.

With a light sidewalker and a truck, which was specially developed for races, two new vehicles are also there.

As an activity, there will be race in the new region where your challenges can be denied or with friends.

This is how the updated roadmap for Snowrunner looks at the summer 2022:

“Getsufumaden: Undying Moon” beta test start-Add new weapon type implementation and new elements

The STeam version “getsufumaden: Undying Moon” released from Konami on February 17, but the next version V1.1.0 beta test, which is the next version from March 17 to the end of April.. At the moment, it is undecided for the end of this test, and it is said that an announcement will be conducted separately as soon as it is determined.

“Getsufumaden: Undying Moon” was a 2D horizontal scroll action using the Worldwise World World of Launched from Konami for FC in 1987, and the main character Hold the scales to go to hell while kicking down the envy and sashimi.

“Moon-style magic”, which should also be said to be original, is characterized by a world view of the Japanese-style taste, such as the shurestro, treasure, and candle, and this work that inherits the name of the same cooperation is also possible to associate weapons and Japanese martial arts such as swords and Japanese umbrellas. It is a work that extruded the Japanese style to the front, such as a battle that incorporates elements such as the beat.

In this beta test, elements that increase the degree of difficulty such as new enemies and traps, as well as the addition of new elements such as repair of actions and special attacks and implementation of new weapon species, also implemented elements such as new enemies and traps. It is upgraded to increase playability.

A Beautiful Action Roguelite LOADED With Style And Flavour! | GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon
In addition, in this beta test, all elements are unlocked for testing purposes, and there are different parts such as handover and storage location of save data. Please check here for details.

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