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“Getsufumaden: Undying Moon” beta test start-Add new weapon type implementation and new elements

The STeam version “getsufumaden: Undying Moon” released from Konami on February 17, but the next version V1.1.0 beta test, which is the next version from March 17 to the end of April.. At the moment, it is undecided for the end of this test, and it is said that an announcement will be conducted separately as soon as it is determined.

“Getsufumaden: Undying Moon” was a 2D horizontal scroll action using the Worldwise World World of Launched from Konami for FC in 1987, and the main character Hold the scales to go to hell while kicking down the envy and sashimi.

“Moon-style magic”, which should also be said to be original, is characterized by a world view of the Japanese-style taste, such as the shurestro, treasure, and candle, and this work that inherits the name of the same cooperation is also possible to associate weapons and Japanese martial arts such as swords and Japanese umbrellas. It is a work that extruded the Japanese style to the front, such as a battle that incorporates elements such as the beat.

In this beta test, elements that increase the degree of difficulty such as new enemies and traps, as well as the addition of new elements such as repair of actions and special attacks and implementation of new weapon species, also implemented elements such as new enemies and traps. It is upgraded to increase playability.

A Beautiful Action Roguelite LOADED With Style And Flavour! | GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon
In addition, in this beta test, all elements are unlocked for testing purposes, and there are different parts such as handover and storage location of save data. Please check here for details.

Development started with high difficulty Aim climbing “AIM Climb” STeam. Click on quickly and remove it to the abyss

Domestic personal developer Yul started distributing “ AIM CLIMB ” on March 19. The compatible platform is PC (STeam) and price is 780 yen. It corresponds to Japanese and English subtitles.

“AIM CLIMB” is a high difficulty Aim climbing game that aims to above by clicking on the screen. A cat girl who dreamed of the outside world lived in the dark cave, which is the stage of this work. Her players will advance her cave to her cave to take her to the outside world.

In the cave, colored spheres float. When the player aims to aim and clicks the sphere, a cat girl flys vigorously towards the direction of the sphere. However, gravity exists in the cave, and a cat girl does not have her scaffolding she falls. Therefore, the player clicks on a quick and quick-clicked scaffolding scaffolding. Little altitudes to rise and aim for the outside of the cave.

Aim Climb Gameplay Trailer | Store Link in Description
Another, a cat girl has a small jump that can be used for each cool time. Small jumpskills can be used in conjunction with Other skills will also appear depending on the progress of the stage. On the other hand, in this work, there is no factor that the girl’s girl walks left and right or changing her speed depending on the length of the mouse click. A quick click and a cool time small jump will be a means of climbing a cave. As a work that aims to be upward by clicking on the screen in the screen, it seems that it is a simple and intense mouse manipulation and the existence of skills.

As for the click target, other than the fixed green, which appears from the foremic of the game, the red and long-pressing yellow, long press that the linear range appears, and a yellow, long press to appear.. Also, at the start of the game, the degree of difficulty can be selected from three stages. In this work, the degree of difficulty changes upward and then the grace will change. Specifically, at Gamer AIM of intermediate difficulty, it will decelerate a little after jumping, but it will drop smoothly in the high difficulty Pro AIM that releases hell. The easiest Beginner AIM has a floating time floating and floating for a long time after jumping. Gamer AIM is a difficulty level, and if you make a mistake, you will be able to develop a difficult gameplay with a sense of tension that continues to move the mouse while you can return to the starting point.

Developing this work is a domestic personal developer YUL. As far as he sees his Twitter account, this work seems to be the first work for he. He has also tweeted with “difficulty difficulty. I’m sorry.” As you are looking for a high difficulty, it will be a work for a player who asks for aid and challenges.

“AIM CLIMB” is being distributed for 780 yen for PC (STeam).

※ The English Version of this Article is Available Here

[Weekly Span 2/25] 1st to 4th place of that title is a monopoly! ? New action RPG that continues to go out

From the article published in Game * SPARK on February 25, 2022 (Thursday) to March 3, 2022 (Thursday), we will introduce the top 5 this week. Weekly sparan time. I would like to go for a week, I am also recommended for those who want to know quickly because I am busy!

# 5th-“Grand Seifuto Auto” The map of the latest work is more huge?

It is a “Grand The Farget Auto” series announced that the latest series of series is currently under development on February 5, but it became clear that patent applications considered to be involved in the development were conducted. rice field.

“System and Method for Session Management in Multiplayer Network Game Environments” This patent application can divide the map of online multiplayer games into multiple sessions and seamlessly and move between them. something like. As a result, the player seems to be able to feel more hundreds of players in one world and can feel more reality. And by using this system, “Grand Ceft Auto” new work is expected to be even larger than the conventional series.

Grand Sef Auto “The map is a bigger bigger? Anxious patent application is found

# 4th-Fan creation “Elden Ring” PS1 style trailer appearance

New Action RPG “Elden Ring” released from From Software, but a video that made a Demiew with PS1 wind was posted. Posted by 3D Artist VFX Supervisor BLender Lovers Hoolopee. For about 50 seconds of video entitled “Elden Ring on PS1 | Demake”, “ALL ‘s place” reproduces with low polygon and texture like the 1990s. At the end of the video, a CD jewel case wrapped in a package like the PS1 version “Elden Ring” with the PS1 controller is also projected.

In addition, PS1 winds and PS5 comparison images are also posted, and you can enjoy and enjoy PS5 rear-listed video and PS1-style classical images.

“Elden Ring” PS1 style trailer! Such a feeling when it is released in the 1990s? -PS5 Comparison with video

# 3rd-Delivered updates for “Elden Ring” stability improvement

ELDEN RING – Overview Trailer
On February 26, the From software has delivered updates to improve the stability of “Elden Ring” for PC and PS5. This update has been corrected that the crash or game startup failed between the users who were more than one user immediately after release. In addition, we are promoting correction and improvement work for other defects and various phenomena.

“Elden Ring” PC & PS5 Text Stability Improvement Update Delivery-Canceled Crashes of PS5 Edition and Easy Anti-Cheat Startup Bug

# 2- “Elden Ring” Bug and Correspondence

Following the third place, this is also about “Elden Ring” fixes updates. The development of the same work, the from software that can be confirmed at the end of the release and the response to them. Correspondence is reported on the official site, such as a defect that fails to start Easy Anti-Cheat and the phenomenon that degrades the performance of the frame rate during gameplay.

About “Elden Ring” failure and correspondence Published -Steam version “Easy Anti-CHEAT” error, etc.

# 1st-“Elden Ring” Even though it is a great success, the reason for “pros and cons” is the reason for “pros and cons”

The first place of this week, of course, the topic of “Elden Ring”, which released on February 25, 2022. STeam showed a lot of simultaneous players from the release to 750,000 people from the release to 750,000, but in the original STeam review, he had recorded “pros and cons”.

This main factor has been pointed out that the start error due to Easy Anti-Cheat-related defects and lack of optimization of graphics. On the other hand, the From Software is currently being investigated for launch defects, and will post it to Twitter when there is a progress as it has progress.

The fader’s “Elden Ring” Steam’s evaluation in STEAM is a great deal of “pros and cons”… Why?

This week, the topic of “Elden Ring” from 4th place is exclusive to monopolize the topic of “Elden Ring”! It is the same work over a week from the release, but it has not declined that there is still a lot of exciting, and the review at the time of writing is “very popular”. In addition, the number of steam versions of the STEAM version has a surprise figures such as approaching 900,000 people.

“Apex Legends” Console version frame rate improves with the latest update. PC version crash frequent

Respawn Entertainment delivered Ver.1.90 updates to “ Apex Legends ” on March 2, today. In this update, it has been further improved in the fall of the console version of the console that was problematic in PS4. In addition, it seems that the crash frequently occurred in the PC version is also improved.

In “Apex Legends”, a large-scale modification was held at Olympus at the season 12 “Defiism”. However, in the console version, significant frame rate drops in Olympus due to map modification have become a problem. The last update has started addressing this frame rate problem, but it seems that further improvement was made this time (Related Articles). It is also considered to have an update that improves the console version frame rate.

Season 12 Hidden Nerfs + Frame Rate Issues + Apex Coins Bug Fix (Apex Legends News)

When I checked for a few matches in the regular version PS4, maintenance of 60 fps in indoor location such as turbines and bad places. In the open place, it was a frame rate of about 40 to 60 fps. Although it becomes unstable when the viewing angle is expanded in the setting, it may not be easier to play than before? By the way, the dropship at the start of the match was 30 fps. Dropships may have a large load and difficult to improve because they look at maps.

Also, in the PC version, the crash problem that had frequently occurred depending on the environment seems to be improved. This makes it difficult to crash in important scenes such as the moment of fall or immediately after Respone.

Improvement of frame rate to this console version is the second of the scheduled updates, and improvement updates will continue to continue. I would like to expect from now on for the heavy area of ​​operation.

“Apex Legends” is currently holding the season 12 “Defiism”.

Cyberpunk ACT “GHOSTRUNNER” New DLC delivery for PC postpones from March 3- “We will further improve worthy”

505Games announced that the delivery DLC Project HEL of Cyberpunk ACT GHOSTBUSTER was postponed from January 27 to March 202.

This DLC is to open the ability of HEL while capturing six new levels using techniques such as Was run and sliding. It is said that it will be postponed for about a month from January 27 to March 3 announced, but the development team is Team and Global Partner Using a Duration period. I would like to have a more valuable improvement while securing health and safety.

Added Ghost runner DLC Project HEL will be released on March 3, 2022, in PC (Steam / EPIC Games Store /

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