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Xbox Game Pass: Quests Guide and also Recommendations KW 34/2022

Today we introduce you to an Xbox Game Pass Quests Overview including guidelines for the KW 34/2022. The new mission week ranges from August 23 to August 30, 2022.

Xbox Game Pass Quests KW 34/2022 Guide

  • Pursuit: Play 0/1
  • Game: Ark: Ultimate Survivior Version
  • Points: 25 factors

Instructions : The easiest method is to play the Game Pass games below. Locate an additional game that you might currently have on the Xbox or likewise mount a little game to obtain the factors.

  • Mission: weekly quest-do 3 daily orders
  • Game: optional
  • Information: 10 factors

  • Pursuit: Individual design-play 3 game pass games or attain 3 successes in the Game Pass Games

  • Game: optional
  • Things: 10 factors

That you can complete the quest, a basic begin of the game is currently adequate. The fastest way to finish the mission is to begin the game by means of the Xbox cloud.

That you can finish the quest, an easy start of the game is already adequate. The fastest method to complete the mission is to start the game through the Xbox cloud.

  • Mission: Play 0/1
  • Game: Floppy Knights
  • Points: 25 points

Recommendations : For this mission you need to begin an Xbox Game Pass game on the Xbox on 3 different days a week. Do this on 3 days and also the mission is done.

Other topics:

Directions : The easiest method is to play the Game Pass games here. A short begin is enough so that it is counted. Every week there are 2 video games where you can collect Rewards factors, if you have this power you already have two out of 3 games. Find another game that you may already have on the Xbox or also install a little game to obtain the points. To conserve on your own a setup, a game from the cloud with the Game Pass app additionally functions.

  • All Xbox Game Pass information in the overview

* Microsoft Rewards: Beginet Overview and also Recommendations

LOL: The 9 rules of a challenger to succeed in rankeds that will change your way of watching the game

The majority of League of Legends players share the common objective of climbing in qualifying games, but when the season ends, few are those who have reached their goal. Climbing a single league requires dozens of hours and it is very complicated to be at a good level of performance for so long. Even more if we don’t even know what is the best way to organize. However, a member of the usual community in the highest range of the game has wanted to share very simple tips that will really help us increase our MMR.

The 9 gold rules of a challenger to climb in rankeds

The idea comes from Azer Dugalić , a player accustomed to playing his qualifying games in the highest range of all League of Legends. However, we should not expect from the list of advice of him an indication on how to develop within the items. This content creator, also known as Azzapp, has preferred to focus on to create a plan so that players who want to raise rank have a better performance without training for long periods of time. Basically, although surely we could all improve mechanically or in terms of strategy, the most ‘easy’ is to change habits..

The change of customs you need to succeed in League of Legends

To make the information easier to digest, we have taken the freedom to divide the nine rules into three simple sections. We start with the part of customs, that is, game habits that you should change If you want to succeed in League of Legends.

Rule 1-Improve your attitude in chat *: Writing something even remotely negative decreases your chances of winning significantly, says Azer. In this sense he stands very in the Riot Games line. The classic ‘Flame’ only serves to deconcentrate ourselves and our companions.
Rule 2-Few games in a row : Summarizing, if our goal is to play concentrates it is impossible to achieve it after having thrown seven games. The best thing is to find a moderate amount of clashes that we can play consecutively (between 2 and 4) and take a break. After stopping a little, we can play again. It is, above all, to break the game a few minutes to return more attentive.
Rule 3-Analyze your games : If our real objective is to upload, we have to strive to learn. It is better to play four games and analyze key moments than simply throw six. League of Legends is a very complex game and we observe it with a limited point of view (our camera as players). There are things that we lose or cannot understand. In this sense, he recommends taking a look at the repetitions of the games of the previous day before starting a new game session.

The correct mentality to play qualifying games

In addition to the customs before and after the games, Change our attitude during them will improve a barbarity.

* Rule 4-Soloq is a marathon : We have to remember that the seasons last almost eleven months and that the important thing is consistency. Increasing your best 2% yield is very difficult, but improving your worst games by 30% is simple. In fact, all other rules on the list will help us comply with it.

Rule 5-Goodbye to the autopilot *: We have to minimize the games we play using the autopilot and concentrate 100% at all times to play as if we were in a tournament. Pay attention to objectives, invoker spells and all the elements. Translated to the language we speak in the lowest ranges of the game, which never arrives in the three minute and you are surprised by the ‘Sumonners’ that the opponent carries.
Rule 6-Have fun *: If we don’t have a good time, it is easier to get your game or let innovative plays pass. The Azer Council is that we do not abuse the best champions, focusing better on the ones we like. In addition, he recommends that we try to enjoy the games because we are playing a video game and that goes the video games.

The most important changes in your game style

If we have learned so far we add some basic tips on how to play League of Legends, we have done it.

Rule 7-Do not die *: This is one of the learning that will help us most in qualifying items. Staying safe is one of the strategies that wins the most games. You may not have been trustworthy every time the developers have said, but pay attention to the good of Azzapp.
Rule 8-Design a Plan : Do not necessarily have to be the best strategist, but everything will improve if you propose the games in advance. Do not take the character selection phase as a break and start thinking that you will win. A bad plan is better not to have any (…) think what are the objectives of the enemies and which yours. Design a plan even if you are not 100% safe and adhere to it. It doesn’t matter if it works or not, because we will have learned something.
Rule 9-who covers a lot… : This is one of the classic advice, and is blunt. Within trying to comply with the rule that says we have to have fun, it is better if we limit our champions and positions played in qualifiers. Two champions and two positions is the optimal amount. Of course, you have to try to try all in normal to learn.

The hardest thing to follow all these tips will be to get used to them . However, it would be a great idea to try to apply them. We still have time to see their fruits before League of Legends season ends next November. For our part, we have little more to wish you luck in the rankeds and promise that we will continue to collect the most interesting advice and guides to help you succeed.

Microsoft announces Game Pass games of the second half of July

Microsoft has announced the games that will be incorporated into Game Pass during the second half of July. The first batch can start downloading from tomorrow, and during this fortnight you will arrive games like Inside or Watch Dogs 2 . Let’s go with all games:

Tomorrow, July 19, they will join the service Watch Dogs 2 and AS DUSK Falls , both in all Game Pass systems. Although the Ubisoft hackers game does not need a presentation, it should be noted that As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama title that will be the first interior/night project, and will come to the Microsoft subscription.

Thursday 21 are Sins of A Solar Empire: Rebellion (only on PC), Torment: Tides of Number (Cloud and consoles) and MotoGP 22 (on all platforms), Graduate Motorcycle Game Developing Milest1. Rebellion is an independent expansion of the original game in which we will control a spatial empire, while Torment: Tides of Numbers is a role title that acts as a spiritual successor of the plans Cape: Torment of 1999.

The last to join Game Pass this month will be Inside , which will do so on July 29 in consoles, cloud and PC. The most recent launch of the Danish of Playdead, who mixes puzzles, terror and even platform, took the best game of the year at the Bafta gala in 2016.

Before going with the games that leave the service, they also anticipate a few games that can be played with Xbox Touch Control from mobiles. They will be Citizen Sleop, Disc Room, Escape Academy, Garden Story, Little Witch in the Woods, Lost in Random, Spacellines from the Far Out, Umurangi Generation, As Dusk Falls, Yakuza 0, Kiwami and Kiwami 2.

Finally, there will be farewells, there will be five games that will leave Game Pass on July 31. Those who leave are Dodgeball Academia, Katamari Damacy Reroll, Lumines Remastered, Omno and Raji: An Ancient Epic.

[General] Persona 5 transplantation and Monkey Island, Nintendo Direct Mini

Nintendo unveiled the ‘Nintendo Direct Mini’ partner showcase, which was released a day before the event. The direct mini, which has a 30-minute video of video without any progress, introduced games from various third-party developers that are released as a Nintendo switch.

The announcement was confirmed by the Persona Series and Near Automata, which was released as other platforms such as Near Automata. In addition, you can also see the video play of Dragon Quest Treasure, which returned to the latest monkey island and only the official title.

Nintendo Direct was tied up with the games that appeared in the two videos as there were some differences in Japan and English broadcasts and some differences with the title of the announcement.

■ Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak-20122.6.30.

Large expansion pack of Monster Hunter Rise with its launch. As relevant information has been introduced through various events and special broadcasts, this video is designed to confirm the overall atmosphere ahead of the launch.

In addition, Hongryeon’s Seasonal Basel Giusus, along with the first free update distributed in August, was introduced, and the update roadmap that will continue in autumn, winter and 2023 was introduced.

■ Lorellai & The Laser Eyes-20123

Indie game chosen by Annapurna, who has served a lot of attractive indie works. It shows a video of a space that creates a depressed atmosphere with black and white, a modern 3D and a classic polygon graphic, an old woman with a red eye, and a mystery.

■ Super Bomberman R2-20123

A new work of the Bomburman series, released in 2023. Battle Royale mode, which can play up to 64 people based on online play, will be added with a new Battle Mode Castle. There is one castle side user who protects the treasure. Up to 15 attack side users, on the other hand, pick up the keys on the stage and open the treasure guarded by Castle Side users. However, only the winner of the winner is the winner, so the 15 attackers play the game with rivals. In addition, the story mode of the story of Bomberman’s brothers will be strengthened.

■ Blanc-February 20123

The game is impressive in the black and white world that looks like a fairy tale. The game that follows the stories of the baby wolf and the deer changes the scenes drawn by hand to 3D to continue the lyrical direction. Blanc’s unique feature is that he unveiled the journey of two different animals without a conversation.

■ Return to Monkey Island-20122

Along with Lucas Film, Ron Gilbert, who is in charge of the production, story, design, and programming of Maniac Mansion Series, Indiana Jones, and Monkey Island series, returns to the latest series. The video shows a number of scenes that can check the actual play of the game that only the development news was delivered. This work, which is drawn with more exaggerated directing and exotic visuals, plans to capture the advantages of the classic point and click adventure with Ron Gilbert’s unique humor.

■ Little Noah: The successor of paradise-20122.6.28.

It is a work that is reconstructed as a logite dungeon crawler using Little Noah’s IP, which was serviced by Games. Along with the use of various combo and elemental attacks, you can recruit and organize a colleague named Lily Foot to make the battle easier. Little Noah: Paradise’s successor, released with Nintendo Direct, officially supports Korean, unlike the main story that was released on mobile.

■ Disney Dream Light Valley-20123

It is a simulation game that reconstructs the village with the characters in various works of Disney and Pixar and digs into the mysterious event of oblivion. Sims and other elements that remind them of various life simulations have an atmosphere of the real Disney animation world. Players can enjoy a variety of life contents, such as taking pictures with friends of the winter kingdom, planting Wall-E and gardens, cooking with Ratatouille’s Remi, Goofy and Fishing, Simba, Timon, and Pumba.

In this video, you can see the actual gameplay based on customizing, building building, and interaction with various characters.

■ Rail Grade-Fall in 20122

Epic Games Publishing is a new work that provides railroad rails and operates cargo transportation efficiently. Although relatively simple elements are far from realistic styles such as railroad taikun, they strategically implement the composition of puzzle elements, buildings, and railroads to solve complex transportation problems.

■ Live A Live-2022.7.22.

Remake title of Square Game released as Super Famicom. In a variety of times, they play stories with different heroes, and at the end they gather in a world to tell a huge story. In addition to the unique scenario configuration, the combat composition is different from the classic JRPG.

Although it was released about 30 years ago, it is remakeed using the HD-2D used for the octopass Traveler and the Triangle Strategy. In addition to the classic atmosphere, higher resolution pilel graphics, realistic light sources and background directing will be implemented.

■ Fishing Spirit Aquarium where you can play with fishing spirit-20122

The latest film of fishing Spirit that conveys fishing experience through Joycon. This work tells the story at a large theme park where five aquarium attractions exist according to the concept of aquarium. You can fix the left hand Joycon as if you were fishing, and then turn the right hand Joycon to catch the fish. There are a variety of content that you can experience alone, and up to four people can play games at the same time.

■ Near: Automata-End of Jordaha Edition-2022.10.6. Related article_

Near Otomata’s switch transplantation version, which has succeeded in the world’s popularity by adding the action of Platinum Games while making use of Yokoo Taro’s unique worldview. Not only the existing additional content but also the end of Jordo Edition will also be included free of charge.

■ Portal: Companion Collection-20122.6.28.

The switch version of Portal, one of the most known titles of Valve, is now a better known game platform steam. You can enjoy a variety of puzzles using the portal gun along with the unique black humor. The Competian Collection includes both portals and 2 pieces, and in the case of portal 2, you can enjoy cooperative play in various ways such as local multi, split screen, and online multi.

Portal: The Companion Collection was officially released at the Nintendo Switch E Shop with the release of the Nintendo Direct Mini video.

■ Harvestella-2022.11.4.


Square Enix is a new IP that is a lyrical atmosphere, and a life simulation that builds up with farming, battle and villagers. In addition to living contents such as farming, item production, and collecting materials, growth should be achieved to prevent the deceased chaos. Based on the fantasy world, you can also check the graphic production that is more improved than the existing life simulation. The game will be officially released on November 4th.

■ Mario + Lavid Glitter Hope-20122.10.20.

Lavid’s collaborative strategy RPG, which started from Nintendo’s representative characters Mario and Rayman, became a popular character of Ubisoft. Already, as the Mario + Lavid Kingdom battle has been laid on the basis of gameplay, various play elements such as various cooperative action and strategic play have been introduced in the video. In addition, as in previous works, Ubisoft’s directing, which utilizes the unique atmosphere of Nintendo, is also outstanding. Meanwhile, this video also revealed that Kupa’s team joined the team and predicted a confrontation with new enemies.

■ Doraemon Jingu Ranch Story: The House of Mother Nature and everyone-20122

It is a sequel to the story of the farm management simulation and the Doraemon, which is well-known for the ranch management, which consists of the Doraemon secret tools with cute directing. New ranch management is set against a strange star, and you can play the game with your family and friends through offline two-person play. The developers said that the graphics embodied in the same atmosphere as picture books will be more beautiful through this work.

■ RPG time! Legend of Light-2022.8.18. Related article_

The game was drawn by Kenta-kun, who dreams of becoming a game developer. It is implemented as a real game. As the contents drawn on the note are the game, you can erase the disturbance with an eraser or add the necessary parts with a pencil. In addition to notebooks, all of them are used as part of the game, such as a calculator, a magnifying glass, and a pencil sharpener on the desk.

■ Minecraft Legend-20123

Mojang’s Minecraft IP new work. As with several Minecraft Spin-off works, it is an action strategy game that goes out of the sandbox-type game and confronts the monster. Although you can defeat the enemy directly, you can save the Minecraft and Strategic elements, such as leading a variety of allied soldiers or making a block like a block.

■ Packman World Reapack-20122.8.25.

This is a remake of the Pacman 3D Platformer Packman World, which was released in 1999. Improved visuals, physical effects, and UI are applied as it is not a simple transplant. At the same time, the original work is strengthened, avoiding ghosts and solving various puzzles.

Exactly how to obtain the Amongst Us Back Bling and also Emote in Fortnite

It is wonderful to see that Epic Games presents a main cooperation between us after adding the Impostors mode to the game last year without getting in touch with Innloth. Fortnite lately got a great deal of new content with the beginning of Phase 3, period 3, which introduces further crossover such as Darth Vader and also Indiana Jones. You can additionally adapt the brand-new Snap-Skelett-Skin by accumulating tover tokens that are scattered on the map while satisfying new challenges, such as conference Sunbird, Moon Hawk and Rustler.

Amongst US and also Fortnite have actually finally crossed the cosmetics, and also players can gain an unique backdress and an emote throughout this cooperation. Strangely sufficient, you will certainly not find the Among United States articles in the Fortnite Item Shop. Instead, there is an unique means to purchase them, much like Epic Games did it for cooperations with recently published publications such as Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands as well as extra. The brand-new cosmetics are not very pricey and will be available for a long time. You obtain the Amongst US cosmetics in Fortnite

You can either acquire Amongst Us at a price of $ 5 from the Epic Games Store or a bundle of Amongst United States Stars, of which the least expensive $ 2 prices.

Among US as well as Fortnite have actually ultimately gone across the cosmetics, and gamers can gain an unique backdress and also an emote throughout this partnership. You get the Amongst US cosmetics in Fortnite

Fourteen days is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and also smart phones.

Just how to obtain cosmetics amongst us in Fortnite.

After acquisition, the Amongst United States cosmetics will be contributed to your Fortnite account and you will get you the following time you sign up in the game. Due to the high need, it can take a while before you are presented so that you might need to wait a day or two to obtain them.

To get the Amongst US posts in Fortnite, you have to make an Among US-related acquisition in between June 9, 2022 and June 9, 2023 in the Epic Games Store. You can either purchase Amongst United States at a price of $ 5 from the Epic Games Store or a package of Among Us Stars, of which the most affordable $ 2 costs. The price does not matter as long as you acquire something that Amongst Us has to do with the Epic Games Store.

No matter just how much you spend, you get the same posts as every person else. The crewmate back fashion jewelry can be adjusted with any shade and has a special kill computer animation that is played when they are taken down. The diversion dancing dramatize is likewise consisted of that die-hard followers might understand from Henry Stickman.

Retur the Lía Digital: These 3 brand-new games are seen in rumor and also are not the only good information

Below we have one of one of the most attractive games that you can discover today. The Plucky Squire trailer obtains that with every secondly that passes, you want to play with even more wish to this precious action journey that begins in the pages of a kids The desktop of an area for children. A visually fascinating proposal that leaves us needing to know a lot more regarding their difficulties, which for currently we understand will incorporate the 2D and 3D activity, with puzzles, boxing fighting, exploration with jetpack and numerous miniguegos. It will certainly premiere on computer in 2023.

So impressive in its hosting that we couldn’t stop checking out the display. Returning Digital proceeds to demonstrate its good eye when hunting independent growths with this skate story, a skating video game where to do all kinds of aerial balancings with a caution: we will have to travel with the ashes as well as the smoke of the underworld while we embark on a mission evidently impossible. In this method, not just does it need to be the very best on the skate, yet likewise leading finishing with all kinds of satanic forces as well as saving various other tortured hearts. It will certainly be offered on PC in 2023.

The back digital occasions are nonsense, yes, yet it costs not to have enjoyable with the crazy stories that your stars tell. That beyond unreasonable wit, you constantly locate a great handful of games that are worth directing on your checklist of the most preferred, and also in this 2022 occasion there are lots of candidates to cover that list.

In just 25 minutes the editor has actually put on the table 3 new games that is worth complying with close , although unfortunately they go to 2023.

The back digital events are nonsense, yes, however it costs not to have fun with the crazy stories that your actors inform. The very best? That beyond silly wit, you constantly locate a good handful of games that are worth pointing on your checklist of one of the most wanted, and also in this 2022 event there are lots of prospects to cover that listing.

In simply 25 minutes the editor has placed on the table 3 new games that is worth complying with close , although however they most likely to 2023. It stands out, yes, that one of the most expected games to return Digital this occasion has actually been shed. We speak, naturally, of Go back to Monkey Island, which might be seen on the Pc gaming Program computer that is commemorated in a few days.

State a vivid actors of anthropomorphic enemies. Temper Foot has actually been one more of the fantastic ads events of returning Display, calling us interest not just for its visuals area and also increased rhythm, however, for how fun it seems to make its method kicking doors and butts with the delirious drain city in which this shooter takes place. Care the suburb, the sewage and the skyscrapers while you get brand-new weapons, unlock sneakers and also enhance your powers of entirely absurd ways at the exact same time as terrific from 2023 in, for the minute, PC.


While we have already seen several trailers of the video game, Cult of the Lamb proceeds to shock us with the particular shade and also layout of this proposal where we are challenged to play a lamb possessed, saved from annihilation by an unknown threatening, which need to Arrange a sect to save their financial debt by ruining the infidels along the road. On top of that, excellent information: the video game already has a launch date. Particularly, its best on computer, PlayStation, Xbox and also Change is anticipated on August 11.

A summary of the game event held in June 2022! Pick up schedule & attention titles

June-In Japan, it is a time when the rainy season and the lack of holidays tend to be dismissed, but from a gamer perspective, games related events are increasing year by year, and it can be said that it is a exciting month. **

Regarding the “Electronic Entertainment EXPO (E3)” this year, it was unfortunately confirmed that the event was canceled, but on the morning of June 3, Sony Interactive Entertainment “State of Play” was the same month. In the morning, “Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase” by Microsoft will be distributed. Furthermore, as usual, the broadcast of Nintendo’s “Nintendo Direct” ** is expected, so this month we can expect big news from the game industry.

Therefore, GAME*Spark picked up the schedule of the main game-related events held in June 2022 and the title of the editorial department. Introducing an event that will excite the melancholy June enthusiastically!

  • The following information may be changed before the distribution starts due to schedule and distribution at the time of writing. note that.

Distribution schedule (Japan time)

Friday, June 3rd

7 am to 7:30 am (about 30 minutes)

State of Play

Friday, June 10th

3:00 am ~

Summer Game Festival

*Including multiple events, DAY OF THE DEVS: Summer Game Festival will be broadcast immediately after

June 11th (Sat)

2:00 am ~

Netflix Geeked Week: Gaming

4:00 am ~

Tribeca Games Spotlight

Sunday, June 12th

0:00 am ~

Guerrilla Collective

1:30 am ~

Wholesome Games Direct

4:00 am ~

Future Games Show

June 13 (Monday)

2:00 am ~

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase

4:30 am ~

PC Gaming Show

Tuesday, June 14th

5 am ~

Guerrilla Collective 3.5

State of Play

In this State of Play, the latest information on the PlayStation5/PlayStation4 title to be released in the future will be introduced for 30 minutes. In the broadcast, John Kabira will narrate and provide powerful images. In addition, the title under development for PlayStation VR2 will be shown slightly.

Delivery date and time : June 3 (Fri) 7:00 am to 7:30 am

Distribution platform : YouTube, Twitch

Summer Game Festival

A showcase event full of game industry world premiere and trailers, where Jeff Kealie is the host. Last year, gamers were attracting attention, including the release of the game play trailer of “ELDEN RING”, but it was announced that this year will be held in a compact form. Immediately after the “Summer Game Fest”, “Day of the Devs: Summer Game Festival”, which will be released mainly with indie game information, will be broadcast.

Delivery date and time : June 10 (Fri) 3:00 am

Distribution platform : Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Netflix Geeked Week: Gaming

Netflix gives Geeked Week, a monopoly information and trailer of entertainment of all genres. The introduction of the game section is June 11 (Japan time), and the trailer can check titles such as the anime version “Cyberpunk 2077” and “Cuphead”.

Delivery date and time : Saturday, June 11th, 2:00 am

Distribution platform : Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, etc.

Tribeca Games Spotlight

Tribeca Games Spotlight is a digital showcase provided by Tribeca Enterprises, a multi-platform. In this event, exclusive images on gameplay and creators will be released.

Delivery date and time : Saturday, June 11th, 4:00 am

Distribution platform :*It has not been announced at the time of writing the article. Please check the follow-up report on the official website.


GUERRILLA COLLECTIVE given by The Media Indie Exchange (Mix) established by indie & indie game enthusiasts. Focusing on the hottest developers and publishers around the world, the latest games, trailers, play videos, demonstrations, etc. will be introduced. Also, in the previous event, “Anno: Mutationem Anneau: Mute Nem” and “INDUSTRIA” game play trailers were released.

Delivery date and time : Sunday, June 12th, 0:00 am

Distribution platform : Twitch, YouTube

Wholesome Games Direct

WHOLESOME DIRECT introduces violence depictions modest & cute and positive. The lineup is about 100 titles, including the cute life symbol “PUFFPALS: ISLAND SKIES” and the fantasy cafe adventure “COFFEE TALK EPISODE 2: HibiScus & Butterfly”, and will be released during the first release and distribution. It also contains things.

Delivery date and time : Sunday, June 12th, 1:30 am

Distribution platform :*It has not been announced at the time of writing the article. Please check the follow-up report on the official website.

Future Games Show

This is the second Future Games Show in 2022, presided over by overseas media GamesRadar +. This time, about 40 titles will be exhibited from publishers such as TEAM 17, Thunderful, and Amanita Design, with world premiere, exclusive announcements, and developers interviews will be announced.

Delivery date and time : Sunday, June 12th, 4:00 am

Distribution platform : Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, official website

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase

Last time, “Xbox & Bethesda Games ShowCase”, which was shown with titles such as “STARFIELD” and “S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl”, has been held this year. Xbox Games Studios, Bethesda Softworks, and title from partners around the world will be featured. In addition, the latest information will be provided about the subscription service “Xbox Game Pass”.

Delivery date and time : June 13 (Monday) 2:00 am

Distribution platform : YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok

PC Gaming Show

The “PC Gaming Show” sponsored by the overseas media PC Gamer introduces over 45 titles. From new titles such as “ARMA 4” and Sam Barlow’s “Immortality”, “Half-Life: Alyx” free campaign MOD “Levitation” will also be shown.

Delivery date and time : Monday, June 13th, 4:30 am

Distribution platform : YouTube, Twitch


The aforementioned Guerrilla Collective is held again with additional information. Various titles, such as the Las Boss Strategy “Deborn’s Disconnection” and the Necromancer simulator “NECROSMITH”, will be exhibited.

Delivery date and time : Tuesday, June 14th ~ 5:00 am

Distribution platform : Twitch, YouTube

Gemespa Editorial Department June Game-related event Click here for attention titles!

Call of Duty Modern Warfair 2

It was reported to be developed by Infinity Ward in February this year, this work was announced in April, and the release on October 28 was announced in May. Since the information is steadily revealed, the event will be held this month to release gameplay videos.


This work was attracting attention as a new work of the open world RPG by Bethesda Softworks, but unfortunately the release to the first half of 2023 was decided in early May. In early April, the first details of the NPC character were shown, and this “Xbox & BetHesda Games Showcase” may reveal the details of the companion system that has been stepped into.


This work is an action adventure with stray cats wandering through the declining neon shining cyber city as the main character. Overseas PlayStation Official announced that it will be released in the summer of 2022 in early May, and a new trailer may be released on “State of Play”.

Top 20 NEW PS4 & PS5 Games of 2022 [4K]

Gothan Knights

This work has been released on October 25, 2022, and has been attracting attention by Batman Series fans. In May, the official website was released on the official website, and a variety of information was revealed, including solo play and online co-op with two players. The WB Games title “Hogwarts Legacy” is also featured alone on May 24, so this work may be picked up in “State of Play”.

In addition, GAME*SPARK will deliver bulletin news according to the timing of each event. If you find an event/work that can be expected to blow off the melancholy of the rainy season, check out the video distribution source and schedule.

PS Plus Extra and Premium adds a subscription for Ubisoft+ Classics

In addition to the announcement of some of the first PS Plus games for the premium and extra subscriptions, Ubisoft has announced that his subscription service Ubisoft+ has also been introduced. Type of.

Ubisoft+ Classics is a new version of Ubisoft+ especially for PS Plus Extra and Premium. It contains a library with 27 Ubisoft games, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, for Honor, South Park: The Fractored But Whole and South Park: The Stick of Truth, The Crew 2 and more.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the outstanding title of this limited selection of games from Ubisoft+. According to information, the library in Ubisoft+ Classics will be expanded to 50 by the end of 2022. This should mean that games like Watch Dogs 2, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and more are added, since their absence is strange here, especially if both games are several years old at this point.

PS Plus Extra All Games - New PS Plus Benefit Ubisoft Plus Classics
Other games that we could add in the coming months are Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Rainbow Six Siege and Assassin’s Creed Origins.

These games will probably be part of the monthly game updates for PS Plus announced by Sony from June, which will be published in the middle of the month.

Unfortunately, this new limited version of Ubisoft+ will probably not put big games like Far Cry 6 and the upcoming Skull and Bones at the start. However, this game collection is a solid beginning, especially in combination with the list of games contained in the extra and premium library.

Deals with gold: These Xbox offers will end shortly KW 18/2022

The current deals with Gold offers of the KW 18/2022 have a number of reduced games and extensions for you again.

Xbox - May 2022 Games with Gold

So take the last chance and take a look at our overview before the discounts soon say goodbye.
As early as early Tuesday morning, new games and extensions in the price will be reduced and we will inform you again promptly about all price changes in the Microsoft Store!
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PS NOW in May 2022: These three games are new

The PlayStation-Service PS Now is on a farewell tour, because from next June the service will no longer exist in its current design. Instead, the offer is integrated into a higher level of PS Plus. In May 2022, however, it is not yet ready, which is why everyone can look forward to three new games with PS now subscription.

These are the new PS now games in May 2022:

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 *
Soul Calibur 6

When do the PS now play in the service? As usual, the PS now titles are released on the first Tuesday of a month, in this case on Tuesday, May 3, 2022 .

The highlight in May: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

That’s what it’s about: in the Fighting Game Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 again compete against each other from the manga and anime series Naruto in 3D arenas. Among other things, the “Wall Run” returns from the first part of the series and it is possible to replace characters during the fight. In addition, weapons and armor can break this time in the zeal of the battle.

You can find everything important about the game in our test:

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 in the test-the eight-hour boss fight


What will be from PS now? The name will no longer exist from then, but the functionality remains, if only in the most expensive of the PS Plus options (Premium). In our separate article:

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PlayStation Now - New Games May 2022

PS Plus revolution officially: All information about the new subscription service for PS4/PS5 (exclusive)


these are the free PS Plus games in May

The games that can all be able to load on their hard drives with PS Plus subscription in May have also been announced. This time there is a reason for joy, especially for football fans, because with FIFA 22 the current representative of the most popular football game series is there. You can read which games you can dust off the subscription fees in the article on the PS Plus games in May 2022.

Are you particularly looking forward to one of the PS now titles in the line-up for May 2022?

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