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Pokemon legends: Arceus let himself be seen in an extensive gameplay

Nintendo has published a new video with gameplay of Legends Pokémon: Areas . With thirteen and a half minutes, the trailer on these lines puts us in the context of the situation in the region and deepens a little more in their systems while it lets with something more calm its visual section; Of course, with the nuance that the images shown are from a non-definitive version of the game.

It is commented in the presentation what we already knew about the HIS UI region, located in the ancient SINPO, in an era in which Human and Pokémon did not usually live together in harmony. As it happened in the fourth generation, Mount Corona will divide the map, composed of areas with different species and ecosystems to give some variety of environments, where you will also have distributed various materials that will allow us to create various objects that will help us in adventure («Healing objects, baits, humored balls, Poke Balls and much more»).

Through the part of the different Pokémon, each species will appear at a specific hour of the day and will have their own temperament (the strongest will be more difficult to catch, normal up to here), which will force us to pay attention to their behavior their want to complete Our Pokédex.

The rest is little more than it was seen in the last trailer, with some of its NPCs, secondary missions, the different mounts depending on the ground, and even some other novelty in the interface itself.

Legends Pokémon: Areas will be published in just over two weeks: we can play it in Nintendo Switch from next January 28.

Legends Pok mon Arceus A world finally not so open

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Qualified a little quickly from open world , including on structure articulated, Legends Pokémon: Arceus will be more closely closer to a Hunter Monster than a Breath of the Wild in his structure articulated around a village / base and missions that one accepts one after the other by choosing a particular destination.

It is Kotaku who dissipates this misunderstanding by relying on a description sent by The Pokémon Company:

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the Rusti-Cité village will serve as a basis for exploration missions. After receiving a mission or demand and prepared their next excursion, players will leave the village to study one of the different areas. Open from the Hisui region. Once the survey work is over, players will have to come back once again to prepare for their next task. We look forward to sharing more information on exploring the region of Hisui.

This description is not very different from what can be read on the official website, which also puts forward the presence of many areas with distinct environments . The problem is that these lines can also be applied to any open world composed of several biomes.

The fact is that since its ad, Legends Pokémon: Arceus more cultivates the similarities with a Breath of the Wild (even in the composition of its jacket) than with a Monster Hunter . The insistence of marketing to speak of the Hisui region , as in the last video of the game below, also evoked a unified open world rather than a terrain divided into separate regions. The idea of ​​an open world was also quickly returned to the spirits of commentators to explain the realization of the game judged little flatter, even for the switch.


Legends Pokémon: Arceus – News Trailer

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