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Discover New Ways to Play Elden Ring with This Mod: Is it Possible to Transform the FromSoftware Game into an MMORPG?

Elden Ring just recently commemorated her first birthday.
The 2022 game at the Awards game last December, from FROMSOFTWARE manufacturing appears to have actually won many followers.
As well as despite being a total experience, the video game has several mods, including one that turns it into an MMORPG.

When Elden Ring meets Wow

It was inspired by MMOs classics like the Blizzard game that Muugiboy came up with the suggestion of producing this mod.
Elden Ring gamers were very delighted with the announcement of a DLC, but it will certainly not appear prior to completion of the year.
Change is such that classes, invocations and also building are affected.
Tidelands also includes a number of and-new features, such as real Damage system, new attacks as well as a and-new classification of products that enables players to furnish components of the ring itself.
Yet what would certainly be an MMORPG without the substantial multiplayer?
Thus, MOD combines with Smooth Co-Op, which enables gamers to check out the abyss with others.
When collected, Shardless can deal with their organization as they uncover the and-new features supplied by MOD.

raids on the program?

Muugiboy discusses, he has wonderful prepare for his mod.
This is why he has actually already announced the arrival of assaults, influenced by those present in World of Warcraft.
He desires his mod to become a true MMORPG experience by introducing multiplayer web servers.

On top of that, the Mod designer prepares to include a and-new personality usable to him.
Although just from-Sounding can answer big questions about Elden Ring’s plot, it offers some twists generally story.
He addresses the subject of an exclusive added resource in the future, positioning players instead of Melina herself, whose final employer is a character.
Nevertheless, Muugiboy presents his mod as a self-governing task whose primary goal is to entirely modify gameplay as well as not history.


FromSoftware will deal with the remainder.

Studio appoint Elden Ring the most confusing game of the year

_ Elden Ring It is a huge game, with hundreds of secrets to discover. However, he is also very vague in the way he distributes, not only his necessary information to advance, but also in his history. In this way, a new study has cataloged the work of From software as the most confusing game of the year.

According to a study by Switch, an analyst firm, elder rings has been listed as the most confusing game of the whole year. This investigation was carried out when taking into consideration Total consultations related to the game that has received the Google search engine during 2022.

Thus, it has been concluded that Elden Ring_ accumulate 171,840 searches on Google related to doubts, guides, tips and solutions . Considering that this is one of the most successful games of the year, it is not a great surprise that the number of information related to this title is so high.

This is not all, since Switch has also shared a list with the five most confusing games of 20222. These are:

Elden Ring-171,840 searches

DEMETER DREAD-53,880 Searches

Resident Evil: Village-44,760 searches

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla-33,960 Searches

Far Cry 6-31,920 searches


From the list, The first three positions are made up of games that leave the free player to explore and discover the world at their own pace. On the other hand, the other two titles are Ubisoft Open World Games, by that consultations are surely related to the additional content, and not so much by the main adventure.

In related issues, new sales figures of Elden Ring are presented. Similarly, new art books have been revealed.

Editor’s note:

There is no bad thing to search for the game online. Titles like Elden Ring have secrets that surely thousands of people have lost, and having this extra help makes you can experience everything the developers created.

The best PVP classes in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has 10 classes to choose from, each with their strengths and weaknesses. It may be difficult to choose the right class for your game style and succeed in PVP, here is a list of the best PVP classes to start with Elden Ring.

3 – Tramp

The tramp is a protective class with high energy, strength and dexterity , but overall a good scatter of statistics. Starting with a shield with a 100% decrease in physical damage the class surpasses counteraction to the guard by blocking the attack, and then immediately after a severe attack. In PVP, the tramp may succeed using colossal or great weapons Damage to tanks and ground attacks through hits. Focus on vigor and balance (balance increases with your armor) is the most important for the tramp.

  • Weapons: long sword, halberd, heating shield.
  • Armor: a set of a wandering knight
  • Spells: No.

2 – astrologer

Astrologer is one of the best starting classes for any script. Starting with high intelligence and mind and a little dexterity . The astrologer has the opportunity to focus exclusively on distant battle mage style of play or combine spells with dexterity weapons to be wipes blade style of play. In Elden Ring, you can find many spells that are excellent in PVP, for example the tops barrier, Loretta’s skill and an ambush fragment .

  • Weapons: a short sword, an astrologer’s staff, a sacred wooden shield.
  • Armor: a set of astrologer.

1 – Warrior

Warrior is an attacking class with the highest dexterity and hard energy , mind , Endurance and strength . This allows the warrior to freely create hand -to -hand assembly with any important characteristic. The warrior must focus on two -handed weapons of dexterity , like the initial yatagans, and add status effects to weapons. The use of condition effects such as blood loss or venom in PVP is very efficient to strain the enemy and quickly inflict damage.

  • Weapons: 2 yatagans, riveted wooden shield.
  • Armor: a hood made of blue fabric, a vest of blue fabric, a warrior mitte, a good soldier.

Elden Ring Warrior Class Guide - Dual Wield Build Guide
* Spells: No.

To learn more about Elden Ring leaders, read the best assemblies of faith in Elden Ring and the best assembly of the magician in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: How to get Fias outfit

FIA is a NPC everyone knows ELDENRING . It is one of the most important NPCs in the Roundtable Hold and offers the player comfort. It will offer you to keep yourself and give a buff that you can improve your attitude. As with many NPCs in Elden Ring, players have the desire to receive FIAS outfit. For most NPCs, this is a simple task as they only kill them and take their clothes. However, FIA holds in the Roundtable, where you can not use weapons or kill NPCs. Let’s discuss how you can get in Elden Ring Fias Outfit for yourself.

How to get fias outfit in Elden Ring

The way you get FIAS outfit is quite similar to how you give Dung Eaters armor. You have to complete your quest series to get you. Fias quest series is not something you can start as soon as you visit the Roundtable Hold, you have to make some serious progress from Elden Ring to start your quest series at all. To be fias quest series, you must rest in any place of grace in the area of the Altus Plateau. For the most part, this means somewhere behind the big elevator.

Once you have rested in one of these places of grace, you have to return to the Roundtable Hold and ask FIA to keep you again. It will go through the normal holding animation and tell you that you are warm. After that, a dialog box opens in which you can ask if you need help. Fia will ask you for a favor to find out who a dagger belongs.

You do not have to look too far because if you talk to D, Hunter of the Dead, you can give him the dagger. In this way, you can continue the quest to the next level. For the next part you have to kill a second Shardbearer and take his big rune. If you return to FIA and keep it from your again, a second dialog option will be triggered, with which you receive a card. This map has it in the direction of a black knife imprint.

You must reload the RoundTable Hold to continue the quest series. If it is reloaded, you should see Fia in a new room near the blacksmith, it will disappear afterwards. To continue, you need to go to the highest part of Deepproot Depths. You will find in the branches to Godwyn’s corpse settlers and have to fight the boss nearby. After killing the boss, you should be able to find FIA in the back of the arena.

You can talk to her again and say that you want to be held again. She will ask you to find the curse of death. If you make Rannis Quest series or have already done it at this time, this is the same item you need to get to you. In this way you can hit two birds with a flap. You have to bring the Cursemark of Death back to FIA in the Roundtable Hold. Download the area again and you should find Fia sleeping in your room.

Occurs in Fias dream and fight against Lichdragon Fotissax. As soon as they have defeated them, they get the healing rune of the death prince. If you return to FIA now, you should be able to pick up a copy of your armor, which sits next to her. If you need more help to Elden Ring, please read our other instructions.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

Elden Ring - Fia Questline, Locations, Outfit (Quest for Age of Duskborn Ending)
– This item was updated on 29 March 2022

Attack of the Fanboys / Player / Elden Ring: How to get Fia’s Outfit

Sony buys Elden Ring

In the last few days, the rumor highlighted that Sony appears to be apparently before the takeover offrom software . However, this is only a misunderstanding in which the tweet of an insider was taken slightly too seriously. We reveal you as it could come to the rumors around the creators of Elden Ring.

What happened?

Not the first rumor for a takeover

Already in the past was repeatedly speculated over a supposed purchase of From Software by Sony. For the reasons, for example, cooperation in exclusive projects such as Demon’s Souls or Bloodborne counted. In recent years, the rumor is also stubborn that both companies are currently working on a new game for PlayStation . It has not yet come out.

Sony already has indirect shares from from software

Asmongold realises Elden Ring is dead

At the beginning of the last year, the responsible persons of Sony announced that one has secured shares in the Japanese Group Kadokawa . The publisher in turn grabbed in 2014 in total 80% of the shares of FROM Software and is thus in the majority possession of the developer studio. Indirectly Sony is already sitting in the boat at FROM software – a complete acquisition is currently not on the plan.

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Elden Ring: Patch 1.0.3 brings new NPC, Quest

Last night on March 17, 2022, Patch 1.0.3 has appeared for Elden Ring, on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Steam. The size of the download is 1.6 GB. The new update brings fine grinding, improved balance, a new NPC, fresh quest phases and a lot more.

Highlights of patch 1.0.3 for elden ring

Table of contents

  1. Page 1elden Ring: Patch 1.0.3: New NPC, Quest Phases, Bugfixes
  2. Page 2elden Ring: Patch 1.0.3 – Patch Notes
    3rd page 3 picture gallery for “Elden Ring: Patch 1.0.3 brings new NPC, quest phases,…

First, let’s look at some highlight innovations from Patch 1.0.3 for Elden Ring:

  • If you meet a NPC in a game world, you can now immortalize its location with an icon and name on the card.
  • With Jar-Bairn, a new NPC was added.
  • For the NPCs Diallo, Nepheli Loux, Kenneth Haight and Gatekeeper Gostoc there are new quest phases.
  • There are now the opportunity to summon a helpful NPC in various situations.
  • For the Imitatortränenasche there is now an increased number of object patterns that can be imitated.
  • In some areas of the open world, a new background music awaits you at night.
  • Some opponents Droppen blacksmiths now with an elevated chance, and you can get in the game forged in the game for desire to dealership.
  • The effectiveness of shields has been increased.

  • The damage of the effects of the sword of the night and the flame has been reduced.
  • The damage of the host of the imitator tranene ash was reduced.
  • The damage of the likewise very strong weapons effect rausiffstemfer was reduced, it also takes longer to activate the effect.

Jar-Bairn NEW NPC and Quest Start Location (Jarburg) - Elden Ring Patch 1.03

Apparently, the developers of Elden Ring have our guide with these tips also play Souls newcomers Elden Ring simply read through and now diverse guides strategies attenuated. Whether imitator tranene ash, sword of the night and the flame or rausaturstampfer are still playable, the practical test must show. On the following page you will find all patch notes to Elden Ring Update 1.0.3.

Page 1 Elden Ring: Patch 1.0.3: New NPC, Quest Phases, Bugfixes

Page 2 Elden Ring: Patch 1.0.3 – Patch Notes

Page 3 picture gallery to Elden Ring: Patch 1.0.3 brings new NPC, quest phases, bugfixes and more

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The best Dex weapons from Elden Ring

Looking for the best Dex weapons from Elden Ring? The melee in the Souls series of fromSoftware has always been a fight between two pages: the heavy weapons with high levels of damage against the fast and skilled weapons with skill. Many of the visually and mechanically complex weapons of these games can be found in the skill category, which gives the players the speed advantage – and the possibility to look cool.

As with most things in Elden Ring, there is a considerable number of great Dex weapons from which you can choose to meet every situation, but only one handful can really be called the best * Elden Ring Dex Weapons * . Since the game follows the trend to make enemies faster and faster, you can often decide for a faster weapon to achieve this extra hit to make the difference.

So if you want to find out what makes the cut in our list of the best Dex weapons from Elden Ring, read on to find out.

Best Elden Ring Dex Weapons

Here are the best Dex weapons in Elden Ring:

  • Fang of the Bloodhound
  • Cragblade of the Dragon King
  • God’s skinny
  • Hand of Malenia
  • Moon veil
  • Morgotts cursed sword
  • Scorpion sting
  • Urumi

To get the most out of the above, we recommend that you apply the Keen affinity to all standard reinforcing weapons and keep your skill status high for the best possible scaling.

Bloodhound’s rice tooth

Similar to Ghiza’s Wheel in our best guide for ELDEN ring starch weapons, Bloodhounds acts rather as a quality weapon as a pure skid weapon. However, it is cutting on due to its increased scaling index in this list when updating it.

It is an excellent early game option for those who have made our choice for the best Elden Ring class, as it can be acquired and equipped pretty quickly by following Blaidd’s quest series. Although it is found so early and has relatively low occurrence requirements, Bloodhound’s catches arrange tremendous damage and has a great Moveset, with which you can defeat the hardest Elden Ring bosses.

Cragblade of the Dragon King

The Cragbblade of the Dragon King is one of the hardest weapons of the game and a reward for victory over the hidden boss Dragonlord Placidusax in Crumbling Farum Azula. And a reward is certainly to take the coat as one of the best Dex weapons from Elden Ring.

As a heavy shock sword, it combines insane range, fast attacks and fantastic damage to a completely exceptional tool. It also adds lightning attacks to cause additional damage to enemy vulnerabilities. Oh, and it has an ashes of the war that turns her stained into a literal lightning cloud that clasps to the enemy; Not bad, hm.


We are fans of all Twinblades here, so everyone could have created any of them on this list, but the Godskin Peeler stands out at the top.

The Godskin Peeler has the ever-stunning moveset of twin blades with the additional push of a sharp end and rains a flood of resistant damage to any enemy he touches. The use of the Keen affinity brings it to a wonderful A-scaling in skill, which makes it a strong choice, even in the late game, if you fully optimize your build.

The flexibility that it is also a standard reinforcement allows you to apply every war ash to the weapon, which means that you can also use some magical or lighting attacks for extra reach.

Hand of Malenia

Although the Cragblade of the Dragon King maybe the hardest weapon on this list is, the hand of Malenia is definitely the most difficult to procur.

As the name implies, it is the weapon of Malenia, Blade of Miquella, probably the toughest boss that from software has ever developed. As adequate compensation for their overcoming, they receive the well-best Dex weapon in Elden Ring. Mad damage, excellent range, bleeding structure and a monstrous ash of the war, together make the ideal weapon for a pure skill structure.

Moon veil

The hand of Malenia may be our choice for those who have a pure skill build, but the moon veil quickly developed into one of the best Meta weapons in the game for those who are willing to deal with intelligence. Our own Elden Ring-WeaponsRang list has taken the weapon directly into the S-stage for good reason, with the ashes of the war its main attraction.

A magic bow that can be sent horizontally or vertically and causes much more attitude damage than it is likely to cement one of the best Dex weapons from Elden Ring and is a fantastic option for enthusiastic PVP players. Do not be surprised if this gets a powerful Nerf in the near future.

Morgotts cursed sword

With a similar moveset like Bloodhound’s catch, Morgott’s Cursed Sword increases use by introducing arcane into the mixture. Without the Arcane, it serves as a first-class curved sword with high damage and praise range, but his blood infusion really brings it to the next stage.

It causes a high blood loss, which becomes better with higher arcane statistics, and has a blood flame ashes of the war, similar to his namesake, the enemy HP can break through. In addition, it is coated with a pearly effect for style points – of course, if you like something like that.

The sting of the scorpion

The sting of the scorpion, which can be found in the depths of the poor, gives the standard dagger a toxic turn. Through the devastating scarlet status effect, this blade can be poisonous with the correct application.

As soon as they attach the above-mentioned disease to an enemy, they can observe how his health shrinks faster than he can heal. Although luckily it does not require, it can encounter a few points in Arcane for anyone who has the bad luck, and strengthen this blade with the bloodshaded Reduvia.

Elden Ring BEST DEXTERITY BUILD! OP Dex Build Elden Ring!


The Urumi sneaks into this list for two reasons: he is one of the few weapons that achieves S-scaling in the skill, which means that their damage goes through the blanket, and also because whips in elden ring just really fun do.

However, this whip is rather a limp sword, which can protrude for a deadly impact attack if necessary. In contrast to many other skill-based weapons, the Urumi is able to easily stumble enemies, making the stunning of their most owned intruders for children’s play.

This completes our complete list of the best Dex-Elden Ring Dex weapons, which offers you a large selection of different play styles to choose from.

Skill builds seem at the moment due to the sheer speed of some bosses to be the meta for melee players, but if they tend to hit heavy weapons hard, read our best elden ring organizer to fully equip themselves. For more general tips and tricks to tackle Lands Between, otherwise do not miss our Elden Ring Complete solution for everything you need to become Elden Lord.

Elden Ring: Players discovered special ability thanks to inventory

In Elden Ring you have to fight through the Zwischenland and lead many challenging fights. If you need a little time for a while, you can activate a very useful special ability with a small inventory trick.

Soulslike games like Elden Ring are known for their gloomy atmosphere, imaginative monsters and of course the high degree of difficulty. The challenges also count the absence of a pause function – but fans have now found a way in Elden Ring to pause the game alone by calling a menu.

Elden Ring: Auxiliary menu in inventory paused game

In the Open World of Elden Ring players with a small trick is an unusual feature available: a way to pause the game. Twitter-User Iron Pineapple shows in a short video, How to treat yourself a well-deserved break in Elden Ring :

In the video it can be seen that your Elden Ring can actually pause when you call your inventory in the game, then changes to the auxiliary menu and select menu statement . The trick is obviously also works if you are surrounded by an opponent Horde – by the menu your opponents simply freeze. Thus, you can rethink your tactics in peace or turn to tasks in the real world without losing essential progress.

SoulSlike hit with unexpected function

The fromSoftware games are usually known to offer No pause function . Those who want to beat Dark Souls and Co. must therefore give up the practical feature. Accordingly, surprisingly, the discovery of the break trick is in elden ring.

So I Tried Elden Ring

For this reason, players should not rely too much on the function: they may be a mistake and ** will be removed from the game in future updates. If this should happen, you can still help you with a corresponding mod. (Source: Nexusmods)

The community has already created several interesting mods for Elden Ring – and, for example, brings in this way, an improved frame rate or Thomas the locomotive into the game.

Look at the Open World Trailer to Elden Ring in the video:

Elden Ring – Что делает Remembrance of the Omen King?

Morgott The Omen King Boss Weapons/Spells - Morgott's Cursed Sword - Regal Omen Bairn - Elden Ring
Morgott, the king of the omen, is one of the main bosses-bosses that players will face Elden Ring. Although it is difficult to defeat it, players will be rewarded the memory of the king of the omen after the destruction of the enemy. Morgott is located in Elden Trene , and players will have to face him to move through the storyline. After the victory over the boss, you can use the memories of the omnation king in the following ways:

  • Purchase Damned Morot Sword (20,000 RUN)
  • Purchase Royal omen Bairn (5000 RUN)
  • Sell a memory for 30000 Rune

Visit Finger reader ENIA in Round table To buy these items. Players can also duplicate the memory in any of the unused walking mausoleums get both weapons.

The damned Morgott Sword can be improved with gloomy blacksmith stones, and it is one of the strongest types of weapons in the game. His unique skill CURSED-BLOOD SLICE allows players to rush forward to strike diagonally down. This is followed by a flame flash, and players can carry out an additional attack.

The sword also has a passive effect, causing an increase in blood loss every time it affects the enemy. Similarly, the REGAL OMEN BARN is a consumable object that can be used to call multiple ghosts. This item uses 50 FP to unleash these appeals, and is very effective when you are in the minority.

Do not know how to get into the forbidden lands? Find out what to do after the victory over the morgue, the king of the forensic, in Elden Ring? in professional guidelines for the game.

Elden Ring: Where to go after you defeat Godskin Duo

It is not hard to lose yourself ELDENRING , especially after the fight with the Godskin Duo. After the fight they are in the middle of the crumbling Farum Azula and need a way out. In this guide, we give you step by step, what you need to do to know where you have to go after you have defeated Godskin Duo in Elden Ring.

Wherever you go after you have defeated the Godskin Duo

As mentioned earlier, you are after winning the fight with Godskin Duo, in the center of Crumbling Farum Azula. It can be difficult to know where to go, as there is no nearby site of grace and definitely do not want to die after they have defeated a boss. While they are in the area, you may want to grab the Drake Knight armor before you go. Here’s what you need to do to get out of Crumbling Farum Azula and get to safety.

The goal is to get to the nearest place of grace. To do that, go through the north entrance and down the stairs. Turn left and jump down to the next platform. There will be enemies there, so be careful. After ignoring or killing the enemies, go down the stairs on the left and straight . There will be another enemy in front of them, so do him or ignore him. Go straight to the edge and jumps on the column below . Who the jump appears to risky, which can take the way to the left.

Continue north By the corridor u Take the next right . There are a number of descending floating platforms to whom you have to jump to get to the left door. Go on through the door and continue straight ahead to the north . You reach a small courtyard with a fairly hard enemy you need to turn off. Go past the concrete dragon and jump to the platform on the right. Jump to the slanted roof and climb up towards the place of grace .

Where To Go After Dragon Temple Altar (Godskin Duo) | Elden Ring
And just so you are sure after you defeat Godskin Duo, and you can now teleport yourself anywhere on the map. Depending on where you lead the next adventure, you can choose where to go from here. Other guides on Elden ring, including boss help, strategy tips, find spots of objects, and more, see our guides on Elden ring.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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