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[Interview] Digimon, different from before, Digimon Survive

The latest film of Digimon Game Series, Digimon Surviv’s release, is not long. Unlike the existing Digimon works, which are bright and lively, they will have a very dark and depressed atmosphere.

The Digimon Survive, which was first released in July 2018, was expected by fans for its outstanding producer, the game of the game, the serious atmosphere of the game, and the differentiated graphics. After the children who were participating in field learning, they went to Digimon because they were unknown. Unlike the existing Digimon series, which has evolved as the user desired, it is characterized by the adoption of a system that changes from the breakdown of evolution and the story in the game according to the player’s choice.

Digimon Survive, which will show another figure in the Digimon series, and why is this challenging game? In a written interview with the lower Kazu Masa producer, I was able to listen to a short story. Digimon Survive will be released on July 28th as a PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PCs, and the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch version support Korean.

Q. The release period continued to be delayed. What is the reason.

The team in charge of the first two years was developed, but the progress was not good. As a result, the new team continued to develop, and most of the data could not be used. In the end, the development period, which was expected to be two years from the beginning, increased to four years.


Q. I chose a classic genre of text adventure and Tactics Battle. I wonder why the classic genre is mixed in the latest series.

It was decided in consideration of the fact that it is a game genre familiar to the main targets of Digimon games and a genre developed by small teams. Digimon Survive was a challenging title, so I was able to try this.

This work focuses on the text adventure, which is focused on stories rather than a nurturing game. In addition, there are eight major characters, so we adopted a strategic battle, a genre where several people can participate in the battle at the same time.

Q. What is the way to play the game of Digimon Survive?

In the text adventure part, the game is played by talking with the characters or investigating objects placed all over the background. Each chapter consists of two situations: ‘free behavior’, which develops ties with friends during the limited behavior, and ‘exploring behavior’, which is a scenario event. Strategic battles corresponding to the event occur about 2-4 times each chapter.

Q. Text adventure has a great share of the story. Please explain the story of Digimon Survive.

The story of Digimon Survive is different from the bright and positive Digimon series. Therefore, if you expect Digimon in a bright atmosphere, you can feel a little unfortunate. The characters of this work are not chosen as the main characters of the animation, but they are caught up in the end, and they are forced to make various choices in unwanted situations.

The story of the ‘Jewish’ of boys and monsters tested in such dangerous adventure is depicted in Digimon Survive. Boys and girls who came to study on-site learning suddenly caught up in the fog that occurred, and they arrived at this world where strange creatures and monsters appeared.

Suddenly, in a harsh situation thrown into danger, they are caught in fear and doubt. In the process, he raises ‘Jewish’ with monsters from another world and finds a way to survive. The player will join the game through the game.

Q. Unlike before, it is dark and heavy. Why did you make this challenging choice?

It is the same as Digimon’s royal road that children cannot return to this dangerous world where monsters run.

However, the harsh the situation, the closer the death is, and the human ego (Ego) is increasingly surfaced. The choice that falls in such a state reveals the player’s mind indirectly. We wanted to experience how the choice affects partner monsters through the game and feel immersive.

** Q. It was a story of abduction, so it would be a work for core fans. But rather, I think it might be an introductory series because it is a story that can be understood without seeing the abduction, that is, the main story.

Digimon Survive is drawn as the main character, ‘weakly’ people who would have only been supporting if they were other titles. Therefore, it may not be suitable for the introductory series. On the contrary, it can be seen as a work for those who sympathized with the perpetrators and victim characters of the sub-character-related events, not the main character, while encountering various Digimon series.

Q. I wonder how many endings in the story are prepared and how much it is play.

I think it’s about 25-40 hours per route. It depends on the text and difficulty, but it is expected to take 80 to 100 hours when clearing the entire root, including the digging elements.

Q. I wonder how many Digimon is available at the time of launch.

Digimon Survive is not a cultivation game, so it did not weigh the number of Digimon. The total number of monsters is 113.

Q. There are so many fans of Digimon in Korea. This is because I have been with Digimon as a child. Now they are adults and are waiting for Digimon Survive. I would like to give you the last greeting to Korean fans with Digimon for a long time.

As the series continued for a long time, many developments and stories appeared in Digimon. Among them, the game has the advantage of being able to play the worldview and story created by various ideas. The game is hoping for the game to bring Digimon’s new charm.

Digimon Survive is a particularly different work of Digimon games. I think it would be happy to have fun playing Korean fans who have been supporting Digimon games for a long time.

Wemade, Valov Icarus M WeMix Platform Onboarding

[Moon Young-soo Moon Young-soo] ‘Icarus M’ is on board on the WeMix platform.

Wemade (CEO Jang Hyun-guk) announced on the 1st that it has signed a contract with Balov (CEO Jae-myung Shin). This time, Icarus M is a mobile MMORPG, which is the core of large-scale battles and various kinds of fellow system. You can play in both iOS and AOS environments.

Valov is a game company that develops and publishes PC online games and mobile games. It serves more than 20 games in the global market through its own platform (VFUN).

Icarus M is a global mobile game that has been loved from all over the world, said Shin Jae-myung, CEO. We will provide a high level of games and become a high-quality mobile P & E game.

Wemade, CEO of Wemade, said, Wemade is based on utility coin WeMix and 100% complete collateral stable coin-mixed dollars, and launches the mainnet WeMix 3.0, game, NFT, and Defi (Defi) combined with DAO We will expand to the platform, he said. We will support Icarus M to succeed in the global blockchain game market.

[General] Persona 5 transplantation and Monkey Island, Nintendo Direct Mini

Nintendo unveiled the ‘Nintendo Direct Mini’ partner showcase, which was released a day before the event. The direct mini, which has a 30-minute video of video without any progress, introduced games from various third-party developers that are released as a Nintendo switch.

The announcement was confirmed by the Persona Series and Near Automata, which was released as other platforms such as Near Automata. In addition, you can also see the video play of Dragon Quest Treasure, which returned to the latest monkey island and only the official title.

Nintendo Direct was tied up with the games that appeared in the two videos as there were some differences in Japan and English broadcasts and some differences with the title of the announcement.

■ Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak-20122.6.30.

Large expansion pack of Monster Hunter Rise with its launch. As relevant information has been introduced through various events and special broadcasts, this video is designed to confirm the overall atmosphere ahead of the launch.

In addition, Hongryeon’s Seasonal Basel Giusus, along with the first free update distributed in August, was introduced, and the update roadmap that will continue in autumn, winter and 2023 was introduced.

■ Lorellai & The Laser Eyes-20123

Indie game chosen by Annapurna, who has served a lot of attractive indie works. It shows a video of a space that creates a depressed atmosphere with black and white, a modern 3D and a classic polygon graphic, an old woman with a red eye, and a mystery.

■ Super Bomberman R2-20123

A new work of the Bomburman series, released in 2023. Battle Royale mode, which can play up to 64 people based on online play, will be added with a new Battle Mode Castle. There is one castle side user who protects the treasure. Up to 15 attack side users, on the other hand, pick up the keys on the stage and open the treasure guarded by Castle Side users. However, only the winner of the winner is the winner, so the 15 attackers play the game with rivals. In addition, the story mode of the story of Bomberman’s brothers will be strengthened.

■ Blanc-February 20123

The game is impressive in the black and white world that looks like a fairy tale. The game that follows the stories of the baby wolf and the deer changes the scenes drawn by hand to 3D to continue the lyrical direction. Blanc’s unique feature is that he unveiled the journey of two different animals without a conversation.

■ Return to Monkey Island-20122

Along with Lucas Film, Ron Gilbert, who is in charge of the production, story, design, and programming of Maniac Mansion Series, Indiana Jones, and Monkey Island series, returns to the latest series. The video shows a number of scenes that can check the actual play of the game that only the development news was delivered. This work, which is drawn with more exaggerated directing and exotic visuals, plans to capture the advantages of the classic point and click adventure with Ron Gilbert’s unique humor.

■ Little Noah: The successor of paradise-20122.6.28.

It is a work that is reconstructed as a logite dungeon crawler using Little Noah’s IP, which was serviced by Games. Along with the use of various combo and elemental attacks, you can recruit and organize a colleague named Lily Foot to make the battle easier. Little Noah: Paradise’s successor, released with Nintendo Direct, officially supports Korean, unlike the main story that was released on mobile.

■ Disney Dream Light Valley-20123

It is a simulation game that reconstructs the village with the characters in various works of Disney and Pixar and digs into the mysterious event of oblivion. Sims and other elements that remind them of various life simulations have an atmosphere of the real Disney animation world. Players can enjoy a variety of life contents, such as taking pictures with friends of the winter kingdom, planting Wall-E and gardens, cooking with Ratatouille’s Remi, Goofy and Fishing, Simba, Timon, and Pumba.

In this video, you can see the actual gameplay based on customizing, building building, and interaction with various characters.

■ Rail Grade-Fall in 20122

Epic Games Publishing is a new work that provides railroad rails and operates cargo transportation efficiently. Although relatively simple elements are far from realistic styles such as railroad taikun, they strategically implement the composition of puzzle elements, buildings, and railroads to solve complex transportation problems.

■ Live A Live-2022.7.22.

Remake title of Square Game released as Super Famicom. In a variety of times, they play stories with different heroes, and at the end they gather in a world to tell a huge story. In addition to the unique scenario configuration, the combat composition is different from the classic JRPG.

Although it was released about 30 years ago, it is remakeed using the HD-2D used for the octopass Traveler and the Triangle Strategy. In addition to the classic atmosphere, higher resolution pilel graphics, realistic light sources and background directing will be implemented.

■ Fishing Spirit Aquarium where you can play with fishing spirit-20122

The latest film of fishing Spirit that conveys fishing experience through Joycon. This work tells the story at a large theme park where five aquarium attractions exist according to the concept of aquarium. You can fix the left hand Joycon as if you were fishing, and then turn the right hand Joycon to catch the fish. There are a variety of content that you can experience alone, and up to four people can play games at the same time.

■ Near: Automata-End of Jordaha Edition-2022.10.6. Related article_

Near Otomata’s switch transplantation version, which has succeeded in the world’s popularity by adding the action of Platinum Games while making use of Yokoo Taro’s unique worldview. Not only the existing additional content but also the end of Jordo Edition will also be included free of charge.

■ Portal: Companion Collection-20122.6.28.

The switch version of Portal, one of the most known titles of Valve, is now a better known game platform steam. You can enjoy a variety of puzzles using the portal gun along with the unique black humor. The Competian Collection includes both portals and 2 pieces, and in the case of portal 2, you can enjoy cooperative play in various ways such as local multi, split screen, and online multi.

Portal: The Companion Collection was officially released at the Nintendo Switch E Shop with the release of the Nintendo Direct Mini video.

■ Harvestella-2022.11.4.


Square Enix is a new IP that is a lyrical atmosphere, and a life simulation that builds up with farming, battle and villagers. In addition to living contents such as farming, item production, and collecting materials, growth should be achieved to prevent the deceased chaos. Based on the fantasy world, you can also check the graphic production that is more improved than the existing life simulation. The game will be officially released on November 4th.

■ Mario + Lavid Glitter Hope-20122.10.20.

Lavid’s collaborative strategy RPG, which started from Nintendo’s representative characters Mario and Rayman, became a popular character of Ubisoft. Already, as the Mario + Lavid Kingdom battle has been laid on the basis of gameplay, various play elements such as various cooperative action and strategic play have been introduced in the video. In addition, as in previous works, Ubisoft’s directing, which utilizes the unique atmosphere of Nintendo, is also outstanding. Meanwhile, this video also revealed that Kupa’s team joined the team and predicted a confrontation with new enemies.

■ Doraemon Jingu Ranch Story: The House of Mother Nature and everyone-20122

It is a sequel to the story of the farm management simulation and the Doraemon, which is well-known for the ranch management, which consists of the Doraemon secret tools with cute directing. New ranch management is set against a strange star, and you can play the game with your family and friends through offline two-person play. The developers said that the graphics embodied in the same atmosphere as picture books will be more beautiful through this work.

■ RPG time! Legend of Light-2022.8.18. Related article_

The game was drawn by Kenta-kun, who dreams of becoming a game developer. It is implemented as a real game. As the contents drawn on the note are the game, you can erase the disturbance with an eraser or add the necessary parts with a pencil. In addition to notebooks, all of them are used as part of the game, such as a calculator, a magnifying glass, and a pencil sharpener on the desk.

■ Minecraft Legend-20123

Mojang’s Minecraft IP new work. As with several Minecraft Spin-off works, it is an action strategy game that goes out of the sandbox-type game and confronts the monster. Although you can defeat the enemy directly, you can save the Minecraft and Strategic elements, such as leading a variety of allied soldiers or making a block like a block.

■ Packman World Reapack-20122.8.25.

This is a remake of the Pacman 3D Platformer Packman World, which was released in 1999. Improved visuals, physical effects, and UI are applied as it is not a simple transplant. At the same time, the original work is strengthened, avoiding ghosts and solving various puzzles.

In a survival

** The Steam Summer Sale has actually been running for a few days and the Survival video game raft arises as the huge winner of the countless offers. What kind of video game is that and also what do the players claim concerning the title?

On June 26, the Survival title reached its highest degree and first cracked the mark of 100,000 energetic players (using The old document still originated from October 2020 and had 41,946 players.

What are the current variety of players looking? In the previous few days, the variety of players on Steam has actually increased lots of times over as well as set a brand-new record. Likewise, a style competitor lately did well: Ark: Survival Evolved had a severe boost in the number of players when it was temporarily gotten on Steam absolutely free.

raft leaves Very early Accessibility

Within the first week after leaving the Early Gain access to’, the numbers remained to increase, only took a short break to around 80,000 players as well as ultimately got to the greatest worth pointed out.

Raft obtained the last phase of the game on June 20, 2022 as well as formally left the very early gain access to status. At the time, the jump in the number of players can likewise be seen: While on June 19, it was still an optimum of 15,042 simultaneous players on Steam, the numbers rose 66,000 on June 20.

What is currently occurring at Raft? The rise in raft players at Steam is not only as a result of the Summertime Sale, which presently promises a price cut of 15 %.

_ Den trailer of the recent upgrade from Raft you can see right here: _

struggle for survival on a raft

** What type of game is this?

In raft you begin on a raft that drives on the open sea. You don’t have a great deal of liberty of movement and also fewer sources. Instead of dropping trees or accumulating stones, you are angling.

You fishing with a rope for rubbish, driftwood as well as everything else that swims previous your raft and constructs valuable tools. Over all essential to spend your sources in the development of your raft.

In addition to the daily life on your raft, you can additionally explore islands in raft and also gather the sources there such as food and timber. All of this will certainly help you survive and also can be made use of to broaden your driving home.

Meinmmo writer Maik Schneider has currently played the survival title and also currently described in January 2021 why raft is so excellent.

The raft is not just your ways of transport, yet also your household accommodation and one of the most essential protection against sharks, which you need to never underestimate. Haie do not await your raft for a dive, you also strike really specifically and also damage it.


A purchase that I most definitely do not regret!

What do the players say about raft? We take a look at the reviews that raft on Steam obtained from the players, we find that the survival title is effectively gotten. Of 155,051 reviews, 93 % declare.

We show you some declarations that players fulfilled over raft:

  • Michi through Steam: I believe that’s one of one of the most stunning survival games that are presently readily available. The tale is a great deal of enjoyable […]
  • Skyfighter via Steam: Horny video game! The last chapter gives the entire point a significant additional boost!
  • Damaria through Steam: all the buildings, the opponents, discovering, diving journeys for resources-everything is well collaborated. How were I happy about the very first pail of milk! An acquisition that I most definitely do not regret!
  • Sirius by means of Steam: Raft has lots of excellent ideas without truly changing the wheel, as well as convinces with a lovely however useful appearance, inspiring game technicians and a co-op mode.
  • Schiebelini by means of Steam: With each other, this game can offer numerous enjoyable hrs. I actually appreciated interacting.

What do you say concerning raft? Do you resolve the title or do you wait for another survival video game?

If you are still uncertain, which survival battle you want to risk in 2022, you must have a look at our listing of the most effective survival video games currently.

The 25 ideal survival video games 2022 for PlayStation, Computer and Xbox

The Steam Summer Sale has actually been running for a few days and also the Survival game raft arises as the huge champion of the various deals. What kind of game is that and what do the players say about the title? In raft you start on a raft that drives on the open sea. What do the players say about raft? ** We look at the evaluations that raft on Steam obtained from the players, we locate that the survival title is very well obtained.

Grande is developer Enpixel, methus business like Roblocks

Roblocks is one of the most representative meta bus game companies, but it is also a game company that does not make games. More specifically, Roblocks provides the foundation for creating and servicing games, and the game itself is created by creators (creators) who are active in Loblocks. And in Loblocks, a part of the profit is distributed to the producer.

Grandaga Developer Enpixel is pursuing a meta bus business that has been conceived in this Roblocks structure. Kim Min-soo, head of the Meta Headquarters of Enpixel, introduced the direction of the Meta Bus business, which is being conceived at the Korea NFT/Blockchain Game Conference held at the Gyeonggi Creative Economy Innovation Center on the 23rd.

Kim Min-soo’s attention in Loblocks is the ‘economy’ that combines various stakeholders such as game companies, gamers, and producers. Kim said, Roblocks pays 26%of the total profits to the creator, and 24%of the platform operators, such as Google and Apple, are equipped with a company. The game will come out.


He added that combining with Web 3.0, characterized by decentralization, can lower the commission rate to 2.5 %. Based on the decentralization, the service, operation, content creation, and marketing can be divided, so even if the company provides a source, the commission rate is 2.5%.

Examples are the collaboration foods that are popular with convenience stores. Kim Min-soo said, Zaparing was made by Nongshim, but the marketing was made by the video producer. The video producer received an advertising fee from the subscriber. There is no extra expenses other than the cost.

At the same time, the important thing is to distinguish between play and frozen. Kim Min-soo said, Gamers who visit Roblocks play and spend money and don’t come to make money. It is a creator who makes a game. If two things are separated by contributing and making money, you can build a much healthier world.

To complete this structure, you need to make the IP itself, which will be the source of game development. This is because the IP itself is famous so that the original game is popular and attracts many users.

This is why Enpixel focuses on creating AAA games that can create IP power by envisioning the meta bus business. Kim Min-soo said, If you take the Grand Saga as an example, it becomes a brand itself. Somebody’s characters in the Grand Saga are dot, someone is a live-action virtual character, and the game is based on it. You can participate in each game.

Ultimately, Enpixel games are based, and the original game is based on a small game like a pixel. And the premise should be well created to have a strong brand power of the title that will be the source of Enpixel itself.

Kim said, It is quite difficult to create a game with AAA games and brand power. Enpixel focuses on this, and expands the ecosystem with producers and other game companies. I want to create a digital world where huge ecosystems and values coexist.

How to win in the control mode at the edge of the world in APEX Legends?

Control is one of the favorite 9th 9th APEX Legends game modes, and he returned to the game with a new card. The end of the world was added to the map of cards at the beginning of this season, and fans will be able to experience the game mode Control at various points of interest (POI) on this map. In the event Awakening Collection there are several tests that players should perform in the control mode, and we came up with several strategies that will help you win.

Где находится карта «Контроль» на краю света в Apex Legends?

Earlier, Control On World’s Edge took place in Hammond Labs only. However, now players will also be able to fight on lava siphon POI on the edge of the world. Both POIs are added during rotation of cards for the control mode, and these POIs are divided into three separate zones that the commands should capture.

How to capture several zones in control mode in APEX Legends?

In the game Control, players will have to capture and hold three different zones to win the game. Each team has nine players, and all three zones remain neutral until they are captured by a particular team. The goal is to capture and hold the zone, which means that it does not matter who will commit the largest number of murders. Separate and reign-the best strategy for capturing several zones in the game Control. We recommend players to focus on the site B, since any team that captured the middle zone has more chances to win.

Focus most of the powerful abilities of your team on the capture of the z1. As soon as it is captured, call for defensive legends to install traps, walls and other devices that will stop the onslaught of the enemy. When protecting the zone, it is important to hold together, like a group, isolated legends are often ended with the fact that they are inferior to the z1. Players with impeccable sniper abilities can accommodate in the building opposite the site B, providing distant support to teammates hurrying to the capture of the zone.

The best legends for playing control mode in Apex Legends

Control in APEX Legends is a game for the target and effective retention of zones. Naturally, legends like shaft , watson , caustic , giblatar , fuse , Bloodhaund and Bangalor Prospecting in this format dominance of the z1. Although these are the most popular legends for control, we recommend that players try out the preferred legend in this game mode.

Players can also change legends in the middle of the game in Control, and we recommend choosing the perfect character depending on the map. Legends with traffic ability, such as Pathfinder, Valkyrie, Octane and Horizon, are great for aggressive jerks to capture any z1. Follow the capture bonuses, protecting the zones, and always stay in the group to avoid numerical superiority.

Want to know what are the latest changes in the new rating system? Check out all the changes in the rating mode in the event Awakening of Apex Legends in the game guidelines for professionals.

[Exclusive] Park Bo -kyun, Minister of Education, meets the game industry at least late July

[Park Moon Young-soo reporter] Park Bo-kyun, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, is expected to hold a meeting with the game industry in early July. He is expected to listen to major issues in the industry, including a 52-hour work system, Panho and P2E game.


According to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on the 21st, Minister Park Bo-kyun is being tuned to meet with the game industry. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism said, The specific schedule has not been confirmed yet, but at the beginning of July, Park Bo-kyun will meet with the game industry.

If Minister Park Bo-kyun meets with the game industry in the future, it is expected that various issues will be dealt with, including a 52-hour workweek and P2E game’s entry into Korea.

The first vice minister of the Ministry of Education, Jeon Byung-kuk, held a game industry meeting in the conference room of the Global Game Hub Center in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 17th, and opinions on major game companies such as Nexon, NCsoft, and Smilegate as well as 52-hour system. I also listened.

In the case of P2E games, it has emerged as a global trend as well as in Korea, but in Korea, the Game Water Management Committee has not been classified as a law on the game industry promotion. Domestic companies that enter the global P2E game market are talking to the government to allow P2E games to allow P2E games in the domestic market.

Japan charts: late on Switch, Devil Killer is still enjoying

Below are the finest vendors of video games and gaming consoles in Japan for both weeks from June 6 to 12, 2022, established and interacted as always by the publicationFamitsu _.

With 90,885 copies offered, the portage of Satanic force Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles on Switch has renaissance looks as its number (90,885) is closer to that displayed last October on PS5 and PS4 (115,036). A double presentation of force, both from the switch and the license of Aniplex, author of the video game in Japan and also subsidiary of Sony, in passing.

The battle video game established by CyberConnect2 thus entirely takes the star with 32,173 sales of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football. Keep in mind that the last accomplishes a launch number extremely comparable to that of the Mario Strikers: Billed Football of 2007 on Wii, with the difference that the Switch video game can also count on sales for download, not connected below.

On the side of gaming consoles sales, the public can just once more be sorry for the abnormality of the stocks of the new generation consoles, yet the fact of the week is in any kind of instance in the 25 million that the Switch that the island chain account currently. The system is the most effective sold console in the territory after the Video game Young boy (32.5 million) as well as the Nintendo DS (33 million).

Software application ranking

Hardware category.

Consoles Sales of the week Sales of the year Total sales.
Nintendo Switch 58 436 2,090 903 25 010 404.
PlayStation 5 12,440 467 633 1,690 968.
Xbox Series 6 242 103 706 232 364.
Nintendo 3DS 207 7 547 24 594 995.
PlayStation 4 78 462 9 395 406.

Game name Console Sales of the week Complete sales

Devil Killer: The Hinokami Chronicles | Switch | 90 885 | 90 885.
Mario Strikers: Battle League Football | Switch | 32 173 | 32 173.
Nintendo Switch Sports | Switch | 26,476 | 474 257.
Kirby and also the failed to remember world | Switch | 11 345 | 760 922.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | Switch | 9 320 | 4,673 934.
Minecraft | Switch | 7 325 | 2,670,490.
Ring Fit Journey | Switch | 6 759 | 3,175,829.
Grandma Turismo 7 | PS5 | 5,080 | 107 121.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate | Switch | 4 953 | 4,900 826.
Ebaseball Powerful Pro Baseball 2022 | Switch | 4,073 | 187 302.

Handle your very own depot in Neon Blightt

Unveiled at the Guerilla Collective conference of the Summer Game Fest 2022,Neon Curseis the really first Bleeding Tapes game. Combination of roguelike as well as management game, the title is scheduled for July 11, 2022. For the most curious, a demonstration is already available on Vapor.



You just have to search the different degrees of the game, all filled up with risks, and also to recover weapons in order to put them on sale. As well as there is something to do considering that the game needs to offer even more than a hundred weapons to enhance and also discover.

Explore a variety of locations, essentially aggressive, as well as attempt to decipher the secrets that are hidden there. Resolving the shared problems in the degrees will permit you to uncover ever before extra powerful items and also tools. Not to point out that this will certainly bring you better, with no doubt, the main item of your mission, the best tool.

Qualities of Neon Blightt

Furnace of anger Bin DieselArc series movie

Bin Diesel, famous for his rage and Ridic series, said he would produce a film based on the Arc series, which was popular as a dinosaur survival game. He is also participating in the production of the next game of Arc.

Vin Diesel mentioned the ‘Arc 2’ video released on the XBOX & Bethesda game showcase on the 13th and announced the news of the film with a short impression. Arc: Survival Evolved is one of the best games. A few years ago, his son introduced the game, and the wildcard (developer) and the outstanding crew who worked there asked me to lead the IP to TV and movies. This is a great glory.

If you are a true gamer, you will be enthusiastic about Arc 2. And I am very happy to be able to show the franchise on the big screen. Showing a game on a big screen means to produce a movie based on the arc.

Vin Diesel is also a general producer in the new work, Arc 2, which was first announced in 2020, and is also participating in the animation series based on the Arc: Survival Evolved. The details of the arc-based film and the participation of Bin Diesel have not been disclosed yet, but he is likely to act as a lead and crew as he is deeply involved in the arc series.


It is unusual for movie actors to participate in game development. In response, the developer, Studio Wild Card, in December 2020, through the North American game media PC gamer (PC Gamer), Vin Diesel is a hardcore gamer who enjoyed the previous Arc: Survival Evold for several thousand hours. He explained that he provides direct feedback in the process.

Meanwhile, Arc: Survival Evolbi is an open world survival game released in 2015, and is based on the virtual island of ‘Arc’ where primitive creatures such as dinosaurs live and breathe. Along with survival factors such as gathering, production, and construction, various primitive creatures can be hunted or tamed. Currently, the crew is developing the next Arc 2 based on Unreal Engine 5 and will be released as PC and Xbox Series X/S next year.

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