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Toni Kroos teases against Uli Hoeneß: would have anticipated much more knowledge

Toni Kroos from Real Madrid countered the previous cross pass statements by Uli Hoeneß on the sidelines of an honor ceremony with a top against the honorary president of FC Bayern.


It absolutely didn’t inspire me. Maybe at the start, due to the fact that I had actually expected a bit a lot more competence. Based on the truths that already spoke against it and also still contradict it today, stated Kroos by video message as component of theSport-Bild _- Awards in Hamburg on Monday.

Hoeneß had sharply criticized Real Madrid’s midfielder in 2014 after the European Championship-AUS with the German national team. Toni Kroos lost absolutely nothing in this football, stated the long-time Bayern head of state in the Sport1 double pass.

Kroos was granted the Special Reward of the editor-in-chief, yet might not be personally on website because of illness.

Kroos was only discovered by cross passes at 0: 2 in the round of 16 versus England. With other teams it goes forward by train as well as we played throughout, played across, played throughout, claimed Hoeneß. He appreciates Kroos, who celebrated excellent successes: Playing his method of having fun is totally over.

Bayern bargains as well as DFB-mega-flop: transfer window since 2012

Kroos was only observed by cross passes at 0: 2 in the round of 16 against England. Kroos had actually left FC Bayern in 2014 for 25 million euros transfer in the direction of Real Madrid. At the honor ceremony on Monday, Kroos was also asked in his video clip matter in his future.

Kroos had actually left FC Bayern in 2014 for 25 million euros transfer in the instructions of Real Madrid. The currently 32-year-old has actually been a fixture in midfield for several years. This summer Kroos won the Champions Organization for the fifth time, for the fourth time with Genuine.

Based on the realities that already spoke versus it and still negate it today, said Kroos by video message as component of theSport-Bild _- Honors in Hamburg on Monday.

At the honor event on Monday, Kroos was additionally asked in his video clip count in his future. I still have a little time, said Kroos.

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Toni Kroos says bye-bye to Real Madrid entirely.

Irres Nkunku rumors are likely to press FC Bayern from the marketplace – Genuine Madrid with mega

The transfer-free change from Superstar Kylian Mbappé from Paris Saint-Germain to Actual Madrid was really thought about a secure deal-Danent, the Frenchman surprisingly extended for a rumored world record content at PSG. A bitter obstacle for the Spaniards, which likewise supplies new opportunities. Possibly additionally with effects on the planning of FC Bayern.

Christopher Nkunku - All Goals and Assists 2021/22 So Far...

FC Bayern has actually been a rate of interest in Christopher Nkunku by RB Leipzig for weeks. The Frenchman, that generated outstanding 35 objectives and also 20 themes in 51 competitive video games in the previous period, is claimed to have actually begun with this return on the radar of the German record champs. The sum that an additional top club ought to now toss into the ring for Nkunku need to press the Munich from the market.

Actual Madrid is allegedly all set to take 100 million euros in hand to eliminate Nkunku from RB Leipzig. This reports “Diario Gol”. Accordingly, you also trust Nkunku in Madrid to outdo Mbappé.

Real Madrid “ripped off” and “extremely damaged”

With the cash that a handle Mbappé would have expense, you now intend to go all-in at Nkunku. It will certainly first have actually to be revealed whether the plan will work.

Speaking of Mbappé: The table linen in between the offending player as well as Real can hardly be repaired. The super star’s environments must be “sour” about the truth that one responds little in Madrid to the change of definition, however in the Spanish capital you should be “very injured” and also feel “ripped off”.

RB Leipzig stressed a number of times that you would not allow your top entertainer go. Since the French worldwide is still under agreement till the summertime of 2024, you are likewise in a comfy discussing placement. Prior to an offer over 100 million euros, you would definitely not close your ears.

The transfer-free change from Superstar Kylian Mbappé from Paris Saint-Germain to Real Madrid was actually thought about a safe deal-Danent, the Frenchman surprisingly extended for a rumored world record content at PSG. Genuine Madrid is allegedly ready to take 100 million euros in hand to get rid of Nkunku from RB Leipzig. Appropriately, you also rely on Nkunku in Madrid to outdo Mbappé.

Kylian MBAPP to Real Madrid? PSG

For some time now, a future of Kylian Mb cape at Real Madrid is considered very likely. But PSG sports director Leonardo does not give up.

Leonardo, sports director of Paris Saint-Germain, after the championship title has spoken on Saturday about the future of Stürmerstar Kylian Mbuck and could not resist a small side panel towards Real Madrid.

“In Madrid, you have been convinced that Kylian will land at Real,” said Leonardo to SKY Sport Italia and added, “Maybe you’re a bit too sure.”

Like Leonardo later at _canal + _ emphasized, one with mb cape in “constant exchange. I think he continues to think. It is the possibility that he remains, but he can definitely go.”

????MBAPPE to REAL MADRID!???? (PSG to accept the transfer?)

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MBAPPES Current contract expires on June 30, according to today’s level, he could change to Madrid in the summer. According to information from Kylian and Goal , PSG has recently offered the 23-year-old Frenchman a new contract with an annual salary of more than 50 million euros, which would make MB cape for the highest paid player in the squad of the Parisian.

Real Madrid Bangt Um Carlo Ancelotti

Without coach Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid arrived on Tuesday before the Champions League duel at FC Chelsea in London.
The 62-year-old, who had been positively tested on the coronavirus in the middle of a past week, hopes according to Spanish media but still on green light for the quarter-final game on Wednesday (21.00 pm / Dazn).

Ancelotti should undergo another PCR test on Tuesday and could reward in the event of a negative result, it said.

Real-Rückkehr: Warum Ancelotti sein schwerstes Erbe antritt | SPORT1
At the 2: 1 liga success at Celta Vigo on Saturday, the Italian could not take place on the bank.

Real-Bezwinger Wernydub moves into the war: “Im not afraid”

Jurij Wernydub defeated Real Madrid in September. Now the coach of Sheriff’s Tiraspol fights in the Ukrainian army.

Here you can pursue all developments to Ukraine-Russia conflict.

With fighting against overpowering opponents, Jurij knows Wernydub. In September, the Ukrainian coach made for a sensation when he won with Sheriff Tiraspol from Moldova in the Champions League 2: 1 at Real Madrid. But now the 56-year-old, who once ran in the 2nd Bundesliga for the Chemnitzer FC, rests his job. Because Wernydub was pulled into the war.

“I have no problem with using firearms. I know how to go,” Wernydub wrote on Friday in a post for the BBC. He should not provide information about his exact role in the army, only so much: “I did not use my weapon, but I am ready, always. Always.”

When the war broke out a week ago, Wernydub was just in Portugal, Sheriff played in the Europa League at the SC Braga. “My son called me at 4:30 in the morning and told Russia to attack us. I knew immediately that I would return to Ukraine and fight,” writes the coach in his guest contribution.

Wernydub, who completed seven second division games in the 1993/94 season, had not stopped his family, though “my wife, my children and my grandchildren tried to stop me. But my wife knows my character, if I know A decision meets, I do not change them anymore, “says Wernydub.

WERNYDUB: “Peace will only give it when we win”

SweClubberz - Impetus 2021 [Free Release]
He did not fear, even because he received a lot of support. Sheriff also won 1-0 against Milsami at the weekend and the spreadsheet consolidated.

“Some games called me some coaches too. They encouraged me,” says Wernydub. Currently he is “not far from the conflict”.

He did not doubt about a victory of Ukraine. “I can not think of anything else. Peace will only give it when we win,” he wrote.

Just a few months ago, the victory over Real Madrid, he could not imagine such a situation. Most recently, the worry but always bigger.

And the football? At some point, Jurij Wernydub wants to return to his coach chair. “The thought of it motivates me. Football is my life. I hope that this war will not take too long,” he wrote: “I’m sure I’ll work again as a coach and win pokal.”

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Toth in FIFA FIFA 22: All attackers nominated for the year team

EA Sports hMadrid releMadrided the checklist of attackers chosen to Tony (Equipment of the year) of FIFA 22. A checklist created by the front, ends, tips and also media outlines that have been tired of going into objectives during the lMadridt twelve months. In total amount, 21 excellent names among which this time around there is Spanish representation and also by double starting. The merits of Gerard Moreno with Villarreal and also Mike Oyarzabal with the Real Society have been foraged both a setting in such an option of All Stars. There are just 2 more gamers of the Spanish League: Luis Suárez, from Atlético de Madrid, and also Karim Benzema, from Real Madrid.

When is the Tony FIFA 22 votes?

EA Sports hMadrid releMadrided the list of Madridsailants chosen to Tony (Equipment of the year) of FIFA 22. In total, 21 terrific names among which this time there is Spanish depiction and also by dual starting. The advantages of Gerard Moreno with Villarreal and Mike Oyarzabal with the Real Society have actually been foraged both a placement in such a selection of All Stars. There are only 2 even more players of the Spanish League: Luis Suárez, from Atlético de Madrid, and also Karim Benzema, from Real Madrid.

Specifically, we can vote for our faves between the Monday, January 10 from 2022 at 5:00 p.m. (Spanish local time) Madrid well Madrid Tuesday, January 18 at 9:59 (Once again, neighborhood Spanish time).

Especially, we can vote for our favorites between the Monday, January 10 from 2022 at 5:00 p.m. (Spanish regional time) and Tuesday, January 18 at 9:59 (Once again, regional Spanish time). Voting will certainly be via the video game website Madrid well Madrid the picked names will certainly be offered at Ultimate Team over the next few weeks.

Mbappé — PSG
Messi — PSG
Neymar — PSG
Lewandowski — Bavaria
Cristiano Ronaldo — Manchester United
Salah — Liverpool
Benzema — Real Madrid
Harry Kane — Tottenham
Luis Suárez — Atlético de Madrid
Lusaka — Chelsea
Haaland — Borussia Dortmund
Immobile — Radio
Inside — Naples
Gerard Moreno — Villarreal
Oyarzabal — Real Society
Lazaro — Inter de Milan
Chaise — Juventus (Piedmont Calico).
Realism — Manchester City.
Slavic — Florentina.
Payer — Olympic de Marseille.
Radio — Ajax.
David Jonathan — Lille.

Real Madrid conquers table top

Real Madrid has recaptured the spreadsheet in Laliga. The royal for the long-standing Bavaria professional David Alaba won sovereign with 6: 1 (3: 1) against climber RCD Mallorca.

Torgarant Karim Benzema (3rd, 78.) with a double pack and Marco Asensio with a triple pack (24th, 29th, 55th) trumped in the Madrilenen. ISCO (84th) met the final score.

For Rio World Champion Toni Kroos, who had returned to team training during the week after a long injury, the game came too early. Madrid had no doubts from the start of the home win, even if the mallorquiner had come through Lee Kang-in (25th) for the meantime 1: 2 connection hit.

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Primera Division: The current table

Place | Team | Sp. | Goals | Diff | Pkt.
— | — | — | — | — |-
1. | Real Madrid | 6 | 21: 8 | 13 | 16
2. | Atlético Madrid | 6 | 9: 5 | 4 | 14
3rd | FC Seville | 5 | 8: 2 | 6 | 11
4. | FC Valencia | 6 | 11: 7 | 4 | 10
5. | Rayo Vallecano Madrid | 6 | 10: 6 | 4 | 10
6. | Real Sociedad | 5 | 6: 4 | 2 | 10
7. | Athletic Bilbao | 6 | 5: 3 | 2 | 9
8. | FC Barcelona | 4 | 8: 5 | 3 | 8th
9. | Ca Osasuna | 5 | 6: 6 | 0 | 8th
10. | RCD Mallorca | 6 | 4: 9 | -5 | 8th
11. | FC Villarreal | 5 | 6: 3 | 3 | 7
12. | Betis Seville | 5 | 6: 6 | 0 | 6
13. | Espanyol Barcelona | 6 | 4: 5 | -1 | 6
14. | FC Elche | 6 | 4: 7 | -3 | 6
15. | FC Cádiz | 5 | 6: 8 | -2 | 5
16. | UD Levante | 6 | 6: 9 | -3 | 4
17. | Celta de Vigo | 6 | 6: 10 | -4 | 4
18. | FC Granada | 5 | 3: 8 | -5 | 3
19. | FC Getafe | 6 | 2: 10 | -8 | 0
20. | Deportivo Alavés | 5 | 1: 11 | -10 | 0

James Rodriguez changes to Blanc Club Al

James was changed to FC Everton in September 2020 by Real Madrid, and first he showed it under his conveyor Carlo Ancelotti strong approaches. In 23 games reach the Colombian six goals, he missed injury due to injury. With the coach change – Rafael Benitez came to the start of the season for Ancelotti – the 30-year-old on the siding, in the current season he was with the Toffees without league use. His contract at Everton still had a term until 2023. Now it attracts the former Bayern player for a unneeded transfer fee to the desert, Al-Rayyan will meet Laurent Blanc on the French coach. From the headlight light, the scorer of the 2014 World Cup is disappeared.

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