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RWE commemorates the initial win of the season and also is whistled: there was an occurrence

Throughout the game, the assistance of the 16,070 fans for RWE huge and the alleviation after the last whistle was terrific that it was enough for the first 3 points. However, the mood tipped very rapidly after the game. The factors for this were at first not completely clear, however they stem in an event that was a couple of days earlier.

We also saw the whistles, claimed Simon Engelmann at the microphone of Magentasport, which was involved in both objectives and described to the lousy ambience: Last week there was a little occurrence heading back. I do not want that now continue to comment. The club has discussed this.

team was witness to fan attack

After the draw in Bayreuth, the return journey had actually happened an ugly incident, to which the club had likewise commented three days later on. According to this, their own fans began on a freeway road-there were a number of injuries. The team bus was in the car park at the exact same time as well as was as a result experienced exactly how the inmates of a follower bus were assaulted.

We are currently busy handling the case and gaining a deeper review in order to then encourage the additional dealings including possible permissions as well as equivalent repercussions. from last Tuesday. The afraid raid is sentenced to the sharpest and is not suitable with the worths of the association.

Engelmann: But currently I do not like the state of mind at all

Later on, the group, that initially did not enter into the curve and after that left the field, returned out of the cabin as well as stood complete block prior to the final whistle. Nevertheless, the followers were mostly irrelevant and there were intensive conversations between some gamers and mad advocates.

During the game, the assistance of the 16,070 fans for RWE huge and also the alleviation after the final whistle was great that it was enough for the very first three factors. The state of mind tipped very rapidly after the game. When attempts to clarify, Engelmann looked a bit perplexed why the state of mind after the game against Aue was all of a sudden tipped. We are really happy that we have won the game as well as that the pipe show is currently here, I do not rather comprehend.


When tries to discuss, Engelmann looked a little bit perplexed why the state of mind after the game versus Aue was unexpectedly tipped. We are very pleased that we have actually won the game which the pipe show is now here, I don’t fairly understand. Yes, that’s the way it is, he stated. But I don’t like the state of mind now. What’s going on below currently, I do not assume it needs to be.

56.6%employment rate, this years Game Talent Student Graduation Ceremony

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Culture and Culture) at 2 pm on the 30th, with the Korea Creative Content Agency (hereinafter referred to as Conjinwon), 53 students (Game Planning, Art, Programming) at the Pangyo LH Corporate Growth Center (Game Planning, Art, Programming) Graduation ceremony is held.

At this graduation ceremony, the best graduates will be awarded the Minister of Culture and Culture and the Congjin Commissioner Award. In addition, the company will be awarded the Game Association’s Award and NCsoft’s representatives, including the chairman of the Korea Game Industry Association, the Chairman of the Korea Game Developer Association, and the President of the Korea Mobile Game Association.


The training period for the Game Talent Institute is a total of two years, and in the first year, the game developer will have the basic education and short-term tasks (projects) for game developers. From the beginning of the opening, the educational direction was set to be customized so that trainees could be put into practice immediately after graduation. As a result, 37 out of the first 48 graduates last year recorded a 77%employment rate, and 30 out of 53 graduates worked and founded this year.

Based on these achievements, this year, the company has reinforced the professors of the Game Human Resources Institute from three to six, and is building the second campus with the goal of completing the year at the end of this year. When the second campus opens next year, the trainees will be expanded from 65 to 120 a year.

Considering the share of domestic contents industry exports, the government will reflect the game in the national affairs as a representative sector that can spread domestic contents to the world, and promote the strengthening of the game talent. Through this, we will strengthen the development of game talent, and will support the game development stage (planning-production-overseas expansion) and protect the rights of game users.

The policy officer of the Ministry of Culture and Industry said, It is very encouraging that 30 people have been employed early in the second term, and the company’s employment inquiries are steadily listening. By actively responding to the demands of the company, we expect the game talent to firmly establish as the birthplace of the talented game talent.

Open World Battle Game Skull andbones announced the permanent BAN strict bare cheat countermeasures in the first offense. Recommended PC specifications are also released

On August 26, Ubee Isoft has released the latest information on the PC version of ** Skull and Bones. Recommended PC specifications and anti-cheat systems to be implemented have been revealed. This work will be released on November 8 for PC (Ubisoft Connect/Epic Games Store) and PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X | S. Subscription service is also provided as Ubisoft +.

Skull and Bones is an open world naval battle game. Ubisoft Singapore, which is working on the development of this work, has been developing seaside game plays and more in the second and subsequent Assassin’s Creed series. The stage in Skull and Bones is the Indian Ocean at the end of the 17th century. Players are going to be a big pirate and throw themselves in the naval battle.

This work is an open world, with unpredictable weather, approaching danger, rival pirates, etc. stand in front of the player. It seems that there are also elements such as working on various contracts with shopkeepers and local powers in various places and enhancing the notorious. We will strengthen weapons and ships with rewards we have obtained, and challenge fierce battle in search of treasures. As an online element, you can choose your favorite mode such as PVE or PvPve. It is also possible to play in solo or up to three groups.

In the latest information announced, specifications in online play are released. First of all, in online play, it seems that there will be a server where matchmaking tailored to the ranks of each player will be performed and players with close PVP settings will be prepared. It is also possible to report or block players who are annoying in the game.

For the game server, a cloud server that complements each other to reduce the waiting time even during the time when the number of simultaneous connections increases. Dedicated servers will be prepared in North America and South America, Europe, Asia, South Africa and Oceania.

In addition, the anti-cheat system has been announced. It is said that monitoring in Battleeye is performed in real time. Battleeye is an anti-cheat program that is also used in Rainbow Six Siege. Players who have confirmed that this program has made unfair profits by cheating will be permanently banned even if they are the first offense.


The graphic in the PC version is compatible with 4K resolution and HDR. The FPS is unlimited, and it can use NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR, and also supports late racing. DLSS and FSR are so-called super-resolution technology provided by NVIDIA and AMD, respectively. By rendering the game screen at low resolution and up-scale with its own algorithm, it is said that high image quality can be obtained while suppressing the load on the GPU. If you use the corresponding graphic board, you will be able to enjoy the powerful naval battle of this work with high graphic settings and frame rates. Details about recommended PC specifications are as follows.

Skull and Bones will be released on November 8 for PC (Ubisoft Connect/Epic Games Store) and PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X | S. Subscription service is also provided as Ubisoft +.

Xbox Game Pass: Quests Guide and also Recommendations KW 34/2022

Today we introduce you to an Xbox Game Pass Quests Overview including guidelines for the KW 34/2022. The new mission week ranges from August 23 to August 30, 2022.

Xbox Game Pass Quests KW 34/2022 Guide

  • Pursuit: Play 0/1
  • Game: Ark: Ultimate Survivior Version
  • Points: 25 factors

Instructions : The easiest method is to play the Game Pass games below. Locate an additional game that you might currently have on the Xbox or likewise mount a little game to obtain the factors.

  • Mission: weekly quest-do 3 daily orders
  • Game: optional
  • Information: 10 factors

  • Pursuit: Individual design-play 3 game pass games or attain 3 successes in the Game Pass Games

  • Game: optional
  • Things: 10 factors

That you can complete the quest, a basic begin of the game is currently adequate. The fastest way to finish the mission is to begin the game by means of the Xbox cloud.

That you can finish the quest, an easy start of the game is already adequate. The fastest method to complete the mission is to start the game through the Xbox cloud.

  • Mission: Play 0/1
  • Game: Floppy Knights
  • Points: 25 points

Recommendations : For this mission you need to begin an Xbox Game Pass game on the Xbox on 3 different days a week. Do this on 3 days and also the mission is done.

Other topics:

Directions : The easiest method is to play the Game Pass games here. A short begin is enough so that it is counted. Every week there are 2 video games where you can collect Rewards factors, if you have this power you already have two out of 3 games. Find another game that you may already have on the Xbox or also install a little game to obtain the points. To conserve on your own a setup, a game from the cloud with the Game Pass app additionally functions.

  • All Xbox Game Pass information in the overview

* Microsoft Rewards: Beginet Overview and also Recommendations

5 mobile games that you may not know, but that will have you hooked for many hours

Are you looking for what to play on your smartphone? We have a selection of games that may interest you and for some of them it can be the right time to start them.

Check out these titles that can be played without having a high-end phone capable of running Genshin Impact or Tower of Fantasy. Because there are many mobiles and everyone can enjoy authentic players.

Alice Fiction

Alice Fiction is a Wonderplanet Inc game to which we already owe Crash Fever. The story takes place in metoverso called Alice. A place to connect and have a second life. At first, the protagonist loses his memory at the logging. He knows a girl who claims to be his little sister and shortly after disappears after the attack of some monsters. With that, he begins the search for him to understand what is happening in this world driven by AI. In addition to its quite attractive story, this game has a rather refreshing gameplay that will ask you to make combos for a certain period of time as a puzzle game and then hit the enemy. In addition, it is totally folded to English and Japanese.

  • Google game store
  • Apple Application Store


Pokémon Masters Ex

Pokémon Masters Ex is a game created by Dena in collaboration with The Pokémon Company. In addition to a real-time gameplay in which you will have to manage your attacks and the action bar to gain fighting, it offers a rich content that has recently enriched itself with the Trainers’ Lounge. In addition, This is the period in which you can get many free gifts and raffles with the next 3 years of the game. **

  • Google game store
  • Apple Application Store


#It is a clovergames game quite atypical in the genre. In this title, you create your avatar that is teleported within the Astell region. Your goal? Live the life of your dreams by playing several jobs that go from creator of content to Caballero, going through model or even archer.

  • Google game store
  • Apple Application Store

Danmachi Freese Memory

Danmachi Freese Memory is a WFS game inc. immerses you in the world of light novel/manga/anime Danmachi, where adventurers live in the labyrinthine city of ORARIO. The story is divided into several scripts such as Bell Cranell, a rookie adventurer who is a member of the family of the goddess or that of Ais Wallenstein who is one of the strongest adventurers in Loki’s family. If you are a license fan, the game will please you by offering a lot of content, whether they are the different main plots, but also many events, not to mention the invocations that are quite generous. It also offers free draws for the episodes of season 4 currently transmitted.

  • Google game store
  • Apple Application Store

Summoners War Sky Arena

Finally, here is Summoners War Sky Arena, a game signed by COM2US whose presentation is well established. The Role of Role in turn of the American publishing house offers the players a large amount of content that remains interesting in 2022. The invoker crack and its many creatures await you, although, of course, the 5-star native fall rate It is still extremely low, especially if we count the monsters of light and dark attributes, however there is enough to make the PVE content without having to go through these creatures. In addition , there is soon a collaboration with the Cookie Rush Kingdom and the World European Cup.

  • Google game store
  • Apple Application Store

PlateUp: The most effective dining establishments topics and also upgrades

Any type of decision that you make in PlateUp adjustments your development in the game, and every round in which you use research tables to improve plan will change the course of your experience. As soon as per game, you can pick a topic that will certainly change or destroy your whole restaurant. Consequently, it is extremely important to select carefully with every choice you make in Plateup. If you wish to make the most intelligent decisions when playing PlateUp, keep reading to discover the most effective restaurant topics as well as upgrades in PlateUp

the most effective topics and also upgrades for your restaurant in PlateUp.

In PlateUp you have the possibility to pick among the complying with restaurant topics:

  • Budget friendly
  • Lovely
  • Expensive
  • Formal

With these four options you have numerous benefits that affect the procedure of your entire restaurant. Both most efficient topics that bring you the majority of the cash are expensive as well as formal topics.

The formal restaurant subject guarantees that your visitors consume much cleaner than in a budget-friendly or charming restaurant. With sufficient formal decor in your theme restaurant, there will hardly be problem that you have to clean up. Preparing messy food is a lot less complicated if you operate formal visitors.

As the name recommends, guests pay a lot extra for their food when it involves costly restaurant. With more expensive design, even more money pertains to your account, considering that regular guests pay stunning greater rates than regular clients. More choices come with more cash since you can purchase even more and upgrade what you already have.

upgrades that bring your restaurant to the next phase in Plateup

After you have actually received the research study table in your video game, it is time to enhance your short articles in your restaurant. Here are our referrals what you need to boost in your game:

The official restaurant subject makes sure that your visitors eat much cleaner than in a enchanting or cost effective restaurant.

Any type of choice that you make in PlateUp changes your development in the game, and also every round in which you utilize study tables to improve plan will certainly alter the program of your experience. Once per game, you can pick a subject that will certainly change or ruin your entire restaurant. For this reason, it is extremely essential to choose wisely with every decision you make in Plateup. If you want to make the smartest decisions when playing PlateUp, review on to find out the best restaurant topics as well as upgrades in PlateUp

Plate on! is now available on the computer.

This video game is not a frustration, review like one more video game, Madden 23 is a massive frustration on the PC .
| Stromenenke : This washing rinses the dishes two times as quickly as the easy sink. It can assist justify your cleansing procedure.| dish washer : From the sink, this upgrade assists to clean up four plates at the same time, and also tidy your plate for you if you receive orders.
Simple fabric-dining table : This upgrade of the eating table brings food from the kitchen area much faster as well as makes cleaning after a lot easier job.| Unusual fabric-ingredient : Every little thing in the straightforward cloth eating table, yet guests additionally pay 50 % more if they sit at these tables.| fridge freezer : From the regular counter, the fridge freezer aids you to prepare your restaurant for the next day. With this upgrade you can be a whole dish ahead.| Icy prep work station : With this upgrade you can include additional chopped or kneaded active ingredients on your own. This suggests that these active ingredients can remain ready for the next day.| Robot-Mopp or robotic barrier : If you either upgrade the wipe or buffer, you will certainly receive a hand from a robotic. Both crawlers cleanse their soil for them, which indicates an enormous time conserving.

LOL: The 9 rules of a challenger to succeed in rankeds that will change your way of watching the game

The majority of League of Legends players share the common objective of climbing in qualifying games, but when the season ends, few are those who have reached their goal. Climbing a single league requires dozens of hours and it is very complicated to be at a good level of performance for so long. Even more if we don’t even know what is the best way to organize. However, a member of the usual community in the highest range of the game has wanted to share very simple tips that will really help us increase our MMR.

The 9 gold rules of a challenger to climb in rankeds

The idea comes from Azer Dugalić , a player accustomed to playing his qualifying games in the highest range of all League of Legends. However, we should not expect from the list of advice of him an indication on how to develop within the items. This content creator, also known as Azzapp, has preferred to focus on to create a plan so that players who want to raise rank have a better performance without training for long periods of time. Basically, although surely we could all improve mechanically or in terms of strategy, the most ‘easy’ is to change habits..

The change of customs you need to succeed in League of Legends

To make the information easier to digest, we have taken the freedom to divide the nine rules into three simple sections. We start with the part of customs, that is, game habits that you should change If you want to succeed in League of Legends.

Rule 1-Improve your attitude in chat *: Writing something even remotely negative decreases your chances of winning significantly, says Azer. In this sense he stands very in the Riot Games line. The classic ‘Flame’ only serves to deconcentrate ourselves and our companions.
Rule 2-Few games in a row : Summarizing, if our goal is to play concentrates it is impossible to achieve it after having thrown seven games. The best thing is to find a moderate amount of clashes that we can play consecutively (between 2 and 4) and take a break. After stopping a little, we can play again. It is, above all, to break the game a few minutes to return more attentive.
Rule 3-Analyze your games : If our real objective is to upload, we have to strive to learn. It is better to play four games and analyze key moments than simply throw six. League of Legends is a very complex game and we observe it with a limited point of view (our camera as players). There are things that we lose or cannot understand. In this sense, he recommends taking a look at the repetitions of the games of the previous day before starting a new game session.

The correct mentality to play qualifying games

In addition to the customs before and after the games, Change our attitude during them will improve a barbarity.

* Rule 4-Soloq is a marathon : We have to remember that the seasons last almost eleven months and that the important thing is consistency. Increasing your best 2% yield is very difficult, but improving your worst games by 30% is simple. In fact, all other rules on the list will help us comply with it.

Rule 5-Goodbye to the autopilot *: We have to minimize the games we play using the autopilot and concentrate 100% at all times to play as if we were in a tournament. Pay attention to objectives, invoker spells and all the elements. Translated to the language we speak in the lowest ranges of the game, which never arrives in the three minute and you are surprised by the ‘Sumonners’ that the opponent carries.
Rule 6-Have fun *: If we don’t have a good time, it is easier to get your game or let innovative plays pass. The Azer Council is that we do not abuse the best champions, focusing better on the ones we like. In addition, he recommends that we try to enjoy the games because we are playing a video game and that goes the video games.

The most important changes in your game style

If we have learned so far we add some basic tips on how to play League of Legends, we have done it.

Rule 7-Do not die *: This is one of the learning that will help us most in qualifying items. Staying safe is one of the strategies that wins the most games. You may not have been trustworthy every time the developers have said, but pay attention to the good of Azzapp.
Rule 8-Design a Plan : Do not necessarily have to be the best strategist, but everything will improve if you propose the games in advance. Do not take the character selection phase as a break and start thinking that you will win. A bad plan is better not to have any (…) think what are the objectives of the enemies and which yours. Design a plan even if you are not 100% safe and adhere to it. It doesn’t matter if it works or not, because we will have learned something.
Rule 9-who covers a lot… : This is one of the classic advice, and is blunt. Within trying to comply with the rule that says we have to have fun, it is better if we limit our champions and positions played in qualifiers. Two champions and two positions is the optimal amount. Of course, you have to try to try all in normal to learn.

The hardest thing to follow all these tips will be to get used to them . However, it would be a great idea to try to apply them. We still have time to see their fruits before League of Legends season ends next November. For our part, we have little more to wish you luck in the rankeds and promise that we will continue to collect the most interesting advice and guides to help you succeed.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits day its launch in Vapor next to a cost-free upgrade

Ember Lab has made a jump of faith when entering the world of computer game, as well as there is no uncertainty that his plan has actually come out round. His video game, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, is close to meeting His first year after reaping fantastic success in both criticism as well as sales, as well as from the developer they want to continue broadening the journey of its lead character with a packed upgrade of web content and also a conclusive launch in Steam

Kena: Bridge of Spirits will certainly be available on Steam on September 27 The title will certainly come to the Shutoff platform on September 27 , day on which all the materials of the mentioned patch will certainly likewise be introduced. In this feeling, Ember Lab welcomes us to find Kena’s experience: Bridge of Spirits with a vast variety of uniqueness that include the introduction of a method brand-new game+ as well as the possibility of finding charmstones **, some things antiques that enhance the stats of the girl. Nonetheless, we can likewise choose for a more complicated experience outfitting ourselves with cursed charmstones, which aggravate the abilities.

Sign up for the Spirits CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE .

As if this were inadequate, from Ember Lab they also desire us to ideal Kena’s strategies with the spiritual assistance examinations ; A collection of obstacles that test the standard movements of the lead character. These obstacles, which are split right into the classifications of motion, defense and fight versus employers, unlock brand-new clothes and an unique cosmetic for players that have the Deluxe Edition.

Ember Lab was introducing uniqueness such as the anticipated photo mode in an upgrade released back in October, however there is no question that they have actually proceeded their work to provide us a much more total experience. In 3Dgos we have actually recommended this ready its beautiful creative section as well as its combination of activity, experience and platforms. You can review all that as well as a lot more in our Kena evaluation: Bridge of Spirits.

Watch out! The first God of War Ragnarok leaks arise

With God of War Ragnarok just a couple of months away, fans cannot wait a second more to have this title in their hands. Unfortunately, this time will become heavier, since the first game leaks have begun to circulate online.

Recently, Dusk Gollem, famous Insider recognized for his premature information in horror series, said that several details about the history of god of War Ragnarok have begun to circulate in various Internet circles , such as Reddit and Resera.

Although at the moment there are no specific details, the Insider has indicated that he already saw the design of some most important mythological figures of the game, which will not be named to avoid ruining the experience of all those who wish to enjoy this adventure without any spoiler. However, is not ruled out for the possibility that this information will increase as we approach the launch of this delivery .


We remind you that God of War Ragnarok_ will arrive at PS4 and PS5 on November 9, 2022 . In related issues, it seems that the launch of this game has caused the delay of other titles. Similarly, there is already a synopsis for this delivery.

The best cats in the history of video games: Here we leave our top 5 of mininos

We could have started this top with Catwoman but the poor heroine of the comic received an adaptation of such mediocre video game that does not better talk about it. On the occasion of the celebration of the International Cat Day , we invite you to resume some cats that have greatly contributed to the good reputation of this feline race in the world of video games.

Also keep in mind that some publishers currently offer promotions in titles such as Cat Quest (Nintendo Switch) or Kitario Fables , an adorable role-playing game mixed with farm simulation.


Impossible not to talk about this summer’s cult game. Stray was highly anticipated and, despite his short duration, he will have surprised many with his crazy charm and his effective gameplay.

Putting into the skin of a cat is a very original idea that works perfectly and Annapurna Interactive developers have understood it very well. A game above all contemplative, Stray will allow you to live as a feline for 5 or 6 hours.

Meowth and its regional forms

Not only is the most popular Pokémon cat thanks to the anime, but it also has the merit of having several other ways depending on the region where it lives. Thus, the license video games introduced a Alola Meowth and a Galar Meowth. Although the latter does not have a HISUI form, we can expect that he receives a regional shape of Paldea in scarlet and purple Pokémon!

And what about its majestic evolution, Persian? Even the hardest guide of Team Rocket, Giovanni, cannot be separated from his favorite cat.

Bubsy, Klonoa, Blinx: Heroes of yesteryear

If Bubsy really is more a Lince , Klonoa a kind of cat-conejo, we gladly put them next to Blinx: three franchises whose first titles were launched respectively in 1993, 1997 and 2002.

This does not make us younger, but Bubsy and Klono have recently benefited from remake of its original games, so that the new generation can know them.

Cait Sith

A playable character in Final Fantasy 7 (and therefore also in the new version), is a cat that mounts a giant teddy moogle remote giant by Reeve Tuesh (a Shinra member).

He worked as a fortune teller in Golden Saucer before joining the Cloud Stife group for initially mysterious reasons. With his megaphone that allows him to give orders to his great stuffed animal, Cait Sith is essential in the game.

Cats in Animal Crossing

The adorable feline inhabitants that it is possible to bring to their island of Animal Crossing New Horizons could not be missing. And although some of them are a little scary, we must admit that everyone has beautiful faces. How not to fall in love with Rufino, Minina or Ankha?

Bonus: Mario Cat and Yuumi

This is probably the best costume that Mario can use! A power first introduced in Super Mario 3D World in Wii U, allows the entire Mario Camarilla to become an adorable spongy cat. Thanks to this new form, the mustyudo plumber can climb walls, scratch enemies and even float a few moments in the air.

Let’s finish this top with the adorable Yuumi in League of Legends. Of appearance too nice, she is probably the most hated Moba today.

If we forget one of your favorite video game cats, do not hesitate to tell us in the comments!

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