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How to solve the astral puzzles in The Ancient Azure Stars in the Genshin Impact Summertime Odyssey – Mona’s Mirage leadership

Astral puzzles can be found in the ancient azure stars, temporary Mirage Mona Megistus, access to which can be obtained during the event Summer Odyssey from Genshin Impact. From from July 15, 2022 to August 24, 2022 , you can explore the temple of stellar latitudes and solve various puzzles inspired by constellations to get a lot of chests. That’s all you need to know about how to solve astral puzzles in The Ancient Azure Stars Mirage.

How to solve astral puzzles in Mona’s Mirage in Genshin Impact


Astral puzzles require you to connect star guides create constellations based on the reference image . The reference can usually be found in a room with puzzles, but it is not always available. In some rooms you will have to touch the stars on the walls or interaction with mechanisms to show the constellation that you need to copy. There are also cases when the link is hidden by other structures, which makes it difficult to copy it.

Star guides indicate a certain direction , which can be determined by checking where the small arrow is directed. You can configure the direction of each star guide by interacting with it. You should attack star conductor with a regular attack to create link to the site to another star guide, depending on the direction in which it indicates.

It is important to know that star guides can maintain links only when they point to each other. For example, when a indicates B to the north, they will contact. If A changes the direction and points to the east, then the connection between A and B will break. Several stellar guides can be connected with each other to form a certain form, but you need to find accurate turns that will allow you to create all the necessary connections to form a reference image.

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Genshin Impact 2.8 Kazuha Rerun Banner Details: Release Day, 4-Stars

Kazuha makes his long-awaited return after Genshin Impact in the recently announced patch 2.8 replay banners. The soon-to-be-launched spot will likely prove to be a redux of spot 1.6’s summer experiences, with the Golden Apple Archipelago together with a new lineup of personalities appearing at events. Among them is Kazuha, an Anemo sword customer lengthy sought after by gamers who missed his character banner a year ago. Accompanying his banner replay is an individual story pursuit with unique incentives as well as 4-star Driver customer Heizou.

Day and information of the Kazuha rerun banner

Besides Kazuha’s rerun banner, there will certainly also be a coordinating weapon banner that consists of both the best-in-slot restricted sword for Kazuha, the Flexibility Sworn, as well as the default banner stimulant, Lost Petitions to the Spiritual Winds.

While team compositions could alter as a result of Sumeru as well as his gallery of Dendro personalities, it’s difficult to recommend that the crowd control and energy offered by Kazuha is a value that will certainly lapse with Spot 3.0 releases. It’s reasonable to presume that gamers will certainly find it tough to handle their primogems, as personalities belonging to a brand-new aspect will unavoidably prove desirable. This isn’t helped by the fact that Kazuha is a personality deserving of such budgetary factors to consider.

July and lasts until 2. The 4-star characters are the exact same in between the two banners, these 4-star characters Heizou , Thomas as well as Ningguang .

Genshin Impact is now readily available on computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android as well as iOS.

It’s tough to state that the three characters would certainly prove synergistic if put on the exact same team as Kazuha, but there are reasons to consider them depending upon what the gamer drawing this banner in regards to by-products searches. Heizou is a fascinating principle in the sense that he’s the first personality to be released based on the premise of being a hand-to-hand fighter and will likely amass a great deal of interest as he brings a new playstyle to the table.


Thoma and also Ningguang, on the various other hand, are tenure characters that serve their designated function, Ningguang is a damage-dealing Geo Catalyst, and also Thoma is a Pyro Polearm that shields his teammates as well as refreshes them based on the speed of his assaults. Obtaining Constellations for them must prove helpful if gamers are currently using them on their groups, although they may not be considered premium because of essential restrictions or other characters that might offer their objective better.

Kazuha makes his long-awaited return after Genshin Impact in the recently announced patch 2.8 replay banners. July as well as lasts till 2. The 4-star personalities are the same between the 2 banners, these 4-star characters Heizou , Thomas and also Ningguang .

Genhin Impact: How to get to the place of the snake cavity

The cave of the snake is one of the new places added to the latest patch of Genshin impact . The place, which is called due to the New World Boss, which is located in it, is not appropriate for players, is not accessible to players, but lies in the depths of the abyss, a new region associated with Liyue and with the current patch together with The new character Kamisato Ayato, weapon and events follow. This guide deals with the procedures required to access the underground areas of The Chasm and what needs to be done to achieve the Serpent’s Cave.

How to get the snake cavity in Genshin Impact

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The snake cavity is located west of the next waypoint in the ad-hoc main tunnel , over a wooden bridge high in the air. Before that, there is a tunnel that will eventually open to expose a waypoint over a cliff that overlooks the terrain under which the ruin serpent tunnels.

Traditionally with new patches Genshint Impact is a chain of world quests generally associated with the exploration and activation of all facilities and waypoints that the new scene has to offer. The chasm delvers series of world quests is the one that the player has to advance to finally unlock them underground mines for the abyss. Make progress and follow the instructions of the NPCs that relate to the quest series until you have completed them Second cleavage of the seal with seven stars, This opens the mines under The Chasm and is the place that contains the Cave of the snake .

After reaching the underground mines, the players should sit down to get the lumenstone adjuvans , a gadget, which goes back to the progression below in the Chasm quest series. If you get it, it becomes easier to defeat the ruin serpent, as some of the mechanics in connection with the boss can only be countered with the effects of this gadget. The upgrade of the lumenstone adjuvant increases its range and effectiveness, players can do this first before they attack the ruin serpent when they tend to do.

With proper compliance, players should find themselves in a large open space in which the Ruin Serpent glides among them through the soils of the earth. For those who may be confused, ruins does not drop any materials needed by existing characters, including Ayato needed objects found in Inazuma. However, if you are looking for materials for Yelan, a distinguished hydrobo user, then the leaks point out that this is the right place. May you triumph in the fight against the ruin serpent.

Genshint Impact is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android and iOS.

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