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Expert Safe: BVB has a training problem

Football Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund is the team with the most injured years this season, always important regular players. At the BVB you have long been looking for the backgrounds, an expert has now given an assessment. With the black and yellow it does not push straight on open ears.

“The big number of injuries, of course, has been very busy this year”, known Borussia Dortmund’s license player Sebastian Kehl, from summer Football Bundesligas director, opposite “Football Bundesliga Image”: “In the knowledge that every case is to be viewed individually, we still try, pattern To recognize, we are in the midst of the analysis and will then make derivatives. “

That approach is needed bitter, the Stars in the BVB are injured in unsightly regularity. One of the big problems are repeating muscle injuries. Medium-terminal Erling Haaland, for example, missed 16 mandatory games this season, he was always braked by muscle injuries. Left-back Raphael Guerreiro, actually one of the key players in the squad, also missed a lot of games.

It is clear that the number of Dortmund failures, and thus the down days, is significantly too high compared to the competition. The Football Bundesligas sheet prefers that a BVB profi is not available to its coach on average per season 67 days. On the other hand, a player of FC Bayern drops “only” 39 days on average.

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The Football Bundesligas scientist Professor Ingo Froböse from the Football Bundesligas college Cologne gave an assessment to “Football Bundesliga Image”: “Unfortunately, it is not the first time, even in the era Jürgen Klopp the problem with the muscle injuries was very manifest. Since you have to ask: what Maybe in fitness training may be wrong? “

Sebastian Kehl fights vehement against remote diagnoses

According to frolic, it is clear from the outside: “It is definitely not a game problem, but a training problem, I’m sure.” Muscle injury occur, “when muscles are tired”. His assumption: The musculature of the BVB professionals is “disproportionately demanded”, for example by “too much shot training, too much sprint training and then in combination”. The Football Bundesligas scientist therefore recommends “placing more focus on regeneration.”

Sebastian Kehl and the entire Dortmund’s leadership had already made it clear in the past that the cause research is turned around every stone and possibly also draws personnel consequences.

However, remote diagnoses, however, categorically rejects Kehl: “I personally hold any evaluation from the outside – without accurate diagnoses, injury histories, to know current pictures or stress analysis of our players – for borderline and therefore does not want to go into detail,” he said to the Football Bundesligas magazine.

In front of the Bundesliga game of BVB against RB Leipzig, head coach Marco Rose lacks Nico Schulz, Thomas Meunier, Mateeu Morey and Felix Passplack equal four defenders. For attackers Steffen Tigges the season is already over.

Luka Jovic on the BVB

There is no bigger surprise will leave Haaland Borussia Dortmund in the coming summer. According to an agreement, the BVB allegedly collects around 75 million euros for the Norwegian, but must also fill a huge gap in the squad. According to a report, the Borussen plan two-track.

As a hot candidate on the succession of Haaland at BVB, the German new national player Karim Adeyemi has been valid for months. The 20-year-old is currently lacing the football shoes in Austria for RB Salzburg and would take the same path when changing to Dortmund as Haaland, who moved from the red bulls to the Ruhr area at the beginning of 2020.

The speculation around Adeyemi also engages “El Nacional”, according to the Catalan online portal, the BVB is considered, but not only to set on Adeyemi alone.

The club guide of the Borussen should also have focused Luka Jovic of Real Madrid, it says in a report.

BVB interest in Jovic regardless of Haaland

What The Hell Is Happening To Erling Haaland's Body?
The Serbe moved after a strong season 2018/19 in the jersey of Eintracht Frankfurt (27 goals and seven templates in 48 competitive games) for 60 million euros to Real Madrid, was able to fulfill the royal but never the expectations that one put into his person.

It is questionable, however, whether the BVB would grab the bag for Jovic deep enough. The 24-year-old is under contract at Real until the end of June 2025, despite the weak appearances of Jovic in the jersey of the Madrilenen, therefore, a non-low transfer should be called.

The interest of the BVB is intended to be “El Nacional” in principle regardless of whether it attracts Haaland to Madrid, however, Real is to explain opportunities to involve Jovic in a possible Haaland transfer.

According to the “picture”, Jovic is neither in winter nor in the summer theme at BVB. Accordingly, the ex-frankfurter was too small for a center-for-the-center and does not fit the play style of the Dortmund.

BVB: Erling Haaland in the hospital examined in detail

The severity of the injury of striker star Erling Haaland from the football Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund is still unclear. On Sunday, the BVB attacker was examined in detail in the hospital.

“I can not say anything yet. Since you have to wait for the investigation,” BVB coach Marco Rose had said after the turbulent 3: 2 (1: 1) on Saturday in the point match at TSG Hoffenheim.

That examination took place on Sunday in the Knappschaftskrankenhaus in Dortmund, where Haaland was examined for about 90 minutes for information from “Ruhr news”. Also present was Borussia Dortmund’s team doctor Dr. Markus Braun. Previously, Haaland had stopped at the training premises of the black yellow.

For the 21-year-olds it is already third muscle injury in the current season. At the end of September, he missed three games of his team, a ultimately probably early return to the square then led to problems at the hip boss and thus a multi-week break. At the end of November, the top player of Borussia could celebrate his comeback.

Also examined BVB defender Meunier

At the lucky victory of the Dortmund against the TSG Hoffenheim Erging Haaland had to be in the 63rd minute from the square after he had passed his way. Previously, the Norwegian had achieved his 16th goal this season (6.). The BVB also announced no information on a possible downtime after the investigation in the hospital.

What The Hell Is Happening To Erling Haaland's Body?

Good for BVB and Haaland: The Bundesliga goes into a short break, no games are scheduled for the coming weekend. Due to the Corona Pandemic actually provided for August and September provided World Cup qualifiers in Asia, Africa, South America, North and Central America as well as in Oceania. These will now be made up.

“The break actually does not happen to us so uncomfortable,” Coach Rose had noted: “Erling is struck, Manu (Akanji also, Note d. Red.). That means to be able to treat a few guys, but actually also training time to have.”

In addition to Erling Haaland, the right-back Thomas Meunier was also examined in detail on Sunday. The Belgian had missed the duel at the TSG, even the 30-year-old plague muscular problems.

“Fiasko” at BVB: Thats how it works for Reinier

In the summer of 2020, Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund agreed on a two-year loan business around the Brazilian talent Ranger. The 20-year-old should take a similar development at BVB as Ashraf Hakim before. A hope that has long been smashing.

In over one and a half years at the BVB, Ranger played just 30 competitive games. Only once was the offensive players the full 90 minutes on the lawn, rarely he gathered in his missions more than half an hour playing time. No wonder that a premature termination of the lending stood several times in the room. But it will not come to that.

According to “as”, it is decided thing that Ranger will return to Real Madrid at the end of the season. Even the lending to another club is not for debate despite the “Fiascos” at BVB, it says.

Although real, of course, is not satisfied that his jewel in Dortmund hardly finds consideration, one obviously does not want to exert pressure to endanger the good relationship with BVB – even in the face of probably upcoming negotiations around Dortmund’s Superstar Erlang Haaland.

Real Madrid continues to believe in Talent Ranger

However, the next step around Ranger will examine the royal as a result of poor experiences up to the last millimeter. After all, Real moved in January 2020 whopping 30 million euros to flamenco for the services of the Junior National Player.

So that this investment does not turn out completely as an error, “as” should be found in the summer a new rental club. The main focus is on the fact that Ranger will guarantee playing time.

In principle, however, in Madrid you should continue to believe that Ranger creates the breakthrough. While the royal people often agreed lending shops in other talents, in which the receiving club as an incentive for a development of the player issues part of the percentage of the actor, this is completely excluded in the case of Ranger.

The right foot is still under contract in the Spanish capital until the summer of 2026.

Eintracht Frankfurt grabs BVB-Youngster – Transfer of HSV

Ansgar Klaus was barely the train at Borussia Dortmund. Because of this, the BVB Youngster is on a lending at Eintracht Frankfurt for one and a half years.

The corresponding deal confirmed both clubs on Thursday afternoon.

Ansgar is a talent from their own offspring, which has already brings a lot. He has come to us with the desire for us to collect more game practice in the course of a LED. We would like to offer him this opportunity to evolve at a high level, explained Sebastian Keel, head of the license player department and future Knaufs director at BVB.

The loan business runs until June 30, 2023. A purchase option or obligation was not agreed between the clubs, the BVB announced.

Frankfurt’s Knaufs board Markus Roche said, Ansgar fits very well with his pace and understanding of the game very well in our team and would like to make the next development step here. He is able to help us immediately on the outer paths immediately.

Ansgar Klaus at BVB only reservoir

In the past year, Klaus had ever been traded at Eintracht Frankfurt. However, a transfer occurred did not materialize.

Finally, the BVB wanted to keep the wing player after his steep ascent in the past second half. Half a year later, Klaus played at the black and yellow but only a supporting role.

Thus, the 20-year-old under coach Marco Rose just completed 109 Bundesliga minutes.

Most recently, Klaus was used at the end of November for the BVB professionals. At Eintracht Frankfurt, the U21 national player beckons significantly more playing time.

HSV-Youngster Alison not to Eintracht Frankfurt?

A lending Klaus probably also has direct influence on the Fa ride Alison also traded at the Hesse.

The 20-year-old last considered a hot candidate to a change to Eintracht Frankfurt. Now a winter change of all likelihood is from the table.

On Tuesday HSV Knaufs board Jonas Bold suggested that Alison will not change to the Main metropolis for the time being. What Frankfurt has offered for half a year was not so that we have become nervous, said the 40-year-old in front of the DFB Cup game between HSV and 1. FC Cologne at Sky.

Schiri boss Cheerful Zwayer whistles no BVB for the time being

Referee Felix Player will lead as a result of the fierce discussions according to the Bundesliga top game between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich (2: 3) at the beginning of December no more BVB lots. The referee boss Lutz Michael Frolic the Kicker.

It would not be responsible for my concepts in such a or comparable case to all sides to restore the same constellation again, said cheerfully, There should be some time in the country.

The debate for Player was triggered by the Dortmund er Jung star Jute Bellingham. The Englishman had broken the impartial after the game against Bayern.

It was about the past of the Berliner and his entanglement to the Holder scandal. In 2004, Player had assumed the file as wizard money from the Wirehair Robert Holder. Later, he covered the scandal, a manipulation was never detected him despite lock.

Roger Whittaker - Boss Whistler (1977)

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According to happily, the file may not reflect the actual occurrences but not correctly. Here was the statement by Robert Holder, Felix Player took money against that of Felix Player, who denied that. In this situation he accepted the verdict, said cheerfully, Whenever the process in recent years again The rolled up, Felix had emphasized me that he has not accepted any money.

DHB women solve main rounds

The DUB selection prevailed on Saturday about 550 spectators in Gloria against Slovakia easily with 36:22 (17:12) and now has 4: 0 points in the group E. Best throwers for those superior in all matters DUB women were Alina Grijseels with six goals and Make Schmoozer (5). Each four goals called Ante Lauenroth, Xenia Smith and Johanna Stock Sledges.

In the last preliminary round match against Hungary Next Monday, the team of national coach Hank Greener next to the group victory is mainly a good starting position for the further tournament course, as the result is taken.

The German team started highly concentrated and quickly led 5: 1 after six minutes. But in this rhythm, it was not going on, because some unconcentrities seized. At 6: 5 (11th), Slovakia was back.

Schmoozer is constantly causing danger

Overall, the DUB team had the opponent who had already been conquered at 32:25 just before the World Cup, but secure under control. The defense acted similarly aggressively as in the clear starting victory against the Czech Republic and took a lot of work a lot of work from Dinah Eberle.

The attack ran a lot over the circle where Schmoozer constantly produced unrest, and the outside. In the first round, especially Lauenroth proved very accurate. So it went with a comfortable five-goal lead in the half-time break.

Even after the change, the DUB women laid a turbo start and quickly expanded the lead to nine goals (22: 13/36.). Greener switched through again and gave all players important atmospheres.

Showpiece remained the defense with a very good goalkeeper Katharina filter behind it. The World Cup debutant showed several gloss parades and led many fast counterattacks, which often led to success. Eight minutes before the end, the lead at 32:18 was even 14 goals. The rest was at the run for the German team.

Budget VS Premium | DHB Cycling Clothing | Cycling Weekly

Slovakia — Germany 22:36 (12:17)

Slovakia: Vanilla, Oguntoyova — Baclava 4/1, Bizikova 4/3, Lance 3, Trunk ova 3, Moldova 2, Stefania 2, Kharkov 2, Batik 1, Pocsikova 1, Bujnochova, Quinoa, Dakota, Popovcova, Rubicon
Germany: Eberle (Team Esther), Filter (Buxtehude SV) — Grijseels (Borussia Dortmund) 6/1, Schmoozer (CS Gloria 2018) 5, Lauenroth (SG BBM Bietigheim) 4, SMITH (SG BBM Bietigheim) 4, Stockholder (Neckarsulm SU) 4/1, calf (Us Memmingen) 3, Maid of (SG BBM Bietigheim) 3, Schulz (SG BBM Bietigheim) 2, Shock (Borussia Dortmund) 2, Berger (Borussia Dortmund) 1, Brons-Petersen (Us Memmingen) 1, Book (Ferencvarosi TC) 1, Anti (Buxtehude SV), Stole (Ferencvarosi TC)
Referee: Book Too (South Korea) / Seek Lee (South Korea); Criminal minutes: 6/6; Disqualification: /

BVB Sebastian Kehl increases the pressure The next phase becomes incredibly important to us

Before the conference break, Borussia Dortmund s form curve showed steeply downwards. The dramatic injury divers has added to the team of coach Marco Rose, but the Fitted professionals also stayed behind the expectations. For BVB license player Sebastian Keel, it is clear that an increase must be made as soon as possible.

The next phase becomes incredibly important to us, said the 41-year-old kicker and thus played on the upcoming trailing encounters in the Bundesliga and the Champions League.

Nationally, FC Bayern again threatens to go to spin early, the record champion has four points ahead of BVB. In the royal class, a defeat in the group final against BVBing could also provide for missing the K.O. Round. Understandable that those responsible now increase the pressure.

BVB emotions

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Hope makes that one or the other last painfully missing actor could soon be available again.

BVB before trendy weeks

Nine (!) Players lacked the last league game in Leipzig, of course, of course, Forager Erlang Haaland (hip pub injury).

His representative Donnell paint, for which one had spent a proud 30 million euros in the summer, waiting for the breakthrough, was not a factor in Haaland s absence.

According to Rose, the Butcher has to get used to the Bundesliga, but the coach also demanded that painting at his mindset.

The next match day the BVB meets in the domestic signal Idea Park on the BVBy also battered VfB Stuttgart. Everything else than a victory would be the next setback for the Westphalia that had actually sent to FC Bayern finally dethroned. Accordingly, Keel s words are to be understood.

Merciless analysis at BVB Reus says The Truth

That was little to nothing from BVB: The big game of the eleventh match day in the Bundesliga goes crashing lost at RB Leipzig. So furious play the hosts in phases so desolate occurs Borussia Dortmund. BVB captain Marco Reus burst after the game the collar.

As a show legend Thomas Gottschalk in Nuremberg s Exhibition Hall in front of his Wetter, days…? — written occurs audience and sunning after a decade in the applause of the 2,500 spectators, is bursting Zeus in Leipzig s Zentralstadion the bad mood in the face. For Borussia Dortmund had suffered this Saturday evening. And the powerful.

Although the BVB captain had scored a goal for RB Leipzig. It was the intermediate 1: 1. And the score after 52 minutes had been played out wonderfully. Rights defenders Thomas Meunière had put his teammates in great scene and had completed sovereign. If you will, that the best action of the Dortmund was in this top match of the Bundesliga. And actually the only strong.

That is bitter. For Russia. For on this eleventh match day Schwarzgelben connection to the FC Bayern have lost temporarily. That is just the difference between these two great rivals. While the Munich even have at home to really strong SC Freiburg effort, but did not lose the game up. Unlike Dortmund, who had been hergespielt Leipzig phased impressive. So that the battered counted RB coach Jesse March put the strongest possible stand against the criticism of his work.

Criticism was that evening in Leipzig but the big issue. However, when opponents. There took Zeus to the 1: 2 defeat to a remarkable sweeping blow out. And is likely to reverberate in the upcoming international break until well. We have not managed to be at eye level. Was in the aggressiveness in the opening game. In total the too little, he railed at Sky. He was not disillusioned, assured the applied offensive player, no: His statements were the truth We did not deserve.

RB Leipzig wonders very

Especially the first 45 minutes brought the captain to despair. He did, however, not only to a lack of intensity in the game tight, but also at the tactical orientation, had chosen the coach Marco Rose for his team. We have changed in the second half to four. This is clear to us better because we are much more active than in the five chain. We also have in the five chain a man less in the center, which can squeeze us. This brings us even not clear that you have to make it very clear.

An impressive evidence supplied the first-half of the Saxon capital. Chance of BVB. And that completely. That the Leipzig after a goal of outstanding Christopher Skunk with only 1 went into the cabin 0, it was the best news for the desolate Dortmund who managed to escape at any time from the tight grip of the immensely powerful lawn shooting. Several times were goalkeeper Gregory Nobel, the man who prevented more trouble. I ve never seen Dortmund who have made so many mistakes in the build-up play, marveled Leipzig striker Yusuf Paulsen. They have some simply played balls out of play.

Zeus pushes System debate on BVB

Not quite so one-sided it was after the break. Also, because the system has been adjusted. The weak Marin Panoramic, who had taken care of during the week with a surprisingly open and accusatory interview for plenty of excitement, remained outside. Ansgar Enough came a very young winger. Th organ hazard, actually an Offensive all rounder, gave the left-back. And he made the good. The whole construct was stable, BVB but only a little better.

BVB fans after Marco Reus Hattrick

A system debate that Zeus had initiated with his suit, the coach but did not want to lead, There are always different reasons, after which prepares We have set up after today as we bring our boys best in their positions.

The basic order is always the one that motion in the fundamental order the other. We have not implemented well in the first half. It is not a question of the system. The discussion is unnecessary. Especially since the BVB have retracted with three / five chains already good results, such as rose yet added.

BVB title so far-fetched as Wetter, days…? — Future

Now it needs, however, even a draw consistent around the black and yellow image other truth. The club goes into this week staff at the floor. With Erlang Haaland life insurance simply missing. And if indeed true what Panoramic had divulged during the week, then it will take a while until the Norwegians returns.

With Mo Aloud, Eyre Can, Raphael Guerrero and Giovanni Reyna, further service providers are currently not operational. And the most recently dimensional Marius Wolf could not participate in Leipzig. That s a bitter list.

It honors the BVB and his coach that he did not want to take these problems to explain the bankruptcy. We do not want to look for excuses in any form, we want to approach the resistors. We have to take the resistors. There are resistances, but resistors are there that they are bridged. To which is now probably a system debate.

In Nuremberg, Gottschalk covers how it is betting that…? Always tradition was. He covers mighty. His comeback was sometimes entertaining, sometimes fallen from the time and not in a long time. Just like Dortmund s masterpiece in almost every season.

Because one thing is clear regardless of any system debating: Anyone who counts Borussia Dortmund in the current constitution and with the current staff to the title citizens, who looks in betting that…? Also, the future of German TV entertainment.

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